"Shattered Balance"
Chapter 1/?
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: August 25, 2008

Summary: The morning after his nightmare about Padme dying in childbirth shatters what little balance is left to Anakin's world, shocking revelations are made that change the course of the galaxy forever.

Rated: M for language and adult situations
Ship: AP

Authors Notes 1: This piece is AU RoTS from the morning after Anakin's nightmare. Knowledge of the SW universe prior to this will be helpful.

AN2: This is my first venture into the universe that is Star Wars. As my big brother so eloquently put it "You didn't want to start shipper-centric, you decided to just jump right off the edge." And he's right, I did. The main idea for this story was his, something he wanted to see done but hasn't been, and probably doesn't have time to do since he writes for two other fandoms on top of this one, but that he gave me, helped me shape into something that has my own unique spin and vision on.

AN3: All the details I've got that have been gleamed from the canon of this wonderful sandbox of George Lucas' come from 's data bank, Master Shawn30 and his collection of books and his vast knowledge of the force, and of course my own knowledge of the universe.

Dedicated to: Shawn30, for being my favorite brother from another mother and the most wonderful and knowledgeable Master I could have asked for!

Side Note: Shawn and I are actually opening an AP stories archive, please look to future chapters of this story for announcements on that.


One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. -- Chinese Proverb


For the first time in more than half a standard year, Anakin woke to the warm light of Coruscant's sun instead of the harsh artificial illumination inside his quarters on whatever Republic cruiser he and Ben had been assigned to. Blinking himself awake, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked through the barely open blinds of their bedroom window at the soft morning glow pouring in. The intimate warmth of Padme lying beside him drew a genuine smile to his face, his attention shifting. If there was one thing he'd never get use to, it would be waking up next to his peacefully slumbering Angel.

With a sigh that seemed to release all the pent-up tension in his body, Anakin very carefully scooted closer to her, his arms banding around her, his head nestled next to hers. His flesh hand slowly crept from her waist to the gentle swell of her belly, sliding over the warm Alderranian silk of her nightdress. When he'd last been with her she was slim and fit, but now she was gracefully rounded, her body having expanded with the ever changing form of the child growing within. It shocked him beyond all measure that they were very close to having a baby, and it saddened him to know he'd missed most of her pregnancy. Missed seeing the changes in her body from the beginning, and being there to help her in any way that she needed.

In that moment he made his absolute highest priority to remain with her until the birth of their child. Damn this never ending war and all who were a part of it. The birth of his child was one event he had no intention of missing. Breathing deeply, he closed his eyes and reached out with the Force. He felt Padme's strong presence beside him, but more than that, he felt the tiny life nestled within her. Already, their child was Force-sensitive, as he felt the baby reach out to him. It was a fleeting feeling, only held for a brief second... then there was a second, more powerful burst before it faded away. But the fierce, surging sense of protectiveness he'd only ever felt for his Angel all but doubled in the span of those precious heartbeats.

He was going to be a good father, Anakin swore to himself. He was going to be there for his child despite the galaxy, his Chosen One title, and Jedi duties that he had outside this apartment.

"Ani?" Padme's soft, sleepy voice called out to him with a yawn. Her body moved slightly, her muscles stretching after being curled in sleep.

"I'm here?" he lovingly whispered back, pushing up on his elbow as she turned her face from the window toward him. "Good morning, milady."

"Good morning," she yawned again, and then smiled. "What time is it?"

"Time enough for us to jump into the refresher before I have to leave," he grinned at her, leaning down to rub his nose against hers before their lips meshed in a gentle, loving, morning kiss.

Breaking away softly, Anakin helped her sit up and then climb out of bed before they headed for the refresher, knowing their time was short as he planned to meet Master Yoda before his scheduled Jedi Council debriefing over the Supreme Chancellor's rescue. Even as his wife's presence soothed him, and the feeling of their child stirring inside her gave his sacrifices during the war meaning, his dark dream from the night before disturbed and angered him more than he cared to admit.

There had been one other horrific dream just before he learned of his mother's fate on Tattoine There was no way he was going to let that be Padme's fate, even if he had to die himself saving her. She was his world, and now so was the life made between them.

They would be protected at all costs.


