"Shattered Balance"
Chapter 5/?

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised:
April 4, 2011

Summary: Plans are set into motion for the final battle between the Jedi and the Sith
M for language and adult situations

Authors Notes 1: This piece is AU RotS from the morning after Anakin's nightmare. Knowledge of the SW universe prior to this will be helpful.

AN2: This is my first venture into the universe that is Star Wars. As my big brother so eloquently put it "You didn't want to start shipper-centric, you decided to just jump right off the edge." And he's right, I did. The main idea for this story was his, something he wanted to see done but hasn't been, and probably doesn't have time to do since he writes for two other fandoms on top of this one, but that he gave me, helped me shape into something that has my own unique spin and vision on.

AN3: All the details I've got that have been gleamed from the canon of this wonderful sandbox of George Lucas' come from 's data bank, Master Shawn30 and his collection of books and his vast knowledge of the force, and of course my own knowledge of the universe.

Dedicated to: Shawn30, for being my favorite brother from another mother and the most wonderful and knowledgeable Master I could have asked for! And thanks to everyone who reviewed the first three chapters, I appreciate the feedback immensely!

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"Our first order of business should be shutting down any and all communications relays," Anakin started as the group of Jedi Masters stood looking at the holographic wireframe blueprints to the Senate building illuminated from the floor display device.

"If we are to be successful we must also shut off the power couplings for the entire complex," Mace added. "The emergency power restore must be offline as well until we've taken Palpatine."

Master Ki-Adi-Mundi nodded his agreement. "Any Senators present will need to be sequestered for their own safety."

"Senator Palan is putting together a complete list of who will be in the building at the time," Anakin assured them. "She should have it within the next hour."

"Timing is key," Master Yoda finally spoke, drawing their attention to where he rested in his hover-chair. "Darth Sidious, aware of our plans, we do not want. Prepare we must; clear evidence of treason we need."

"Anakin, you'll be accompanying Master Yoda once we enter the Senate building," Mace met the gaze of the Chosen One. "You must discover evidence against the Chancellor to bring him before the High Courts."

Anakin gave one nod, his face grim, as Master Ki-Adi-Mundi finished explaining their plan. "Master Windu will be leading the charge to shut down the main communications relays and power couplings in the lower levels."

Anakin watched as the holographic wireframe image evolved into a exact blueprint of the Supreme Chancellor's office. Several hidden escape routes were easily recognizable; they'd have to be ever vigilante to make sure he didn't elude them. His keen eyes took in every bit of information from the blueprint. He needed to prevent Palpatine from escaping at all costs. "The Chancellor doesn't go anywhere without the Red Guard. Even if we take the Senate by surprise, he'll have them with him," he pointed out. "And if he's in his offices, we may have done this for naught. It'll only take one transmission to execute Order 66."

"Master Windu's task, gravely important it is. But take care of Red Guard, we will. Stop our mission, nothing must."

The blonde haired Jedi anxiously agreed. "Understood Master."

Having faced so many battles and even war, Mace favored Anakin with his most serious expression. "Do you have an extra lightsaber?"

"Yes Master," Anakin responded, obviously confused. He'd learned to keep an extra one in his quarters since he tended to lose his too easily.

"Take it with you," the Elder Jedi firmly told him. "You may need it."

"Masters," one of the Knights carefully interrupted as she entered. "Senator Palan is here."

"Master Ki-Adi-Mundi and I will meet with her," Mace started, waiting for her to bow and exit. "Are we agreed on our plan of action?"

The others gave a round of affirmatives before Mace and Ki-Adi-Mundi exited the council chamber. Yoda stood from his chair, leaning on his walking stick, his eyes watching Anakin carefully. "Fear, you do not, your own death?"


"For your wife and child, yes?"


Yoda hummed and hobbled over, his eyes never leaving the younger Jedi's face. "Feeds on your fears, Darth Sidious does. Chips away at your trust and faith in the Force, uses the unknown future against you."

"Master Yoda…"

"Never written in stone, is any future. Trust in the Force, you must."

