Author's Note: I know you've been waiting for a while for this. It's another Halloween story! This has nothing to do with my first three stories. But it has an Erin/Michael pairing. So enjoy!

Rated: M for Mature Adult Content

Genres: Horror/Friendship/Romance/Violence

Title: Halloween: The Beginning

Chapter 21: Shot But Not Dead

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- -

Laurie had crossed the street. Her legs feeling a little shaky. It was dark and she didn't like the feeling of the way the house looked in the shadows. The trees around her were rustling. Laurie took a deep sigh and walked up the front steps. When she reached the front door, she found it locked. Odd. Lauried rapped on the door and then peered into the window. She couldn't see anything. Going back down the front steps, she walked around the house to the back french doors. One of the doors were ajar.

"Annie", Laurie replied softly.

The house was just as quiet inside as it had been outside. Laurie stepped into the kitchen and walked across it. Her foot steps echoed against the linolium tiles. Leaving the kitchen, she steped out into the hallway between the kitchen and the front entrance. The living room just across the hall. Laurie looked into the living room, peering around.

"Okay guys, this isn't funny. You can come out now", She joked even though her voice quaked a little.

Laurie turned and looked up at the stairs, she took hold of the railing and started up the stairs. Her foot steps echoed even more as she climbed upwards. The stairs creaked beneith her feet. She stopped a couple of times listening for any sounds but she heard nothing and that's what bothered her. "Annie, Lynda?" Laurie asked aloud. Still nothing. She finally reached the top of the stairs. The door just across from where she was, was ajar. A light was glowing from within. Laurie's heart hammered as she reached for the door handle and gently pushed the door inwards.

The sight she came across was tramatic. Annie was laying on the bed, spread eagled, her face towards the ceiling. The head stone with Judith's name on it was at the head of the bed, resting against the head board. A pumpkin was on the night stand, a candle inside of it. Laurie covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming. She moved into the room, she leaned against what she thought was the wall. The closet door swung away and Bob, Lynda's boy friend, swung into Laurie. Laurie screamed seeing the knife that had been thrust into his chest. Laurie looked down to see Lynda on the floor of the closet, also dead. Laurie ran from the room and stood out in the hallway. She gasped for breath, tears slowly forming her eyes. But Laurie didn't notice the hallway closet that was open. Michael appeared a second later. Knife raised. Laurie turned and screamed.

She backed over the side of the banister and rolled down the stairs. Twisting her ankel in the process. She got up a second later as Michael came down the stairs. She limped towards the door but she forgot it was locked. Laurie then ran for the kitchen. Her ankel hurt from the pain but she was too scared to really care. Once outside again, she ran towards a neighbor's house and went to the front door.

"PLEASE HELP ME. SOMEONE HELP ME!", Laurie screamed.

The light in the window turned on and then turned off again. Laurie grabbed at her hair, crying harder. She then saw Michael emerge a moment later. She bee lined it towards the Doyle's house. But she had locked the front door. Laurie dug into her pockets, sobbing as she tried looking for her keys. No keys. Damn it!

"TOMMY! TOMMY OPEN THE DOOR!" Laurie screamed banging on the door.

Laurie picked up a pot that had a dead plant in it. She threw it up at the window, in which case the pot broke on impact. The light in the upper right hand corner of the house switched on. Tommy Doyle sleepily rubbed his eyes and went to the front door.

"Who is it?" Tommy asked.

"TOMMY IT'S ME. OPEN THE DOOR!", Laurie demanded.

Tommy opened the door and Laurie rushed inside, slamming the front door, locking it again. She told Tommy to get Lyndsay and hide up in the bathroom. Tommy went to argue but decided not too. Laurie turned off the lights after Tommy went back upstairs. She ducked down beside the couch, grabbing one of ther kniting needles from her bag. She could feel the cold shiver running down her spine as she inhaled and exhaled. Laurie didn't know how but she could feel that whoever was trying to kill her, had gotten inside the house. It was then that Michael emgered a second later. Laurie jumped up with cat like reflexes and stabbed Michael in the neck. Michael dropped his knife on the couch and fell over. Laurie peered over the couch to see if he was really dead. Satisfied he wasn't moving, she got up. Michael's hand twitched as Laurie headed up the stairs.

Laurie knocked on the bathroom door a second later, Tommy opened it.

"What's going on?", Lyndsay asked.

"Laurie was that the boogie man?" Tommy asked ignoring Lyndsay's question.

"He's dead", Laurie replied softly.

"You can't kill the boogie man", Tommy whispered.

Michael came over the top of the stairs, making the kids scream. Tommy re-shut the bathroom door in Laurie's face. Laurie ran for the bedroom, she hid in the closet. She shut the doors, using a bathrobe's tie to lock the doors together. She then grabbed a clothes hanger to defend herself. She heard footsteps reach the closet and then the doors started to shake. Laurie didn't know what to do, she was cornered. Michael bashed against the closet, breaking the closet doors. But only half of his body would fit through the hole in the doors. He tried reaching for Laurie but was poked in the eye by the coat hanger a moment or so later. He fell down again. Laurie got out of the closet and stepped over Michael's body. Dropping the coat hanger. She went to the bathroom door and knocked on it. Tommy and Lyndsay emerged a moment later.

"Now listen to me, I want you to go down to the Mackenzie's and tell them to call the police. Go", Laurie replied.

- -

Both children bolted down the stairs and out the front door. Leaving it wide open. As Lyndsay and Tommy were coming down the side walk screaming, neither seemed to notice Erin or Dr. Loomis. Erin felt an urge to run to see what was going on but Dr. Loomis grabbed her before she could do anything hasty.

"Stay out here", Dr. Loomis exclaimed.

He let go of her arm and started into the house. He went up the stairs two at a time. By the time he got up stairs, he saw Michael trying to strangle Laurie. Loomis raised his gun and waited for a good shot at Michael. Loomis pulled the trigger seconds later. Michael fell away from Laurie. Laurie collasped agains the wall. Loomis ignored her and went towards Michael. Michael stood in the shadows. Loomis fired again, 3...4....5...6...7, by the seventh shot, Michael fell over the side of the balcony that was off the bedroom. Loomis turned his back on the balcony and went to see if Laurie was alright.

"What's the boogie man?" Laurie asked quietly, hugging her legs.

"Actually...that was", Loomis replied.

- -

Erin heared gun fire. She couldn't stand here and do nothing. She raced towards the house, instead of going into the house, she ran to the back yard. There was nothing on the line. Erin looked around. She turned in a complete circle and then back in a clock wise manner. Her hair whipping around, brushing against her shoulders as her eyes fell over the yard. The shadows pressed against the surrounding trees.

"MICHAEL!" Erin called out.

There was nothing but darkness and the lights from the neighbors houses were turning on slowly. Loomis rushed out onto the balcony, he looked down but only saw Erin. Loomis felt his stomach drop and the fear slowly coming back. He breathed slowly and then swallowed hard. He heard Laurie crying softly, breaking down from the night's events. Police sirens were in the distance, cop cars searching the area. Loomis only looked down where Michael's body had been moments before.

"He's gone", Loomis exclaimed quietly.

- -


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