Padme studied him carefully from the moment they entered the refresher together. While his actions, which included wanting to soap her swollen belly, made her smile, the night before and his nightmare still plagued her mind. She was terrified enough as it was to be pregnant, that to add his own fears to hers, his particularly real fears, it made her a tad uneasy. But her analytical mind reminded her of the last three times she'd been examined by her personal physician and med-droid. She was pronounced very healthy, with her pregnancy progressing as it should.

Still, her Ani had a habit of being right at the worst of times. But this morning he seemed to have given the dream absolutely no weight at all. He was playfully talking to her belly while under the showers, telling their child all sorts of embarrassing stories about her and himself. He seemed like the man she loved again, and not the terrifyingly frustrated man he'd been last night.

After they exited the refresher, they toweled off and she let Anakin help her dress, all the while she gauged his mood. He seemed genuinely happy, even perhaps a little apprehensive about his meeting with Master Yoda, but happy none the less. When they emerged from their room, Dorme waited for them in the kitchen area with C3PO and R2, breakfast laid out on the table. She couldn't help but laugh at the way her husband's blue eyes lit up at the sight of real, home-cooked food and of Dorme's gentle scolding of him the second he pounced on it.

In that moment Padme was the happiest she'd been in a very, very long time.

"Anakin!" Dorme's voice sounded, pulling Padme from her thoughts. She watched with amusement as her husband sat back in his chair, a light blush staining his cheeks and his lips turned up even though he was attempting not to laugh. "I know that war forces soldier's to make some hard decisions about their food supplies and eating choices, but when you're home, you don't need to use your fingers! We have utensils!" she playfully teased.

"Yes Milady," he responded, bowing his head even as his expression turned into a full blown grin. Padme snickered when he looked up at her best friend and confidant through his thick lashes, turning those Dreshon puppy dog eyes on her. Reaching for a utensil, Padme watched him eat much the way she expected their child would before he or she was taught properly. Her eyes caught Dorme's, which were more amused now then annoyed.

"Must you eat like you're about to have your last meal, Master Jedi?" Padme noted warmly, her eyes filled with mirth.

With a mouthful of Phlat cake, Anakin looked up at her. When he tried to reply to her, his words were garbled by the food, which made Padme's roll her eyes. When she gave him a pointed look he took a long swallow of blue milk, which made her wrinkle her nose. "Sorry," he murmured, thoroughly chastised. "Clone Troopers lack basic table manners. I sense their habits may have rubbed off on me," he smiled. "But this tastes SO much better than Republic war rations or those Karaka bugs that Ben and I…"

"Finish that sentence Anakin Skywalker and you will be sleeping in the refresher tonight," Padme warned, her tone brooking no argument. It was a well known fact that Anakin often had to resort to eating whatever was available while on long missions when the rations ran low for the troops. But she didn't need to have it brought up. Didn't need to know WHAT bugs, and she definitely didn't want to hear it at the
breakfast table. Especially not when she was pregnant.

"Yes, Angel."

She watched him turn those bluer than blue eyes on her, his lips lifting in a smile as he reached for her hand, which he brought to his lips. Days without end she lived on the late night HoloNet news reports for any mention of his name and if he were alright. He had survived it all, and she's so pleased to have him return home to the most wonderful news of their lives. By the Force, she was happy to have him home, safe, warm, and in her arms again.

Throughout the rest of the meal she noticed every single time she looked up, he was staring at her. At times it was a bit unnerving, but each time she gazed into those beloved eyes she felt her heart beat just a little bit faster, her breathing catch, and her body tingle. It had been entirely too long since she'd last had a chance to just stare at him. Nights of waiting up to catch any news of him at all on the HoloNet were over. She didn't have to worry if he'd been injured, abducted, or even killed. He was sitting right beside her, enjoying the teasing Dorme was dishing out to him while making jokes about recalibrating C3PO without a speech chip. The droid loudly protested, much to his and Dorme's amusement.

Her beloved Ani was home and she hoped with all her heart that the war would end soon and he'd never be called to it again.

"Thank you for the meal, Dorme," Anakin complimented while taking his things to the sink in a sign that he did listen to the two of them occasionally about picking up after himself. "I must take my leave of you both."

Dorme nodded and began clearing the table while Padme looked up at him, smiling gently at him to ease the tension that had drifted onto his face. Barely half a day and he was gone already. "I'll be fine," she told him as he moved to kneel next to her chair, one hand going to her cheek while the other went to her belly. "We'll both be fine, I promise. I couldn't be safer. Captain Typho's downstairs, Dorme and both the droids are here with me. We'll be fine."

