Thank you for your lovely reviews. :) I have a couple I want to respond to, and i will within the next 24 hours. I went on Vacation to Vancouver Island, and haven't had a chance to respond to those yet. But I will.
This is not a chapter, but an explanation of what I'm doing next.

But first, whatever I decided, I won't start posting until Mid to Late September. I like to plan my stories out and prep a few important things.

Well, I have seven idea's. (Sadly, as I am oh so pathetic, they are all based off Bella.)

1.) A Jake story. BD never happened but Bella is a Vampire. This would be a really sappy, happy type story. Rated K+.
20 years after Bella is turned, her and Edward decided to adopt a little girl. 10 years later, the 16 year old girl (don't have a name yet) starts going to a new school, where she meets Jacob. Jacob Black, who was searching for Bella. The girl and Jake fall in love, but Jake doesn't imprint on her. Will Jake's need for Bella ruin there relationship? Will Jake imprint on someone else? Will the girl be okay with his werewolf secret?

2.) A BellaxJasper story. All human. Rated M. ~Lemons~
Bella is 22 and has hit rock bottom. She moves in with her old High School friend, Alice. Alice and Bella stayed in-touch through phone but never face-to-face. When Bella see's Alice's boyfriend of 3 years for the first time, Jasper, she has a hard time keeping her eyes off of him, and him off her. Will Bella risk the one thing she has left in her life, Alice? Will Bella give up on love? Will Bella's ex high school boyfriend, Edward, ruin everything?

3.) A BellaxJasper story. It's real original /sarcasm. BD happened up to the honeymoon. (You can see how much I LOVE BD. :P) Rated M. ~Lemons~
Edward turned Bella into a Vampire instead of going on there honeymoon. Three days later, Bella woke up with new vision of life. Maybe a certain vampire looks a lot More attractive with his battle scars more visible. Does he feel the same way? How will Bella break the news to the love of her human life and her best friend?

4.) A BellaxJasper story. Rated T. Twilight never happend.
Bella always remember that one day she spent with a vampire when she was 6 years old. Everyone told her it wasn't a vampire, that vampires wern't real. 11 years later when she starts school in Forks, she see's her vampire once again. He obviously remembers her, he's a vampire?! But he pretends not to know. Will Bella be with the vampire she'd been dreaming of for 11 years? Or will him and his family get in the way? How will Bella deal with her vampires previous ties to his wife, Alice?

5.) Not really a story but, a series of one-shots of funny moments between Human-Bella and the Cullen family. Rated M for sexual humor. No Lemons.

6.) A BellaxJasper story. All Human. Rated T.
Alice, Bella, and Rosalie are best friends so are Edward, Emmett, and Jasper. The girls are having trouble with men, mostly Bella, and decided to give up dating. That's when, on a random shopping trip, Bella, Alice, and Rosalie bump into the boys, who are girl scanning for a one night stand. (Okay, this description sucks, but i can't thnk of how the sum the plot up better)

7.) The triquel to Losing/Choosing Love. Truely Loved. (Yes cheesy ;) ). Rated T, But Lemons will be seperated. My only trouble with writing this one is that, I liked my first epilogue, and I'm worried if Itry writing this, it will wash out. Terribly. Also, if I do the triquel, I'll have to do a fourquel (Haha!) for sure. Sealing Love. (Guess what that's about. ;) Haha.)
Transitioning from human to vampire isn't so difficult for Isabella swan. Now without the worry from the Volturi, Bella can focus on her real issues. Boys. With Edward back in the family, will Bella be tempted to go back? Or remain faithful to Jasper?

There is a poll up on my page for you to choose which ones (3 choices) you like the best. But please review and tell me which one you'd rather I write. Or I could write two stories people like the most.

Thanks for your reading my story to the end. You guys are the reason I finished it. (:

Luv from Monika Whitlock