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The streets of London are my home, not my hunting ground. I'm not some cheap street corner prostitute. No, I'm much higher class than any of that rubbish. I'm paid – and paid well – to provide the ideal companion to my clients. Someone they can talk to, be themselves with, someone they can show off to their friends… and yes, someone they can fuck.

They should get their money's worth after all.


Six Years Earlier

"Mother, you can't really be considering this?" Draco asked impatiently and slightly afraid of her answer.

"Draco, you of all people should know the position I am in. With your father in prison and the manor and all our assets frozen by the ministry, what other options do I have?" she responded calmly.

"There has to be another way, I can't just sit by and watch as you sell your body to filthy men. You're a Malfoy," he replied haughtily.

Narcissa placed a cool pale hand on her sons shoulder. She could understand his scorn and his dismay for her decision, but it had to be done. "The Malfoy name no longer holds any weight son. Besides, before I was a Malfoy, I was a Black, and a Black survives, no matter the price."

"We just need to think this though, mother," he pleaded, nearly falling to his knees before her. "I'm sure we can think of another way. I can work… I can do something to make us money."

She shook her head elegantly, her blonde hair shining in the light through the windows of their muggle motel room. "We can't keep living like this, and you are in hiding son. Charges could still be brought against you for your involvement in the war. I will not risk you, not after losing Lucius." A single tear escaped her normally cool façade. "I cannot, no I will not lose you as well."

Draco took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He stood and studied his beautiful and proud mother, seeing clearly that she would not yield in this manner. "Then let me at least accompany you when you meet this woman. Let me see for myself that we can trust her."

"And since when have you had a keen eye for selecting the trustworthy adversary? Harry Potter was in your very midst for six years, and not once did it occur to you to side with the boy," she said, her voice ringing with disapproval.

They had the same argument over and over. Narcissa had hoped that she had raised a son who would think for himself, not follow someone blindly like a sheep being led to slaughter, even if it was his own father he was following.

During the war she knew the moment she looked upon the young Potter, that he was the stronger wizard—that he was the one truly worth following. She couldn't fathom how her own son, having classes with him daily, sharing meals in the same room and even sharing the love of the same sport could have missed such a blatant truth.

It wouldn't have gone far to save her own fate, because she was bound to her husband and his ill conceived choices, but it would have saved Draco. It would have kept him from hiding and living like a muggle.

And now, there was no way she would let her son meet with Madame X, the sneaky woman who would have him as her own. She was of course untrustworthy. There was nothing for it though; Narcissa needed money, a way to put food on the table, a roof over their head. She only had the training of a lady within the line of Black, taught only to be the perfect wife, and a devoted companion. It was all she knew.

"Draco, I will do this, and I will do this alone," she said at last, standing and kissing her son softly on the forehead. "Wait for me here, I will be back shortly."

Draco sagged to the floor, looking after his mother as she left the room. She still looked proud, in spite of the way she was about to lower and degrade herself.

She was taking care of him, both of them, but Draco was a man, he was an adult now, and he could at the very least ensure her protection. With that declaration firmly in place, he cast a light disillusionment charm on himself and set out to follow her.


It was not at all what Draco had been expecting. He saw in his mind's eye a rotted out Victorian brothel, his poor mother being made into a trollop and a whore, having to wear skimpy clothing and flaunt herself, but this was something quite different.

When he arrived at the building, which was in fact a large muggle ballroom, he nearly thought he had the wrong address. It wasn't until he spotted his mother in an elegant sapphire blue gown, her arm resting lightly on that of a stranger's, when he knew he had written it down correctly.

She was laughing, and generally seemed to be having a fine time at the event. Only the fine lines creasing her eyes told Draco that she wasn't in fact enjoying herself as much as she would be with Lucius, but merely playing a part. A brilliant actress, that was all, nothing here to harm his mother.

He went into the restroom and switched his disillusionment charm with that of a simple glamour, making his hair a little shorter, and his skin slightly tanner and softened his pointy facial features. He added fitting clothing to the charm, changing his denims and black silk shirt to that of a tuxedo and tie, then he promptly left the room and joined the party.

