The English Essay

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Summary: Future-fic. "Who are you?" An innocent enough question reveals part of the truth about Johnny Goren.

Who Am I?

By Johnny Goren

Who am I?

Well, that's hard.

But then again who ever said life was easy?

Life isn't easy – it never has been. It seemed in the family I drew the genetic short straw. My older sister, Maddy, she's the golden child. She gets A's without a second thought, mucks around in class but still gets distinctions, has a friendly, caring, nature, and can make sarcastic comments at a whim. She can do anything, and she seems to walk on water.

I'm different, though. Which is hard even in normal circumstances but mine aren't what I'd call normal. Not that I'm complaining – much. There are people worse off than me in the world, I know that. But hey then again other people aren't an OCD insomniac.

My name is Jonathan Odafin Goren but I'm called 'Johnny'. I'm named after my grandfather and my dad's first 'real' partner before he got partnered with my Mom. I like my name in all honesty – it's different. It's me.

But sometimes being me isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm short, small – I pretty much inherited my Mom's physique whilst my sister is tall. I have extremely curly blonde hair, whilst her's is long, and wavy. I'm socially's not my fault I like to stare; you can learn so much from just observing people. Pity people think starers are weird...which leads me to another point – Maddy stares but she doesn't get odd looks thrown in her direction.

Though I read more complicated texts then my teachers, and study hard, whenever I'm sitting in front of that test paper my mind seems to draw a blank. I say one thing in class and I get a detention. I stay up to obscene hours of night until my Mom orders me to bed, where I then lie on my bedroom floor unable to sleep. I'll then get up right on the dot at three and tidy.

I'm not normal, and sometimes I wonder if I'm what my parents originally feared what would happen if they had a child. At least I haven't developed schizophrenia that would really mess with my parent's heads.

At least though it's safe to say I've got a great imagination and I can write well...though most kids my age, I think, are supposed to be writing about some kid defeating zombies and not about a religious serial killer who is trying to deal with the loss of his 'angel' to her boss.

I'm not about to show my parents that story...

In fact though I've only scratched the surface of this I'm not going to finish it. Because I know what it takes to fit in...and this isn't fitting in. Screw 'be yourself'...I don't wanna be me...I want my name but not everything else.

So instead I'm going to write something real simple and this is what I'm gonna hand in:

My name is Johnny Goren.

Because if my teacher wants to know 'who I am' she can go get a psychology degree for all I care.

The End

Author's Note: That was a spin on the many boring things my English teachers used to make me do in class at the start of the year that has been sitting on my computer desktop for a while now gathering dust. Thought I should post it. I hope you enjoyed it.