Anakin just nodded, brushing her bangs back from her face while his other hand rubbed gentle circles over their baby. He was going to do everything in his power to keep her safe, and she saw that on his face even if he didn't say it. She leaned into him, kissing him deeply while cupping his cheek. He turned his lips into her palm, pressing there before he stood and went to retrieve his cloak and light saber from their bedroom.

When he re-entered the room she walked with him to the veranda. They shared one last, loving kiss before he moved toward the hidden alcove where his Jedi fighter was docked. She leaned against the door frame and watched his fighter zip up and away from their apartment, the starship disappearing into the bright rays of Coruscant's morning light. "Be safe, my love."


The trip to the Jedi Temple from 500 Republica was a achingly familiar flight path.

Anakin grinned at R2 chirping disapproval with the swift loops and death-defying weaves he performed between the heavy lanes of repulsor traffic. Whenever he was on Coruscant he enjoyed navigating the sky lanes himself, effectively giving the droid a day off. He was more than relieved that none of the flaming debris from yesterday's crash landing and subsequent fires had come anywhere near 500 Republica. Others, he knew, were not so lucky as billowing clouds of thick, dark smoke still lifted into Galactic City's skyline from a number of sectors.

Just another thing that Darth Sidious would pay for.

Anakin was halfway to the Jedi Temple when a urgent distress transmission came through on his com-link.

"General Skywalker?" a familiar voice asked.

"Captain Mano?" Anakin responded in kind, knowing the Captain from many missions during the war. "What can I do for you?"

"Sir, we're in desperate need your assistance."

"With what, Captain?"

"There's a fire at Subdivision of Coruscant's Ministry of Ingress complex that's blazing out of control," the Clone captain quickly reported. "We've got one water cruiser down, and a troop carrier seriously damaged. We have reports that it crashed into the north tower. We can't tell if there are survivors or not. Transmissions are garbled in the area, and the building is starting to show signs it's ready to collapse."

Anakin closed his eyes, torn between going straight over to meet with Master Yoda at the temple about his dream the night before and helping with the fires. He wanted nothing more than to talk to the elder Jedi, but he knew that his help was needed elsewhere. One of the mandates of the Jedi was to help others... to be selfless. He could all but hear Obi-Wan's voice in his head. "I'm on my way, Captain."

Adjusting his course, Anakin swiftly steered his Jedi fighter toward his new destination. He urgently wove in and out of the repulsor traffic with a single minded determination to aide the victims as quickly as he could. As the fighter shot past each of the buildings, he noted the immense damage falling debris had caused at the Senatorial Accounts Presidium building. A long bank of transparisteel windows had been shattered and it looked like a section of about ten floors near the top had been blocked off due to structural damage, shattered windows, and fire.

Just past that he saw the branch office of Farbreini Microelectronics. His eyebrows lifted when he realized the building stood with absolutely no damage from falling debris. "R2, contact Obi-Wan. Inform him we'll be detained helping with fires." The droid beeped his reply, then did as instructed. Anakin hard-banked around a stalled Correllian airbus before catching sight of the smoking Ministry complex.

Setting down several sector-blocks from the building, Anakin hurried over to the two CR20 troop carriers where he was met by Captain Mano, who saluted upon seeing him.

"General," the Captain began.

"Captain, are there any survivors inside?"

The man shook his head, weary from having fought this blaze all morning long. "We know that most everyone was evacuated from the top floors. We can find no signs of life in the middle section where the floors compacted, but with the fires heating up so much of the titanparisteel on the inside, we can't get accurate heat signatures. There were several hundred civilians stranded on the bottom floors, but I believe at last count, the rescue units were able to get most of them all out. All except for the members of the crashed carrier."

"Then let's go," Anakin ordered as the group clambered up into the CR20 troop carrier seconds before the pilot lifted off.

The carrier flew just far enough above the ground that Anakin could still feel the heat from the fires raging on the outside of the building. Every now and then his eyes were drawn up to the side of the building where a large part of the structure seemed to have fallen inward. The Durasteel beams screeched and groaned under the weight of the floors above it.

