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He saw Harri sigh. "I'll vouch for them," the green eyed young man stated quite firmly. "If need be, they are under my protection. Now, the charms?"

"Oh!" the witch startled. "Right away." Muttering under her breath, she changed the paper in five bracelets and then enchanted them. "Tell them to put them on. They are translating charms, although they won't hold long. We will have to look into making permanent ones, and some Fluency Potions." Harry halted her. "Hold on, Professor. First, give me an oath they are not anything that would be harmful to them, either short or long term – so, no curses, delayed curses and so on." McGonagall eyed him strangely. "What on Earth for? They could easily be intruders, sent by…. He Who Must Not Be Named to kill us, and – "The wards Professor," Harry interrupted her flatly. "Surely you remember they are currently switched over to combat mode, and with the alliterations professor Dumbledore did over the summer…" McGonagall flushed. "Oh… Oh! Of course, Mr. Potter. Besides, I trust you that you will take them to professor Dumbledore…" She trailed off.

Harry nodded impatiently. "Yes, to all, and shall we go on with it?" He turned to Itachi. "These items she conjured are temporary translation charms. However, to assure that they are harmless, she will now swear an oath; if the Oath is not followed or is spoken with harmful intent…. Her own magic will burn her."

Itachi shivered at hearing the cold tone in Harry's voice. This… this was cruel. What did they get themselves into? He silently asked himself, while he sketched a curt nod as to show he agrees. They were lucky to meet Harry, that was for certain.

He watched, fascinated, as the elder witch swore an Oath, and how the faint whitish – blue light enveloped her. A small flash after, the Oath was finished. "And that was it, "concluded Harry. "Put the bracelets on, and let's go to the Hospital Wing." Itachi quickly slipped his own on; indeed, it was uncomfortable to be dependant on the outside sources to truthfully relay them what was happening – but until now, Harry was truthful with them. Still, Itachi would be rather safe than sorry, in case the other people in the castle showed ill intentions towards him and his otouto. He watched Harry undo the charm on him curiously. The language was, he noticed, still strange to him. "Are you trying to fool us?" he asked, his voice cold. The woman was startled with the coldness of his voice, he could see that. "Boy!" She reprimanded him. Itachi blinked. 'Huh?' "Are you talking to me?" he turned to the tartan – clad woman. The woman blinked, confused. "Well, yes. Don't speak with Mr Potter like that! You should be thankful he rescued you – if he hadn't found you, you'd be likely frozen to death right now! And nor many would vouch for you just like that, without some assurance you'd restrain from violence on his person! So apologize to him!" She huffed indignantly. "He could've let you to my mercy – those harmless bracelets you are wearing right now, I could've changed to restrain you, or put curse upon them, as to activate on my chosen word, if he hadn't demanded of me to swear an Oath for your safety!" "So it works, then," Itachi muttered to himself. He was dumbfounded, to say the least. "But what did he speak then, if not this… language?"

The woman sniffled. "Of all the nerve…. He spoke Latin. It's a language we use to… activate our magic, as one kind of a focus."

Itachi felt… ashamed. It was not an emotion he was used to feeling, but he knew it was kinda…. Uncomfortable. Like a ball of lead on his heart. He looked at the quiet teen that calmly waited for him. "I… sorry," he mumbled out. Harry shook his head. "Don't worry about it. I would've done the same, if I were in your place. You are just taking care of them, "he nodded to the four wide – eyed kids. "Now, shall we go?"

Nodding slightly, Itachi followed the green – eyed teen, silently resolving himself to trust him.

Harry was leading them through the maze of corridors that made Itachi quite dizzy with their ever – changing appearance. The walls were decorated with moving, talking portraits, there were moving and vanishing staircases, the suits were without people in them, yet they moved, and Itachi was questioning himself just where was puppeteer who was minding them, hidden. He must've been a formidable opponent…

The castle was innocent enough… innocent for deadly trap, that is. Itachi was not hailed as the youngest ANBU ever for nothing; and he noticed the tension and the battle ready movements of the suits. If he made just one threatening gesture, he was sure to be skewered in minute…. And the worst was, he didn't know anything. So he silently thanked his lucky stars, if he ever had any, that they met Harry. The young man was someone of an importance here; he was trusted enough that the elder woman gave him potentially dangerous Oath, just so Itachi and his brat pack would feel safe.

The corridors were surprisingly empty. "They are eating in the Great Hall," Harry explained at his inquiring glance. "It's better we are not seen, anyway, as we never tell where the enemy is hiding…" his voice trailed off thoughtfully, as he deftly stepped over the trick step.

Some time later, they were standing in front of the infirmary.

