By: pottersweetie

Author's Note: I ran from this story-idea like it was the plague, I really did. I have so many fan fictions I'm working on, too many that I've neglected, and I really shouldn't be starting another one. However, like Rosalie, this story-idea was stubborn and relentless, and I couldn't ignore it. So, here you go. It's in Rosalie's point of view. Enjoy, Read, Review!


I don't know how I got here. I mean- Of course- technically- I know, but I can't understand how it happened.

After all the things I've been through in my existence- all the things I've been through that have turned me cold and 'heartless,' as people have liked to call me- I can't believe that I'm in the position I am currently in. It wasn't my sheltered upbringing, because that made me spoiled, naive and shallow. It wasn't my first engagement, botched by rape and murder- no, that certainly wouldn't make me any more sympathetic and- content?- with this situation. My transformation from human to unbelievably beautiful monster- when my heart stopped beating (I might as well be heartless, in every sense of the word)? it only makes me even more surprised at my own feelings now. Meeting my soul mate, finding a family that cares about me, regardless of vanity or power- all of these things are wonderful, yes, but not enough for me to think I could get here, to this point of my being.

How can things have come so full circle?

No one has ever had any patience for my selective attitude toward people. When it came to my childhood friends, my first fiance, my soul mate, my intense disliking for the human girl my adopted brother chose to love for eternity, they never understood why I made the choices I made. And sometimes, they got angry with me, because I wasn't as easy to appease, or as easy to win over. I wonder if anyone will ever actually get why I do the things I do- why I've done the things I've done- as long as I exist.

In fits of anger and impatience, people have said, "Don't you have a heart?" or "You're heartless!" And I wonder, what does heart have to do with anything? Mine hasn't been beating for decades, and I haven't changed all that much in my way of thinking (except for my aversion to humans). Whether I could stand to be friendly with Mary Beth in a 1921 Rochester, because she was rude and unkempt, or whether or not I could stand the human girl the first time I knew my brother loved her- heart is just not a part of it.

So, if people think having a heart means being sympathetic and understanding, unnecessarily compassionate and easy to win over, than, no, I won't deny it- I've been heartless my whole existence. But I've got my reasons- and maybe I wasn't always right, but I stand by every single one of them.

And if I've always been heartless- if I am heartless- how is this happening now? How is sympathy and compassion coming so easily for me? towards someone I hated only months ago? Everyone has their ideas, incorrect and assuming; even my mind-reading brother doesn't seem to comprehend my thought processes now. No one gets it, and I'm not sure anyone ever could. This is more than selfishness, isn't it? Sharing isn't the same as having something for your own... I've never been one to share anyway. No- now- this is about complete selflessness. And if people perceive me as heartless because of my being selfless, well- that's nothing new, is it? There's nothing in it for me anymore- I guess I knew there never really was- yet I'm still fighting for them, and I don't care if I'm ripped apart and burned in doing so.

I'm heartless? You don't know enough to even think about calling me heartless. I'll tell you everything. And then I'll allow you to be the judge.

I am Rosalie Lillian Hale, and this is my story.

Author's Note: The chapters won't always be this short. At all. They'll be kind of long, but that's inevitable. And necessary. Hope you enjoyed the prologue!