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Summary: Suigetsu is unnaturally quiet today. And every now an then, his face cracks into a smile like a flash of sun through a cloudy day. After a day of being annoyed by this, Sasuke confronts his teammate.


"The asshole's being weird," Karin whined. Juugo tutted. "He has a name, you know."

"Fine. The kappa's being all weird," she amended.

Sasuke frowned a little. Suigetsu had been unnaturally silent all day. It was kinda creeping them out. After all, the last time he'd shut up for more than twenty minutes, he'd formed a 'fool-proof plan to overthrow' Sasuke. It had been fool proof, maybe, but not Suigetsu-proof. The plan had lasted all of five seconds before the Uchiha electrocuted the water ninja with his chidori. And he didn't really want to do it again.

Well…maybe he did, a little. Damn it, the look on his face had been priceless! Almost…cute. Sasuke shook his head, a smile threatening to inch its way onto his face. Suigetsu.

They stopped at a forest for the night, and sat around the campfire, Karin throwing dark looks at the white haired teen, Juugo playing with some deer, Sasuke watching them all.

There is was again, that irritating smile. A brief display of ivory incisors, lips stretching in an unavoidable grin without volition.

The black haired boy walked over to him. "What are you thinking of, to make you smirk like that?" Sasuke asked dourly, unable to stand anymore. The water nin winked at him. "Three words for you: you, me and handcuffs."

The Uchiha's jaw fell open. "Okay, 1) that's four words, 2) WHAT!? And 3)—" he backhanded him across the face, "—you're a pervert!"

"Oh please," Suigetsu scoffed, rubbing his cheek, "Like you'd object."
"I am objecting, retard."

"That's just because Karin and Juugo are here, isn't it? You really want it too, doncha?"

"You are an idiot. Go away."

The water ninja shrugged, turning away. "Back to imagine you naked, then, our writhing bodies together in bed, touching you here and there, making you moan oh yes, more…"

"Shut the hell up," Sasuke blushed, pulling at his clothes, "Or I'll chidori you again!"
"My, my…is that an erection you're trying to hide?"

"I said shut up! Chidori!"



Later that night…

Sasuke crawled over to Suigetsu's futon. "Does it still hurt?" he whispered.

"Does what still hurt?" Karin's sleepy voice answered. She looked at him through slumber misted eyes. "Hmmm?"

"…When you fell from heaven…?"

She gave him a weird look. "Sasuke, you know I'd jump you at any given chance, but even I'm not pathetic enough to fall for a line like that."

"My loss then. Better luck next time," he said and went back to his own sleeping bag, cursing his idiocy.

A warm body slid in next to him, and he froze. "Karin—!"

"Shhhh," a decidedly un-Karin-like voice hissed, "It's me."

Sasuke left strong, cool arms wrap around his waist. "What are you doing, idiot?"

Suigetsu nuzzled his neck. "I won't rape you, okay? Just relax. And don't lie, you were looking for me. All I want to do is lie together."

Sasuke settled into his embrace. "Fine," he pretended to grumble, and fell asleep with a happy smile on his face.


Aren't they the cutest?