~5 Months Later~

"You WHAT?" Natsumi and Hazuki exclaimed, "YOU'RE 5 MONTHS PREGNANT?"

"Yup." Sora giggled and sipped on her juice along with Kuga.

"Y-You mean you had…?"

"Yeah." She blushed.

"Congrats! Congrats!"

"Why didn't you ever tell us?" Hazuki patted Sora on the shoulder.

"You never asked us." Kuga lifted her lips from her straw.


"Kuga-chan… You're…?"

"6 months pregnant, yes." She nodded.

"Eh?" Natsumi and Hazuki exclaimed once again.

"Sora, you knew?" Natsumi was astonished at Sora's calm appearance.

"Yeah. We're kind of like the secret Pregnant Mothers Society."

"Original name." Hazuki laughed.

"What are you going to name it?" the fireball friend asked.

"Um…" Sora thought, "Well, something to do with our names."

The girls made an entire list… Skye, Woody, Kumo, Ayame, Hina, Tsubasa…

"But I've already decided." She announced, "Mizuki."

"Mizuki?" they asked, "Having to do with water?"

"Yeah. The sky gives the earth water so that it's healthy, and then the earth returns it to the sky for another cycle. They love each other, in a way. So, because I love Daichi, and Daichi loves me, Mizuki is our child."

"Wow…" Hazuki said in awe, "I never thought of it like that… Well, if it's a girl, anyway…"

"That's cool." Natsumi smiled, "What about you, Kuga-chan?"

"Yami." She replied quickly.

"Ugh…" they all shivered. It was sooo perfect for her child… The word for darkness, "Yami".

"Kidding." She sipped at her juice again, "If it's a girl, we're naming her Shizuka." Shizuka meant quiet.

"It's exactly like you." Sora clapped her hands together.

"And for a boy?" Hazuki asked.


"Oh come on, don't joke, the real name!" Natsumi laughed.

"…? I am telling the truth. The boy's name is Yami."

"Please let it be a girl. Please let it be a girl." The friends chanted in their heads.

"Has Daichi heard about this?"

"Mm-mm. I still need to tell him. I just got checked toady."

"Wow… How's he gonna take it? His series has gotten even more popular!" Natsumi told her.

"Yeah. I'm really proud." Again, "Tiger Heart" had risen to the top of the charts. There was a new plot twist. The girl the main character loved had become pregnant with their child, and the hero was scared of what his child would be like, since he was half animal… This kind of scared Sora, since the main character was based off of Daichi.

"You'll be fine." Kuga smiled and hugged Sora, "He'll understand- no- he'll be thrilled."

"All right." She built up her courage.

At Daichi's work, he was drawing out a new chapter.

"Hey man, your wedding's soon. You'd better have good cake." One of his editors leaned over.

"Yeah, it'll be good, but we're not getting married for the cake, you know, Takeshi."

"So so…" he whispered in his ear, "You've done it right? What's her body like?"

"DON'T YOU DARE GET NEAR MY FIANCEE." Daichi glared at him with great intensity.

"OK, OK…" he whimpered and laughed, "I heard a rumor from one of your fan mails that she looks really ordinary. A bit ugly, a bit plain…"

"Who the hell said that?" an infuriated Daichi was about to suffocate his editor.

"Whoa, whoa, chill man… It was a girl… She was probably jealous… But maybe I should believe her… Maybe she's just an ugly old-"

"Daichi!" Sora ran up the stairs. Today, she was wearing jean crop pants, a black t-shirt with a lime camisole over it, black flip flops, and a flower hair clip only holding back her bangs to the back of her head.

"She's a BEAUTY!" Takeshi was surrounded in sparkles and ran to Sora, extending his arms, but Daichi stopped him dead in his path by punching him in the face.

"Sora, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I came to see you." She hugged him. Daichi looked cute for a mangaka. He was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt with a slight logo, a light blue open polo shirt, and his black watch on his wrist. But don't forget his wedding band!

"Thanks. I wanted to see you too." He stroked her hair, "But do you need something?"

"Oh, yeah, listen to this;" she smiled mischievously, like she couldn't hold it anymore, "I'm pregnant." She said bluntly.



"What?" he asked again.

"6-months pregnant!" she giggled.

"PREGNANT?" he burst out, and Sora flinched once again.

"Dude, calm down. She's shivering."

"Ah… Sorry, Sora."

"Are you…" Sora looked up to him with tears in her eyes, "Mad at me…?" she was SO cute.

"S-Sora-CHAN!" Takeshi tried to extend his arms again, but Daichi once again slammed him in the face.

"That's not it Sora, I'm really happy." He hugged her softly.

"Daichi…" she smiled, "Oh, but one thing."


"If it's a girl, we're naming it Mizuki."

"Um… OK…"

"Yay~" she flew into her own little world.

"You're so cute, you should be a model!" Takeshi smiled, "Here. There's a show coming up for the new Tiger's Heart anime. Daichi wanted to ask you, but you should be my-"

"I want you to be the model for Maya, the girl who I based off of you."

"No… I couldn't… Not if you're there with me…"

"Most of the time, I will. I'm the model for Tora, after all."

"You mean the main character?"

"Yeah. So I'll be with you all the time except for your solo show."

"That's good. Then I accept."

"Woo hoo!" the horny editor cheered.

"You WON'T place a hand on my fiancée, will you?" a scary Daichi surrounded Takeshi with a dark aura.