"You haven't mentioned my wanton disregard for the rules," Anakin blurted out. Next to disappointing Obi-Wan, Anakin felt the building guilt of doing so to Master Yoda, despite the elder Jedi's reluctance many years before to allow him to be trained.

"Even Jedi make mistakes. Perfect, we are not. In our storied history, a perfect Jedi, there has not been one. Not even I."

Anakin gave a nod, but there was one nagging issue he needed to have answered. "Why did you grant me Mastery?"

"Hesitate, you did not. When faced with a most important decision. Come to us first, you did," Yoda began, walking slowly around Anakin in a circle. "Proven your loyalty, you have." His face was a mask of calm, never giving away the guilt and anger he felt. "For years, Darth Sidious, among us he has been. Failed the Order, the council has. Suspect we did not. Broken the rules you have, but followed your heart also. Left you, the Force has not. Nearly abandoned us, it did. Blind we have been."

"Master Yoda?"

"Reevaluate, we will, if we survive. Days past must remain so. To the future, we look only now."

Anakin understood as he exhaled a calming breath. Only forty percent of the Order remained following the end of the Clone Wars. So many Jedi had been murdered in battle, leaving their numbers far too few. If they survived this final mission, a large reevaluation of everything the Order stood for would be needed. "Worry not," Yoda commented. "Fail, we will not."

A grin worked its way onto Anakin's face. "Master?"

"Faith and justice, on our side they are. Over confident, Darth Sidious is."

Anakin found he couldn't help but agree. Palpatine was confident, perhaps too confident, in his position and his plan to annihilate the Jedi. Part of him wondered, however, exactly what the Chancellor had up his sleeve that they knew nothing of.


Ahsoka breathed a sigh of relief when her squad exited hyperspace and she saw Naboo, bright and shinning, before her. "Identify yourself?" a transmission came through the com system.

"This is Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, requesting permission to land. Security code is Alpha 16 Indigo 544 Sally 88."

"Permission granted. Follow the security fighters in."

Ahsoka's squad did as told, falling in behind the small, swift Naboo fighters. They quickly landed and regrouped. "Ahsoka?" Gold 3 impatiently asked.

"Get the fighters prepped to leave immediately. Make sure they're all in top shape. I'll find Master Kenobi and see exactly what our mission is." The group nodded and went about their tasks while Ahsoka trotted away. She didn't have to search long or far for Obi-Wan; he and C3PO were in the middle of a heated discussion near where visitors boarded transport shuttles to the capital.

"Ahsoka," Obi-Wan greeted, leaving C3PO still talking, only now to thin air.

"Master," she bowed in response.

"Did everyone arrive safely?"

"We lost two fighters in the attack, Master, but are otherwise unharmed."

Rubbing his beard, Obi-Wan looked disturbed by that revelation. Turning to C3PO, he spoke quickly. "Get the Senators onto the new ship, quickly. We need to leave. Now!"

The protocol droid waddled off while Obi-Wan turned back to Ahsoka. "What's troubling you?"

The young Knight sighed. She'd spent too much time around Anakin; the feeling of trouble brewing was almost overwhelming. "That attack came out of nowhere; no one should have known of our location."

Obi-Wan considered deeply. "It does seem rather disturbing."

"Master, I feel…" Ahsoka's lightsaber was in her hand and ignited the second the words left her mouth. She and Obi-Wan watched as star fighters rained down from the sky, all on fire.

"Ahsoka! Get your squad airborne! Escort the Senators to Ettomega!"

She said nothing, using her weapon to deflect falling debris. It wasn't until she saw the ship swoop down and deposit it's cargo that she understood Obi-Wan's orders. Eyes wide, Ahsoka back pedaled when she came face to face with General Grievous.

"Go!" Obi-Wan ordered, dashing forward to draw the General's attention from Ahsoka.

Not even sparing a glance at him, Ahsoka pulled the Force in, using it to speed herself up as she raced for her fighter. She started barking orders the second she arrived, scrambling up the ladder. "Get that ship off the ground, NOW!" she ordered fiercely through the com-link with the other ship. "Gold Squad, deploy immediately!"

