Vahahahaha, my very first Lucky Star fic. XD Woot debut. XD

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This twisted plot was inspired by the game Fatal Frame 2 or Zero Akai Chou. Don't you guys just love the Amakura twins? Oh okay, I'm omega hyper now. It was Himeko's fault though, her and her crazy "Maho!" thing. XD Ahahaha, anyway, I best to keep all these blabber-ness for later… last thing! The words in Italics are thoughts of whoever character in the scene...except for Hiyori's doggone Yuri specs that are enclosed in these (-) thingies. The ones in bold are things that aren't dialogues from the characters in the scene (but from something else) I guess. XD

…now, the story starts!

Ah, yes, Disclaimer…wait, you know Yoshimizu Kagami owns Lucky Star right? And Fatal Frame couldn't possibly be mine either… No need! XD

Fatal Error

Moe tsuki…

Moe tsuki…

Modoranai yakusoku no bashou…

Chigireta, itami de

kuroku somaru daichi wo kakete

Jouzu ni habataku

Watashi wo mistsukete…

The very emotional song continued as the ending credits rolled slowly. This was the first time she felt so moved, the game wasn't even her type of genre.

"Strong bond between twins…I could've sworn I heard moe somewhere in there."

Sakken demo kikoeru nara

Sonotede kowashite hoshii

Mada watashi no watashi to

Yoberu uchi ni

Dakitomeru kimi no ude ga…

"Hiyorin definitely needs to check this one out..." Izumi Konata smirked giddily.

It was finally lunch time, the moment she was waiting for.

"Fufufu…she'll no doubt make something out of this…"

Making swift movements, Ryouou's blue haired otaku dug her left hand in her schoolbag, seemingly looking for something that somehow told both Miyuki and Tsukasa to be one of those things that only she and a few knew about. As they held on to their bentos while waiting for the small girl's vigorous searching come to an end, the clockwork appearance of the fourth member of their foursome soon entered 3-B, looking as if she just ran five laps of some sort.

"Osu…" The pigtailed girl greeted in quite a huff.

"What happened, oneechan?" Her short haired twin asked in concern.


"Found it!" Konata exclaimed dramatically. It was quite evident that she wasn't aware of her surroundings just yet, as she absently hummed a familiar tune, while holding a peculiar case.

"Konata! Haven't you heard? Yutaka-chan collapsed earlier!" Kagami informed.

"Eh, what?" Her carefree face turned a little worried.

"You heard me. Now, be a good cousin and check on her…oh yeah, I saw Iwasaki-san help her out, you should thank her."

"Muuu…if Iwasaki-san's there, then I shouldn't bother…" A playful smirk formed her lips.

"What are you talking about? Go on and see how she's doing already!" As if to push, the older Hiiragi twin lightly gave the shorter girl a pat.

Facing the others in a questioning manner, she said; "Aren't you guys coming with me?"

"…we might as well do. This came as a surprise to everyone." Miyuki spoke.

"Um, I'm coming too…" Tsukasa joined in.

"Oh okay, fine. We better hurry up though, or we won't be able to eat our lunches…"

"Kagami just wants to eat eh? Such a bad person…"

"I-it's not like that! I just think we'll run out of tim—

"Considering what a glutton you are, I'm not surprised." Konata snickered as she placed a hand on her mouth, already walking farther away from the other three.

"Zip it, you!"


Unbeknownst to Konata or any of them, the object she was previously holding earlier was carelessly placed at a random table as they left to go for the Clinic.


"I…I'm alright now, Konata-oneechan. Minami-chan was there, so…" Yutaka stuttered, seemingly flushed.

The tall girl bowed slightly and blushed. "I didn't do much…"

"You don't have to be so modest, Minami-chan. You're always around to aid her, it's plenty helpful." Konata breezily told her, a really wide grin plastered her face.

"Even so…"

"I was caught by surprise when I saw Yutaka-chan suddenly falling down like that, good thing you were there." Hiyori added.

Minami only blushed harder.