Without a doubt, Anakin knew that the building could give at any moment. "Continue circling the complex for any survivors hanging out of windows. Keep your eyes open," he instructed the pilot, who did as told. He turned to the remaining clones on board. "The rest of you help the pilot look for survivors. And try to get a communication in to General Kenobi." Before anyone could react Anakin leapt from the carrier, free-falling from the opening a good twenty meters to the ground below.

The second he landed he began to sprint toward the main entrance of the building, his cloak flapping behind him. The doors had been blasted open so that people who had been rescued could move freely through them to the cruisers for transport, which made it easier for him to enter. The inside of the complex smelled of charred Nexian carpet fabric and burning metal. Anakin could hear the groaning of the buckling titanparisteel above him as he reached out with the Force to sense if anyone was still there, still alive. When he felt no life force he headed back for the opening, speeding up his pace when the entire building shook, causing him to almost stumble.

Just as he raced through the doorway, he heard the wrenching sound of metal breaking apart and glass shattering. Looking up, he watched with wide eyes as large chucks of the upper floors came crashing down, lifting thick, heavy smoke all around him. Realizing he needed to get out of the building as soon as possible, he summoned a powerful burst of the Force, using it to propel his body back through the doorway and across the expanse of the courtyard beyond. Using the same Force-driven skills he did when he was piloting through repulsor traffic, he dodged, scrambled around and over pieces of the three wrecked carrier ships.

In his mind's eye he could picture the titanparisteel beams and the shards of the transparisteel glass rushing toward the ground at an accelerated rate. His first thought was to get some cover around him before he ended up flat as a Baraca breakfast cake. Using the Force, he reached out with his hands and began to quickly build a shelter from the wreckage of the three ships, and pieces of the building that were lying about. His hope was that they would hold up under the weight of the metal and glass currently plummeting to the ground. He ducked under the covering and let the Force bubble out around him, adding yet another layer of protection to his already precarious shelter. The sounds of the steel and glass raining down around him were deafening. He winced even as he tentatively peered out from his covering and saw that half the complex had come down around him. Reaching out with the Force as his eyes and ears, Anakin began to try and sense if anyone had survived the sudden collapse of the building on top of the fallen carriers.

Even though heavy fragments were still raining down, he was surprised to feel the slight tug of someone's life force. He was off and running that nano-second out from his hiding place, the Force bubble he'd created quickly dissipating. He knew at a moments notice he might need to summon it again in the event that more of the building decided it was going to come down on his head. Not that it wouldn't be fun to be a moving target, but he really did want to make sure the person he'd sensed got medical help soon. Not to mention, if Padme knew about what he was doing, she would be worried sick over his well being.

He moved through the ruins without thinking, quickly picking his way over ceiling beams, Dires plaster, and piles of shattered glass. He slid down large sections of Yuki dry wall as if they were a Cirico snow sled before climbing up another hill of debris. Finally, the faint tug of the life force grew stronger, pulling him in its direction. With the ease of practice, Anakin reached out a hand and used the Force to begin moving smaller objects off the pile – desk chairs, computer terminals, astromech droids. After the smaller chunks of building and other items were moved, he noticed he had to actually concentrate on moving the larger sections of girders, plaster, protocol droids, and several thick piles of dead bodies, each one causing perspiration to bead his brow as he flexed his control of the Force harder. Some of the rubble of the building, and then the broken sections of the crashed carriers weighed more than he expected.

His task of moving the objects covering the person he knew was still alive done, Anakin began digging with his hands the last couple of feet, finally stumbling upon a clone trooper caught, miraculously alive, under the tail section of one of the carriers that had crashed. "How bad is it?" Anakin questioned as he knelt down next to the trooper.

"Mu bai…must….kan……ut…others…." the trooper mumbled, causing Anakin to frown. The man was obviously too far out of it to make any sense. Using the Force he could tell he was gravely ill, and more than likely would die before help arrived, but that didn't stop him from trying.

Reaching into his tunic, Anakin pulled out his com-link. "This is Anakin Skywalker, if anyone can hear this broadcast, I'm in the courtyard of the Ministry complex with a severely injured trooper. I need an emergency medical team, stat. Copy?"