"Madam Pomfrey?" Harry called in. Some hustling and bustling later, the kind elderly woman came. "Oh, Mr Potter, back again so soon?" she asked, her voice stern with a hint of disapproval. "Whatever have you done now?" Itachi was reminded of his grandmother, with her no-nonsense attitude. Harry sighed, seemingly used to the woman's reprimands. "Nothing much, Madam. Just happened to find some five boys in the forest." The kind eyes widened. "What? How did that happen?"

The nurse was decidedly one of the oddest he ever met, Itachi concluded; what with her wand – waving and horrid-tasting medicines. Nevertheless, he had to admit, he was already feeling infinitely better, although still not on his 100 percents yet. Besides, he was feeling strangely naked without his katana, and stuffed in that … gown, without his underwear on.

Naruto was squirming uncomfortably. Sure, he was squeaky clean, he had been fed… those yucky medicines, anyway, that had his inner voice grumbling with horrified and utter disgust, but those clothes! He was a boy, not a girl! He inwardly complained, with his inner voice wholeheartedly agreeing with him. The nurse was stern but kind… somewhat….he was safe as long as Harry was there, anyway. He and the nurse were obviously on good terms, what with their short banter. He even got to see the oldest man he ever seen!

The man had long grey beard, Naruto was wondering how he ever fought with it… maybe Oyayi knew some super – cool jutsu for it? Naruto couldn't explain otherwise, why the man would keep the beard… and hair. And he was clothed in strange dress, blue with yellow dancing ducks on! The yellow – haired child was fascinated with dress… but he wouldn't be caught in it, if his life depended on it!

Currently, he was cuddled on Harry's lap, along with Gaara. The red – haired boy was clutching the conjured jug to himself, when he snuggled into Harry's side. He was sleepy, but he didn't dare to sleep, Naruto could see that. Naruto would like to have Harry for himself, but he shared him with Gaara. Well, half was better than nothing, anyway.

Harry was talking to the bearded man. Some of it, Naruto could understand. But most of it seemed like gibberish to him.

Harii seemed determined to protect them, Itachi mused silently. It was a strange feeling, for once, being protected, and not the one, who was doing the protecting bit… but maybe, just maybe, it wasn't so bad. He felt Sasuke burrowing into him, murmuring softly his protest against him stopping to card his fingers through Sasuke's hair. Itachi hid his smile at his otouto's cute actions, and resumed carding his fingers through the inky black hair. He missed that, these simple moments with his little brother. He frowned at the thought of his clan's demands.

They were more irrational than ever. Since he was little he had been groomed for the perfect shinobi, and he would have been an emotionless drone, if it weren't for Sasuke's birth. The moment he saw the fragile little bundle that was to be his brother, his seemingly dead heart moved, and he could feel again. However, it was just his luck, he had to be a prodigy, and as such, he was under heel of that blasted council, and even his father pressed him more and more to get the S-rank missions, seemingly to help the Uchiha prestige as the best warriors in Konoha.

He cherished the moments he could spend with his little brother; sadly, being the prodigy had the terrible price of being absent more than present in Sasuke's life. He winced at the memory of being absent at Sasuke's last birthday. The mission should be Shisui's but the blasted idiot somewhat managed to wiggle out of it, and it was just his luck that elders knew he was free on this day – he managed to wrangle this day out specifically for his otouto's celebration, but noo, the fuckers had to ruin it all.

Gaara was eyeing his surroundings cautiously. His mother was strangely quiet, too. He was snuggled into the warm bed, cherishing the fuzzy warmth of ivory blanked Harii-san had wrapped him into. Kohl-lined eyes stopped at the sight of the messy-haired youth that was quietly arguing with the old man. He felt somewhat… alone, when the green-eyed youth released from his hold. That warmth, that had nothing to do with the blanket, was still here, but it was less intensive. His fingers played with the rim of the conjured jug thoughtfully, as he pondered the strange fact.

Harry could scream from sheer amount of frustration the old man was causing him. Sure, Dumbledore was an old man, he was wise and all that, but at the moment, Harry wanted to bash him woefully badly.

The reason?

Five brats that he had been dumb enough to find in the Forbidden Forest and then proceeded to bundle them to Hogwarts.

Once again, he began. "Sir, those children aren't Voldemort's spies, and the definitely are NOT demons or anything like that. Like I said I found them in Forbidden forest, and then proceeded to lead them there, otherwise they would be dead from the cold. And I, for one, wouldn't want any child to experience that, no matter what their parentage. Besides, I Vouch for them all, and as such, they are my responsibility. "

"But Harry, my boy, "Dumbledore tried once again. "That would be too great responsibility for you. You already have school and your training would also suffer-"

Green eyes flashed. "Which word from I Vouch for them you don't understand?" he snarled at the loony headmaster. "That means, they are under protection of House of Potter, so long as they want or need it. "