Pregnant?! An Inuyasha Story

By: Risa-chan22

Rated T (Teens)

(Author's note: This Inuyasha story is set after the three years, when Kagome came back to the past. When the book series Inuyasha ended. I hope you all like it )

Part II

Last time:

"Oh ok," I said, but it took a few second to set in, "What with child you…you mean I'm pregnant!"

Normal POV

"What?! How can I be pregnant? We haven't really done 'it' a lot!" exclaimed a panicking Kagome.

"Kagome calm down child," Kaede said with a sigh. 'This is going to be worse when Inuyasha finds out,' Kaede thought.

"Oh no what is Inuyasha going to say or think!" yelled Kagome as she broke into a crying fit. Just as she started crying Inuyasha came running in because he smelled Kagome's tears.

"What's going on Kaede-baa! Why is Kagome crying?" asked a now confused and angry Hanyou.

"Kagome is crying because she's not sure how to react to what I think is wrong with her," explained Kaede with a huge sigh.

"Huh? What's wrong with Kagome?" asked Inuyasha.

"I'll let her tell you Inuyasha," said Kaede as she got up and left the hut with Rin.

"Kagome what did Kaede-baa tell you that she thought you had?" asked Inuyasha. Between sobs she said it but he couldn't understand what she was saying.

"Inuyasha…sob…I'm pre…sob…pregnant," said Kagome said.

"What? What is pregnant mean?" asked Inuyasha.

"I'm gonna have a baby you baka!" yelled Kagome as Inuyasha backed away from her.

"A…A baby! How we haven't…only a few times," said Inuyasha as he rambled on about things that didn't make sense. Kagome just sighed as she thought, 'That baka, how does he not know what pregnant means…oh wait they don't call it that in the past do they…sigh I guess I can't be mad at him about that. Man now he's rambling on and on'

Later that day…

Inuyasha had taken Kagome back to their hut after Kagome sat in to shut him up with his ramblings. Kagome was now laying down to rest because Inuyasha wouldn't get off her back if she hadn't lied down.

"Inuyasha I'm fine really just let me rest," said Kagome with an annoyed tone to her voice.

"Kagome you need to rest, eat and drink to keep up your strength…" Inuyasha was rambling off about her.

"Ok Inuyasha I'm fine stop worrying so much! God I'm not even that far along, I'm resting aren't I! Now calm down and let me get some sleep," yelled a very annoyed Kagome as she laid down her head.

"Fine!" said an equally annoyed Inuyasha. Inuyasha then got up to go lie down next to his wife.

Later that night Inuyasha was woken up by Kagome getting up and running out of the hut. Now worried Inuyasha got up and followed after Kagome. When he found her she was leaning by a tree throwing up. Inuyasha sighed and went to comforted her. 'This is going to be a long and hard pregnancy,' Thought Inuyasha.

(Author's note: Ok that's the next chapter I hope you liked it as much as I do. The next chapter will be up soon.)