His mother saw him right off sparing no time in recognizing him, and her look turned both angry and concerned at once. She tried to tell him with her eyes to leave, but his mind was set and he was determined to stay and watch over her.

It wasn't but moments later that he was approached by a tall woman, thin but strong. Her eyes were very dark, almost black, and her makeup accentuated them. She was wearing a vibrant gown of dark red gossamer and silk, and the softness of the fabric brushed against Draco when she leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"Your mother looks lovely tonight, does she not?" she asked.

Draco nodded before he could think, before he could realize that this woman somehow knew him.

"I thought I could count on the want to protect her to bring you to me, but I didn't think it would be so soon," she trailed her fingertips along his jaw line. "You really are a lovely boy; you would be quite the prize in my little collection." She narrowed her eyes and he felt his glamour drop, being ripped from him by the woman beside him.

She gasped slightly and purred in his ear. "Even more beautiful than I could have suspected. Say you'll work for me and I can promise you riches you never saw, even as a Malfoy."

Draco looked panicked and tried to leave, but the woman caught his arm. "You need not run from me, Draco. I have no wish to turn you into the Ministry, not while I can use you," she said, smiling sweetly.

"Who are you?" he asked with a sneer.

She feigned being flustered and apologized. "Oh, I'm deeply sorry, I thought you knew. I'm Madame X, your mother's employer." She bowed low, and Draco could see over her bent form, his mother looking scared and stricken.

Madame X caught the look and smiled again, this time all pretense of sweetness was gone. "I see you care about her deeply. I can tell you, the one that she is with now… he's rough. He'll do what he can to make your mother scream, it's what he likes, and we always give our clients what they want."

Draco winced. He knew that powerful men were often like that, charming on the outside and animals within. "I'll take her away right now if that's the truth," he replied, sparing no further glances for his mother.

"You know I wouldn't let you do that. See those men?" she asked, as she pointed to several men in black on black suits in various places around the room. "They are all mine, security you could say. They'll make sure she stays, unless…" and she let her voice trail off.

"Unless what?" Draco asked impatiently.

"Unless you would like to make a deal with me," she answered. "You in exchange for your mother. I can release her right now, and you could be my employee instead."

Draco looked again at his mother, the picture of delicate elegance and nodded once. "Just let her leave. Now," he growled.

Madame X smirked and walked briskly toward his mother and her companion, Draco in tow. "Christopher, you'll excuse me, but I need to have a word in private," she said to the man.

They went off a few steps and Narcissa grabbed Draco's arm roughly. "What are you doing, Draco?"

He shook his head. "It's already done mother, I've taken your place. You can go home now."

Her eyes went wide and filled close to brimming with tears. "You've done what?" she hissed.

"I'm in Madame X's employ now, and you will be taken care of. I won't let that man put his hands on you," he added.

"But you're fine with letting him put his hands on you?" she asked, her heart slowly breaking.

"What?" Draco asked affronted. "No, I…"

Narcissa laughed but it was a sorrowful sound. "Once again you jump into a situation without knowing all the facts. Madame X only has men for clients, Draco."

"But she can't have… she wouldn't mean… there must be some mistake, why would she want me if her only client's are men?" he asked, his voice wavering.

"Not all of her clients are straight men, Draco. She's been asking about you since I came to her that first night. I told her you were off limits… but she seems to have found a way around my edict," she said, lips pursed.

"I didn't know," Draco whispered.

"Clearly," his mother said, her eyes shut and her face pinched. "I can't get you out of this Draco, you'll have to get yourself out somehow, or see it through. Whichever you decide, I'll be here for you," she added and turned on her heel and left.

Madame X approached a moment later with Christopher's hand in her own. "I shall take your mother's place tonight, Draco. I'll see you tomorrow at lunch." She handed him a card and winked. "That's your new address, go straight there, if the wards are not tripped by your arrival within ten minutes, I'll send Brutus after you," she added with narrowed eyes.

Draco took the card and walked solemnly from the dance floor. He had to find a way to break the agreement, but for now he would bide his time until he could talk to Madame X in private.


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