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Bella POV

Suddenly, something moved behind me. I turned around and saw nothing. I was getting paranoid, I laughed in my head. I turned back to the mirror and saw someone I was hoping I would never see again. I felt my pulse quicken.

"Hello Bella." A sweet voice rang out, "I've missed you terribly."

"E…E…Edward?" I stuttered. My eyes were wide in shock. What was Edward doing here? Why wasn't he with Alice? Did he just say he missed me?

My heart leaped. Did Edward still love me? The question screamed in my head. What would happen if he did still love me?

It doesn't matter. My mind replied. He left me. Now I had someone who really cared about me. Jasper.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Edward crushing his lips to mine.

My mind screeched 'no!' but my lips moved with his. I couldn't stop it. I felt all the love that I had never gotten over for Edward bubble to the surface. I couldn't think straight.

I felt Edward's hand slide down to my lower back, pushing me closer to him.

His tongue traced my lower lip. I was so shocked by this unusual 'Edward move' that I snapped back to reality. These hard, cool lips weren't Jasper's. I pulled away from Edward as much as he would let me – which wasn't far.

"No," I whispered softly.

"Yes." Edward said, pushing me even closer to him and kissing me again.

This time I tried to stop the kiss by pulling away. However, I was nothing compared to his iron strength.

Edward's lips against mine were urgent and borderline angry. I gave up fighting and let my arms drop to the side.

How ironic. I thought. Wasn't I in the same position with Jacob a few months back? I sighed sadly on the inside. How could one person hurt so many people?

I let my mind wander off randomly.

I ended up comparing Edward's to Jasper's kisses, again.

Edward's lips were very hard and cold – Even for a vampire. I could feel Edward's emotions underneath the kiss. Anger, sadness, desire, lust, and I could feel love, but it was so faint that I may have imagined it.

I remembered the way I would stop breathing and start burning with desire whenever I would kiss Edward. Now I felt a pull in that direction, but it was nothing compared to what a mere glance from Jasper did to me.

Edward finally noticed that I was no longer participating and pulled away from me, still not letting me move an inch. His black eyes smoldered.

"Why?" He whispered confused.

I thought of how to answer without enraging Edward. I went with a simple excuse that I hoped he would buy. It wasn't a lie but it wasn't exactly true. I couldn't help but think that if I didn't have Jasper now, I would have gone back to Edward's arms without question.

"You left," I whispered. "Where's Alice?" I tried, unsuccessfully, to get some space between Edward and me.

"I was insane to leave you. Alice is nothing compared to you." He murmured, pushing a lock of hair behind my ear. I stared at him in shock. What was he telling me?

"I… I don't understand," I breathed.

"I love you, Isabella Swan. No one else. Ever. I am truly sorry for leaving you again but I want you to forgive me. I miss you. I love you." He told me. He stared into my eyes, wanting for my answer. I blinked.

"I don't think I can, Edward."

Edward had a pained expression. Underneath his black fire eyes, I could see him calculating. Calculating what was difference between this time he left and the time before.

"I will beg you until the end of time. Please. I need you back."

"No, Edward." I didn't know where I get the strength to say those two little words.

"I can wait. I understand. I hurt you. I will wait because you're worth every second of eternity." He brushed his fingers along my jaw. My heart beat went crazy.

"Edward…" I stopped. How could I say this without bringing Jasper into the conversation? I didn't care what happened to me but I could let anything happen to Jasper. And with Edward, anything was possible. "Let me go."

He moved his hands off of me and into the air, in surrender. I put my hands on my head and paced the across the room. I could feel Edward's eyes following me but I kept my back to him.

My insides were tearing apart. Edward was back but what did that really mean? He left a week before our wedding with my best friend. My eyes filled with tears. He was here now. I dropped my arms.

That doesn't change anything though. I concluded in my head. I was with Jasper now. Nothing would change that. Nothing.

My mind skidded to a stop. If Edward was back here with me, that must mean Alice is back at the house with Jasper. I stopped breathing. What if Jasper didn't really love me? What if I was just a re-bound and now he was back together with Alice?

Now I started hyperventilating, as the tears flowed down my face.

I stumbled backwards. Edward was behind me in a flash.

"What's wrong, love?" He murmured in my ear. I shook my head, still unable to speak. "Everything is okay." He promised.

He pulled me so that I was sitting on the bed next to him. I yanked myself away from him. He didn't follow. It took me a minute to control my breathing.

"Is… Alice back?" I asked, shakily.

"Yes," His voice sounded confused. A single sob escaped my lips.

"Is she at the house?" My voice broke twice. My back was still turned to Edward.

"Why?" he asked. I didn't answer. He sighed. "Yes. She is apologizing to Jasper. Why?"

I couldn't contain my sobs anymore. How did I do this myself again? How could I be so stupid? Edward wrapped his arms around me. I tried to shake him off but he wouldn't let go.

"Edward please. I can't… I can't…" I whimpered through tears.

"You can't what, love?" He soothed.

"Stop calling me 'love'. I'm not your love anymore, and I never will be again." I tried to sound strong but my voice betrayed me.

"I will do anything…"

"Stop," I cut him off. "I can't deal with this right now."

"Can't deal with what?" He was still confused. I chocked over my words. I couldn't think it, let alone say it. I just shock my head. Edward spun me around and gripped the tops of my arms. "Bella. Tell me what's wrong. What can I do?"

"Jasper…Alice…" I managed to chock out before I sobbed harder. Edward's face flashed confusion.

"But why…" He stopped in realization. His eyes tightened as did his grip on my arms.

"Oww," I protested in pain. He dropped one hand and with the other he pinched the bridge of his nose. I rubbed my arms. I would have to check for bruises late.

"Please tell me I am jumping to conclusions," he growled through clenched teeth.

"Conclusions?" I asked weakly, even though I knew what he meant.

"Are you… insane?" He growled taking unnecessary breaths.

"Keep your voice down. Charlie is downstairs." I reminded him. He scowled at me. I glared back through tears.

"Do you have a death wish?" He snapped.

"Maybe I do," I retorted. Edward was fuming. "Leave," I pointed to the window with one hand and with the other I wiped under my eyes.

Jasper POV

I ran back to the house to change my clothes. Charlie needed sometime to talk with Bella. He wasn't angry so I knew he wouldn't be too hard against me. His feelings were complete concern for his only daughters well being. I couldn't say that I blamed him though. After what Edward did, I was surprised he didn't shoot me.

I laughed at the idea of Charlie trying to shot me. I went up to my room and changed.

Rosalie, Esme, and Carlisle went hunting and wouldn't be back until the next morning. Emmett was in his room, listening to his music full blast and playing his newest video game. I chuckled.

After our Truth or Dare, Emmett ran to the nearest game store and bought every game he could and now was attempting to get all his high scores back. Of course Rose wasn't letting him play in front of her so now was his one pure moment of playing.

I doubted that he knew I was in the house – even with vampire hearing.

Suddenly, I felt a burst of excitement coming from somewhere in the house. I was sure that it wasn't Emmett because I could still feel his frustration. Plus, Emmett never got this hyper. The only person I remember ever being this hyper was…

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