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Bella POV:

Everyone that was in the show walked in the back to wait for everyone to leave before we were allowed to leave. We separated from the choir kids and walked into our practice room. Alice and Jasper were in the corner talking to their selves totally ignoring us. Edward pulled Kasey and I into a hug. She giggled when he let us go and Emmet lifted her off the ground and spun her around. There was a slight knock on the door and Jared walked in. He smiled at Kasey and she ran into his arms.

"I'm going to go. Thank you so much for this Bella."

She gave me one last hug and walked out the door with Jared, who waved 'goodbye' to us. We talked about the concert for about half an hour before Ms. Bailey told us we could go. We all got in our separate cars and made a plan to meet up at my house. We got to my house and I noticed Lee's car in the driveway. Nick, Liz and Alex got out of the car when they saw us pull in. Emmett parked and I jumped out and ran over to them. Nick pulled me into a hug then he passed me off to Alex who picked me up and spun me around. Liz was the next one to give me a hug.

"You were amazing! It is about time someone stood up to Lauren and I am glad it was you!"

"I'm glad we did it. Now everyone knows what she does and how she is and I hope she never breaks anyone's heart again."

She nodded and we all walked inside. By this time everyone was here so we made plans to go out for dinner. All the girls went to my room to get ready and the boys went to Emmett's room to play video games. Thankfully all four of us are around the same size so Alice just found four outfits in my closet for us. Alice decided to go with the striped look for us tonight. I got a black and white striped off the shoulder shirt with a light blue jean skirt paired with my black Uggs. Rose got a red and black striped boatneck shirt with a faded blue jean skirt and a pair of red Uggs. Liz got a light and dark blue asymmetric striped tunic with a dark blue ripped jean skirt and a pair of blue Uggs. Alice picked a black and white cowl striped knit tunic with a light blue ripped jean skirt and a pair of black and white striped Uggs. Altogether we all looked super cute but I had no doubts since Alice's picked out the outfits. By the time we all got ready it was getting late so we walked to Emmett's room to get the boys and leave. When we walked in all the boys were sitting on the floor with their eyes glued to the T.V. It looked as if Alex was beating Edward in the game they were playing but Edward was catching up. Alex crossed the finish line and Nick and Emmett jumped up screaming. We laughed and they all turned to us. Edward smiled and walked over, pulling me into a hug.

"You look beautiful."

He kissed my forehead and then the rest of the boys walked over. They all went to their respective girl except Alex who didn't have a girlfriend. I turned to him with remorse in my eyes.

"How come none of the girls in school have caught your heart, Alex?"

"I don't really have time to date with basketball and everything taking up all my time."

"Alex you are great at basketball and it is defiantly going to take you somewhere but you can't let it take over your life. I was the same way when I first started singing and it was awful. I didn't have friends and I never left the house on weekends, but I soon got out of that and look where I am today. I have awesome friends and an amazing boyfriend. Take it from me, Alex, don't let basketball take control of your life."

He smiled and nodded his head. We all grabbed our coats and walked to our cars. We decided to eat at the small diner in town so we split up to meet there. Dinner was a quick and painless process. Emmett didn't embarrass us too much which was good. After dinner I invited everyone over to my house for a sleepover. They all accepted and said they would meet Emmett and I there since they had to go get their stuff. Emmet and I made our way back to our house to set up. When we got home our parents weren't home but there were two messages on the machine:

"Hi kids, I'm not going to be home until late tonight. I have a case to close up so don't wait up. Bye"

"Bella and Emmett! I love you guys but I have so much paperwork I have to finish so I won't be home until tomorrow morning. I'll see you guys then! I love you!"

Emmett and I looked at each other and sighed.

"I hope I don't get like that when I get older. I don't want my job to consume me."

"Me neither. Come on we have to set up the living room and our bedrooms. Unless you think we should just all sleep in the living room?"

"Um no. I prefer that the boys and girls all be separated so I won't have to worry about you and Edward."

I smiled and nodded, making my way into the living room to set up. We pushed the furniture up against the wall and we laid blankets on the floor. We grabbed as many pillows as we could find and we put them on the floor also. After we finished with the living room we moved onto our rooms. In my room I did the same thing as in the living room. I spread layers of blankets on the floor and threw all my pillows down. I was just finishing up when there was a knock at the door. I jogged down the stairs, being careful not to trip, and I opened the door. Alice, Jasper, Edward and Rose walked in, each one carrying a bag.

"Alice and Rose you can put your stuff in my room. Edward and Jasper you can put your stuff in Emmett's room."

They nodded and Alice, Rose and Jasper made there way upstairs but Edward hung back. He smiled and pulled me into a hug after dropping his bag on the ground. I brought his lips to mine and we stood like that until the door interrupted us. We pulled away reluctantly, gasping for breath, and I walked to the door. Liz, Nice and Alex walked in and I informed them where they could put their stuff before walking back to Edward. But of course it wasn't that easy. Emmett came running down the stairs with a huge smile on his face.

"Can we watch Transformers!?"

"Sure Emmett."


He grabbed Edward and his bag and pulled them both up the stairs. I walked into the kitchen and started making snacks and soon enough everyone was downstairs getting settled in the living room. I brought all the snacks in and we started the movie. I leaned against Edward and he played with my hair. By the time the movie was over we were all to tired to watch another one so we decided to retreat to bed. Edward and I stood up and he pulled me into a hug and a quick kiss before Emmett yelled at him for 'kissing his little sister.' I stuck my tongue at Emmett and followed the girls upstairs, waving to the boys in the process. We got to my room and we all found a spot on the floor pulling the covers over ourselves. I fell asleep thinking how great this day was. I just hope there won't be an aftermath.

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