"Copy Gold Leader!" the team responded. Within seconds they were off the ground and blasting their way skyward through a blazing on-coming assault, making sure that the ship carrying the senators got into space safely.

Grunting, Ahsoka banked a hard left, making one last sweep over the landing field, seeing Obi-Wan begin to engage General Grievous. She wanted to stay and help him, but she felt his Force presence push her to go. She pushed back a good luck and then shot into Naboo's atmosphere, tailing the rest of her squad and the ship they were escorting. Luckily for them, Ahsoka noted, she could hear Captain Typhoo's voice, giving them a bit better idea of what they were about to face as they left Naboo's atmosphere; the Senators' vessel had better long range scanners than their star fighters.

"We've got company coming up on our six!" Gold Two barked.

"I recognize those signatures!" Ahsoka told them, expertly flying her fighter through the laser fire while concentrating on destroying any and all enemy craft getting remotely close to the bigger ship. "Those are Naboo's Royal Fighter Squadron."

The young knight winced when she watched two more members of their squad explode in mid-air, raining debris down on them as they flew through. "Ahsoka?" the slightly quivering voice of her favorite senator came through the com-link.

"Not now, Senator, we're a little busy!"

"My apologies, but we've taken a hit," she relayed, causing Ahsoka's heart to throb.

"I'm sorry, Senator, we're doing our best at the moment but we're vastly out-numbered," she thought of Master Ki-Adi-Mundi's comments. Anakin was close friends with Senator Amidala, and if he knew about this mission, of course he'd be worried. "How bad is it Senator?"

"We're not going to make it to Ettomega," Padme's voice echoed inside the cockpit of Ahsoka's fighter. The young Jedi swore a blue streak as she pulled up her navigational charts. "Captain Typhoo's worried we're only get as far as Tatooine."

Ahsoka felt her stomach drop out on her. Neither she nor Padme had to say anything about that; they both knew the irony of making it to Tatooine, birthplace of Anakin Skywalker. They didn't have a full squad of Jedi, landing on Tatooine was going to be very, very dangerous. The Hutt Clans would pay a fortune for captured Republic Senators. Whether they were returned to the Senate or the Seperatists for payment didn't matter at all. "Padme…"

"Anakin's step brother still lives there," came the quiet response.

"Yes, but the question is, can we get what we need to fix the ship without drawing attention to ourselves? I've heard the story about what happened the LAST time you landed a damaged ship there."

There was a soft chuckle from the senator's end of the communication. "Bale and Mon Mothma have both told me they have…contacts there. We should be fine."

Against her better judgment, Ahsoka began plotting a course for Tatooine. "Gold Squad, we have a change of destination," she told the remaining members of the escort. "Set your navigational computers for Tatooine."

"But Ahsoka…."

"I know, but we don't have a choice. The Senators' ship won't make it any further than that."



Lightsaber in hand, Obi-Wan deflected the falling debris of the security fighters even as he and General Grievous continued to circle one another. His keen senses were thrown as wide open as he could in hopes that he could detect Ahsoka getting Padme and the other Senators safely away from Naboo. His lack of attention to his current opponent nearly cost him his arm as Grievous took advantage of his distraction. The robotic general had all four arms extended, in each a lightsaber.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" the Jedi sarcastically welcomed.

"How lovely to see you, General Kenobi," Grievous greeted, emphasizing Obi-Wan's rank before he let out a hacking cough as he laughed. "You're rather bold, aren't you, to think you can defeat me on your own."

"We shall see," Obi-Wan responded.

"I've been trained in your Jedi Arts by Count Dooku," he chuckled upon seeing Obi-Wan's raised eyebrow. "Your fallen Master's Master, if I am not mistaken. What hope do you possibly have?"

"If you're so sure of your abilities, then why are your friends here?" The Jedi Master did a quick visual scan of the immediate area and found himself surrounded by battle droids, and all of them had laser rifles pointed at him. Grievous was also surrounded by four guards with electrostaffs. "Then again, this should be a fair fight. Your move."

Grievous chuckled and motioned to his guards. "Kill him! MAKE HIM SUFFER!"

