Bleach Asylum IchiRuki FC Challenge - Day 6 Theme

Title: Bounded

This particular one-shot is part of the IchiRuki FC fic challenge we are having at Bleach Asylum in honor of Ichigo's birthday. Each day for seven days we will receive a theme to work on, and must write a fic for this. For day 6, our theme was "Homework".

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Ichigo lurched over as he rested his arms on his thighs to keep him in balance. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead as he leered at the midget in front of him who had her arms crossed, a confident smirk on her features as she stood casually before him without a scratch. He wished he could say the same for himself, but he knew these bruises and aches would not be gone for a couple of days.

"Oye, Rukia, haven't we practiced enough for today?" he muttered, trying to catch his breath as she shook her head.

"Nope. Your homework from taicho was to master at least a basic kidou spell by tomorrow. So we have to at least get you to do a simple binding spell."

Ichigo groaned and turned to the untouched bento box that was to the side of their training ground. They had been practicing all day and yet even after all this time he could barely bind Rukia for more then a few seconds. However she had devised her own set of rule that for each time he failed to keep her binnd for more then a minute, she would bind him for five. Now he was annoyed, hungry, and sore. If they were to battle it out with their zanpaktous, he would have had a chance to beat her. But he knew she was exceptionally good in kidou and there was just no way he could ever bind for even half a second.

Whether she took pity on him or the growling of her own stomach was finally getting to her, she finally allowed them to settle down for dinner. They ate in a peaceful silence and after a moment's pause, Rukia placed her bento box down and settled herself in front of Ichigo. He blinked several times at her sudden movement but did not say a word as she placed her cool hand on his cheek. Warmth seeped through her skin which he instantly recognized as a healing spell. He had forgotten that he got hurt during one of his trainings in his division before he met up with Rukia. He recognized the spell very well as he placed his hand over hers. She smiled softly and resumed her work as he continued to watch her.



"When we are done with the binding spell…teach me this."

Her face turned to his, her brow raised in question. "What, healing?"

He nodded and placed a quick kiss on the palm of her hand after she had finished. "Just in case," he murmured, pulling her towards him and capturing her lips for a gentle kiss. She smiled as they reluctantly parted and ruffled his hair.

"Fine, but at least lets get you mastered in the basic art of binding."

She rolled her eyes as he groaned, collapsing on the ground. "Oh come on, Ichigo."

When he refused to get up, she put her hands on her hip and bit her lip in contemplation.

"Fine, here is the deal. If you can learn this by tonight and keep me bind for one minute…" She hovered above him as he watched her carefully. Lowering, she nibbled on his lip playfully as he groaned. "I will make sure you are amply rewarded."

"Mmmm…" he muttered in between kisses as she pressed her tiny body against his. "How so?"

His eyes widened as her hands slowly slipped through his robe and massaged his chest. Her lips descended to his ears, and whispered. "We can try chocolate this time."

It was all it took for him to be in his spot for training within a second. Rukia was still staring at him in surprise on the ground where they were just a moment ago as he stared at her impatiently. "Come on, Rukia, let's get this done with."

She rolled her eyes and stood up, getting ready on her side. "Okay…let's hope we have better luck this time…


"Bastard…" she muttered, trying to fight the restrain as he smirked confidently from the side.

Ten minutes. That's all it took for him to be able to bind her tightly enough that she was struggling to get herself loose. Not to mention it didn't help that he was teasing her constantly by counting down to a minute.

"34…35…36 …"

"When I get out of this bind…"

"Then I might just keep you like that for a bit…45…46…47 …"

She growled in frustration as he continued to watch her struggle in amusement. "You really should give such incentives. It works wonders," he mused.

"Oops…57…58…59…one minute." He said triumphantly, releasing the bind as Rukia nearly lost her balance. However she was quickly stopped by his strong arms as they wrapped around her and pulled her up.

She attempted to steady her breathing as he gently fixed her ruffled hair by combing his fingers through it. Unable to hide the grin, she shook her head. "Idiot…"

"Ah," he replied, a smile on his face as they stood there for a moment.

She watched as he continued to caress her cheek and couldn't help but feel a sense of pride at seeing him becoming stronger each day. He kissed her sweetly and before she could try and get him to train for a bit more before they called it a day, found herself being shunpoed to their living quarters.

"Wha-what are you doing, Ichigo?!"

"You said bind you one time, and I win…ssoooo…"

"Idiot! We could have trained more!"

"We can later…"

"But how do I know you really mastered it?!"

"I'll practice on you tonight…"


"Now…chocolate, was it?"

I hope you enjoyed. Yes, we all would have loved to know what happened next, but stay tuned for the final theme for that huhu. Also, thank you everyone who have commented so far on the fics. I love getting to hear feedbacks from readers. So thank you. I will definitely comment to everyone once I finish this challenge hehe.