Title: Glimpse of Reunion (1/1)
Author: JennyLD
Spoilers: None
Characters/Pairings: 10/Rose
Prompt: She burns like the sun.
Author's Note: Prompt and beta by Sinecure

She sits astride him, moving with the grace of the wind, rising and falling upon him in time to the rhythm of his breath; quickened with need and desire.

"You left me," her words are strained and tired.

He slides his hands from thighs to waist, moving slowly up her body, enjoying the feel of her sweat-soaked skin against his. "I'm sorry," he gasps as her muscles clench tight around him.

She leans forward, bracing herself on his chest, nails digging into the tender flesh at his shoulders. "I thought you weren't coming back," she confesses.

His hands return to her thighs, pushing her down on him, sheathing himself even further inside her hot body. "I know," is all he can say. Every apology he comes up with sounds cheap and worthless.

She tilts her pelvis forward a little, finding friction in the spot she needs it most, before continuing her mesmerizing dance above him. "I was scared," whether it's a moan or a sob, he can't tell.

Knees bent, feet scrambling for purchase in the warm, sharp sand, he helps her along, meeting her thrust for thrust, cry for cry.

She pauses, looks him in the eye for the first time since their tearful hello. "You said you'd never leave me."

He did, and he meant it. Even before promises of forever and Sarah Jane and stolen kisses on New Earth, he knew he could never leave her. Not intentionally. But this is the nature of their lives and there's nothing he can do to change that, to prevent the risks from becoming reality.

They'll lose each other someday. Whether she dies in battle like the beast predicted or he accidentally traps her someplace he cannot get to like he fears, their time will end before either of them is ready.

It almost did today. On a stupid, little backwater planet, millions of miles from Earth.

All they have is the here and now, all they can hope for is a few more days. If there's one thing she's taught him, it's to appreciate each day for what it is, to live in the moment, even if that means taking chances.

Maybe it's time. Maybe he needs to take a chance on her, like she did on him.

"Rose, I lo--"

She cuts him off with a kiss, brutal and demanding. Teeth bite down on his lower lip, her tongue thrusts wildly against his and then away, exploring...claiming. Every time she pauses for air, he tries to tell her what he's hidden from her for so long, what she's desired from him for even longer, but she won't allow it, doesn't want to hear it.

He wonders if maybe she's just as frightened as he is.

Diving in again and again, she steals the words from his mouth, traps his breath in her lungs. She's spiraling out of control, pushed to the edge by want and desire and the pain of loss only recently overcome.

And she's dragging him with her.

She rips her lips from his, rising above him, a halo of light obscuring her face from his gaze. She's golden and bright, and she burns like the sun. It reminds him of times past, and he realizes that she never needed the vortex inside her to hold such power over him.