The four began twirling their electrostaffs while Obi-Wan looked unimpressed. Reaching out through the Force, he directed a large chunk of debris from one of the fallen star fighters to smash into them. Grievous' eyes narrowed angrily while Obi-Wan raised a brow at him. "Not much of a challenge, your guards," the Jedi cracked.

"I can promise, I will be much more," Grievous promised, each hand twirling the lightsaber it held as he rose to his full towering height. "Shall we?"


"The Jedi scum is mine, find out where the Senators went!" Grievous ordered his droids, who scattered to engage the Naboo ground forces as he moved toward his Jedi opponent.

Releasing himself to the Force, Obi-Wan grunted while parrying the first strike of all four lightsabers against his one. The powerful blow vibrated all the way up both arms, actually causing his teeth to chatter from the sheer force of it. Heaving a deep breath, he pushed upwards with both his own physical strength and with a burst of the Force to send Grievous careening backwards, tumbling almost to the floor.

Back pedaling, Obi-Wan attempted to create some space, but Grievous violently charged forward, slashing wildly as Obi-Wan deftly deflected each deadly strike. With his attention on Grievous, the Jedi didn't see the piece of twisted metal he was backing towards until he tripped over it, giving a loud grunt as he hit the unforgiving ground.

Grievous' chuckling followed him down to the ground, and he rolled to the left to avoid the lightsaber strike that was attempting to dislodge his head from his shoulders. He kicked back with his left leg, catching his opponent in the chest, knocking the General of the Droid Army off balance long enough to get himself to his feet.

Obi-Wan's eyes scanned the area, spotting several large, jagged pieces of debris of the star fighters and other ships that had been destroyed in the initial assault. Calling on the Force, he concentrated and lifted them high, swinging them through the air with all his strength, sending them careening in Grievous' direction with deadly accuracy.

The psychotic general of the droid armies managed to slice through two or three of the smaller shards of metal, but he couldn't avoid them all. Obi-Wan's mastery of the Force sent them hurtling fast for Grievous' reflexes. The Jedi took some satisfaction in hearing Grievous shout in pain as he was knocked to the ground. "You can run, Jedi scum, but you cannot hide!" Grievous roared as he jumped back to his metallic feet, his body folding over. Obi-Wan's eyes widened when he saw the half droid half humanoid general twist his body shape into that of a large Naca spider, which gave him a lot more mobility. "Afraid to face me?"

"I think not!" Obi-Wan responded, charging forward. Grievous came up on two legs, swinging his four arms with all his might. Obi-Wan was quick, striking fast enough to sever one of the droid's right hands but he wasn't fast enough to avoid getting hit in the shoulder. "AH!" he grunted in pain, clutching his shoulder as he retreated to give himself some space.

Grievous chuckled huskily. "Did that hurt, General?" the question was wheezed out before a deep, sinister laugh. "I'm going to make it hurt much more before we're through!"

Mindful of his injured shoulder, Obi-Wan handled his lightsaber expertly in one hand. He parried every thrust of the three lightsabers Grievous held as they battled towards the space port. Obi-Wan's eyes widened when his back hit the rough rock wall of the lower level of the building. While Grievous was focused on using all three lightsabers to disarm him, the Jedi brought his foot up and kicked Grievous in what should have been his stomach.

The droid general gave a groan of surprise as he tumbled backwards, off balance, giving his Jedi opponent the advantage. With several expertly placed blows, Obi-Wan destroyed two of the lightsabers, the sound of them shattering bringing him a small measure of satisfaction. He made a Force powered leap over Grievous' prone form, wanting to get his back away from the wall and give himself some room to maneuver. He spun around to block the blow he thought was coming only to watch in grim satisfaction as his lightsaber sliced through Grievous' neck, beheading the general in one swipe.

Despite the typical loud rumblings of a space port, Obi-Wan was stunned by the absolute silence that surrounded him. Grievous' body crumbled to the ground in a heap, and to make sure that his opponent was truly dead, Obi-Wan turned his lightsaber down and drove it through the chest plate armor, slicing into what he knew was Grievous' humanoid organs. The soft organic material sizzled at the heat of the Jedi weapon, the sound announcing that Grievous was really and truly dead.