When static hissed back at him in reply, he mentally cursed and turned his attention back to the trooper. The clone trooper's armor was caked in dirt and blood, cracked in multiple places over the chest plate. Reaching down, Anakin began to pull the trooper's helmet off as carefully as possible, hoping not to jar his head in case of any injuries. Once the piece of equipment was off, Anakin swore out loud. The trooper's head was streaked with blood from a raised gash across the top of his head where the helmet had dug in instead of protecting. The clone's incoherent ranting faded in and out. He was clearly delirious with pain.

Shaking his head, Anakin reached for his com-link again to see if could reach anyone. "This is Anakin Skywalker. I'm in the courtyard of the Ministry complex with a severely injured trooper. I need an emergency medical team stat. Can anyone hear me?"

The distant buzz of hyper-cell engines roared past the Ministry complex before ascending skyward. From what Anakin could see, they were heading for one of the other towers to begin evacuating survivors from there as well. Turning back to the injured trooper, Anakin heard him begin speaking clearly, albeit weakly, for the first time. "Order 64. A Clone Trooper must accept death as the sole option upon his capture before revealing information damaging to the Republic. Order 65…."

Anakin grimly stared down at the clone trooper trying his best to fight off the pain of his severe injuries until help arrived. It was something all clone troopers had been designed for. They fought through the pain by reciting their mandates in order.

"A Clone Troopers life belongs to the Republic and the Galactic Senate. The Jedi are to be obeyed until such time as the Republic ends," he wheezed and coughed the last two words.

Anakin's eyes narrowed in on his face as that particular order caught his attention. He took a calming breath and reached for his Com-link, all the while in the back of his mind that last order began to nag at him. Just as he was about to speak, the trooper began again.

"Order 66!" the clone trooper coughed up some blood, causing Anakin to help turn his head as far as he dared so he could spit it out. "By order of Palpatine… our Lord Darth Sidious…" he uttered between shuddering breaths. "..All Jedi are hereby known as enemies of the Republic. All Jedi are to be killed on sight…" he coughed again, this time blood began gushing out of his nose as well. "All masters, knights, padawans, and younglings are to be executed immediately."

Anakin's eyes grew wide as his head snapped back away from clone trooper's face. There was no way he'd just heard that right. Jaw going slack, he knelt closer to the trooper and barked, "Repeat Order 66! NOW!"

"Order 66. By order of Palpatine…." His chest heaved with each effort to suck in even the tiniest of breaths. Sensing he needed help, Anakin very gently applied the Force to him, relaxing the coughing enough for him to repeat his words. "Our Lord Darth Sidious, all Jedi are hereby known as enemies of the Republic. All Jedi are to be killed on sight; all masters, knights, padawans, and younglings are to be executed immediately."

Shaking his head back and forth, Anakin began to back away from the clone trooper, his mind frantically trying to wrap itself around the idea that Palpatine and Darth Sidious were one in the same. The trooper had to be lying! Someone else had to have implanted that command, to frame Palpatine. His first thought was to check the tattoo on the inside of the clone trooper's arm. What he saw when he pried away the cracked remains of the armor and the under suit sent shock arrowing straight through him. Each clone trooper had a tattoo on their right arm, a small set of numbers that told whoever was looking what group of clone troopers they were from. The original group that Yoda had first gotten from Kamino for the battle on Geonosis, their tattoos started with 01- and whatever number they were in that group. The trooper's arm bore the numbers 01-355912.

The numbers didn't lie.

At least, Anakin reasoned, they shouldn't be able to lie. Quickly and quietly, he centered himself with the Force and began to probe the clone trooper's mind, attempting to Force sense if the man was lying. When he found no deception, he closed his eyes, his hands curling into fists that tightened with the raging dragon of anger and betrayal that grew within him. A choking, gasping sound brought him crashing back to reality. He watched as the clone trooper began choking, the blood pooling too quickly in his lungs for him to cough it up before more replaced it. Anakin could only watch as the trooper's body shuddered and convulsed, before finally collapsing on the ground, still. Closing his eyes, Anakin reached out to touch the pulse point at the man's next and found none.

He was dead.

And Anakin was left with the kind of intensely sensitive and highly explosive information that could literally tear the Republic, especially the Jedi and the Senate, apart. Before he had much more time to think, swirling dust particles began to surround him as the ground began to quake and tremble. At first, he thought more of the building was coming down. Instead, when he raised his head, he saw a rescue unit descending, followed by R2 in his Jedi fighter.

"General Skywalker, we just received your distress call," the clone trooper who jumped off the transport began.

"The med team is no longer needed. The trooper is dead," Anakin blankly told the Clone as he turned and began climbing over the rubble toward his fighter.

"Sir, are you in need of medical assistance?" the clone trooper called out.

"No." Not the kind the troopers could give him anyway. Hopping into his fighter, he buckled in and then took the controls. "I've got it from here, R2." The droid chirped in reply as Anakin banked out of the courtyard and back into the heavy flow of repulsor traffic, his mind drenched in anger and pain that damn near eclipsed what his mother's death had wrought.

Palpatine was Dark Sidious.

The entire horrible war had been caused by one person, and one person only. Someone he'd come to respect and trust with his most intimate fears, thoughts and secrets. Someone he'd been searching for, for years of his life. The Dark Lord of the Sith was also in complete control of the Senate.

The tattoo on the dead clone troopers arm was evidence he came from the very first fully functional group Yoda took from Kamino. A group that had been ordered years ago. Palpatine planned everything from the start and they were all fools. With well over three million clone troopers and a severely depleted Jedi order, Anakin knew the Jedi would not stand a chance. They could be wiped out at any time Darth Sidious wished.

Pawns. All of them. The Galactic Senate, the Jedi Order, and the Grand Army of the Republic.

Anakin's lone thought at that moment was to fly his Jedi fighter to the Senate building, march straight into Palpatine's office, and kill him. He was speeding closer and closer to the massive rotunda of the Senate building, his rage spewing over and almost past his control, when he realized something of great importance.

He knew he could defeat Palpatine, there wasn't a single doubt in his mind about that. Just a day earlier he dominated Count Dooku, crushing his vaunted skill as if he were a Golorean flea. He was the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, and he knew that the Masters feared his power. But something Obi-Wan had been drilling into his head for years suddenly came back to him. Patience. He needed to have patience. The last time he'd run head long into a situation had been with Count Dooku on Geonosis, and his penance for that rash decision had been the loss of his hand.

Even with his attention focused elsewhere, he was mind was busy maneuvering his fighter in and out of the lanes of traffic around the Senate building, which was growing larger and larger by the second as he approached. Blue eyes were narrowing in on the Supreme Chancellor's private landing dock. Part of him wanted nothing better than to simply push open the hatch of his ship and jump from his fighter before heading inside to face Palpatine, but the other part of him, it rebuked that impulsive drive of his.

Obi-Wan's voice was suddenly in his head again. Not a direct contact between them, but a memory of some time in the past. 'Patience, Anakin. Rushing head first into the unknown without thinking things through can lead to ruin. As Master Qui-Gonn instructed me, be mindful of the present. Consider the consequences. Release your anger and allow the Force to guide your emotions to a place of calm. Act when the time is right and you will never know defeat.' He heaved a heavy sigh, thinking suddenly of Padme and his child.

The Chosen One made his decision.

With R2 beeping in his ear, Anakin hard- banked his fighter away from the Senate building and headed for the one place, the one person he could trust above all others.

He was going home; to Padme.


Palpatine sat comfortably behind the long desk in his office, his eyes focused on the blue holo-image before him of the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Mas Amedda was off to his right, taking notes as the Viceroy spoke. Plans were being made to set more and more worlds in the Outer Rims against the Republic, to ally them with the Trade Federation and Commerce Guild. Furthering the chaos between worlds meant more control for him. Everything he meticulously planned was at his very fingertips. All he had to do was choose when and where to initiate the final sequence of events. Still, he was in no hurry.

He had a rather good time watching the Jedi all scramble to try and protect the Republic, spread out across the stars. Dying daily.

Pathetic fools.

"Mustafar is the world I have..." Palpatine felt it then, the familiar presence that meant Anakin was coming for a visit. Turning from his desk, he looked out over his shoulder through the panoramic transparisteel window facing Galactic City. His eyes latched onto Anakin's Jedi fighter, watching it barrel toward the Senate building at such a high velocity that anyone else would look like they were going to crash into it.

But not Anakin. His young apprentice to be had such skills when it came to flying that he would never crash unless it was intentional. His gaze narrowed as he watched the fighter suddenly bank right and shoot back toward the direction in which it came. As is did, the Dark Lord of the Sith felt a peculiar sensation. The Force shifted somehow. In who's favor, he wasn't certain.

Only that something monumental had taken place.