"It must be temperature that affected her; this time of year does have that kind of effect on people…" Miyuki supplied.

"Yes, I know! It's hard to be fit and healthy with things like this…" Tsukasa detestably said, a puppy-like expression formed her face.

"The moe factor in Japan is amazing! Great reactions!" Patty said enthusiastically, she almost looked drunk while saying it.

Is it me or we tend to get tangled up with these kind of people...speak Japanese, please... Kagami fought the urge of going tsukommi at the foreign girl.

"I'm sickly to begin with, so this isn't a new thing…" The cherry haired lass shyly stated.

"You'll get better…" Minami placed a hand on the small girl's shoulder for comfort, a little smile can be seen from her.

"Un!" Was the cheery reply.

It was relatively normal to see girls this friendly nowadays, but there was something in there that made her pretty skeptical. Maybe it was because of a certain Tamura Hiyori who was by the way fantasizing Yuri stuff at the suggestive sight before her right about now, that strengthened her interest. Or it could be Stra0oe0oy Sw0ot S0oke and its crazy gags that got to her…or maybe it was those miko girls she saw earlier that looked almost like Chikane and Himeko, she wasn't really sure...

… trying to revert back to the main point, her okaku senses is no doubt tingling to a certain air between her cousin and her tall friend. Konata couldn't help but sneer at the possibilities.

"Konata-oneechan and everyone, haven't you eaten your lunch yet? There's only a few minutes left…" Yutaka reminded, interrupting her current thoughts.

"Uwah, is that right…?" She cringed and sweatdropped at the information. "…you sure you'll be alright here though?"

"I'll be taking her home some time later, so you needn't worry…" Minami assured.

"That makes me feel at ease. I'm counting on you."

"Alright then, get well soon Yutaka-chan." Kagami said as she waved her hand farewell.

"I'll bake you some cookies when you get better." Tsukasa excitedly affirmed.

The other girls followed suit with their own goodbyes and customary bows before heading out of the room and going back to their respective classes. It was quite unexpected, but with all the things that happened, Konata had totally forgotten of what she was attempting to do a little while ago, letting the day pass by without triggering the flag she was so adamant about.

"Miyuki-san, you leaving already?" She asked as she arranged her bag.

"Yes…I have another appointment with the dentist today. My mother insists I have this cavity taken care of…" Miyuki narrated, her face distraught.

Tsukasa looked terrified. "Drills…"

"Where's Kagami?"

"Oh, oneechan says that she'll be a little late…"

"Well, I have work today, so I'll be going too…are you gonna wait for her?"

"…huh? Y-yeah..."

After a few moments of organizing their things, Konata and Miyuki started walking out the classroom.

"Well then, see you on Monday, Tsukasa-san."

"Jaa nii…"

Tsukasa just waved in reply.

"…ah! I haven't fixed my things yet…"

The youngest Hiiragi kept placing things in her bag, not really looking if the item she got her hands on was hers or not. She began fishing the things under her chair and stuffed it all in the same place, appearing to do it in a fairly rushed manner for some reason. Once she was done, the next thing her actions did was go to her twin's room 3–C. "Oneechan?" She asked uncertainly as she slowly opened the door to the room.

"Tsukasa? …you didn't leave yet?"

She timidly fiddled with her fingers. "Um, well…I wanted to wait for you…"

Kagami smiled softly at her younger half. "After I told you not to wait for me…oh well, I'll be done soon."

"Um, do you want me to help you?"

"It'll be quicker that way, thank you."

It didn't take too long to arrange all the paperwork she was assigned to assemble, since the two of them worked in perfect synch. Although there were little screw-ups from Tsukasa every now and then, they've finished the task without a moment's delay.

"Mmm…finally done!" Kagami stretched her arms a bit. "Thanks Tsukasa."

"Oh no, it's fine. We should work together in times like this,"

There it is!


"Cause we only have each other, oneechan…" Tsukasa stated coyly, she blushingly moved closer to her sister.

"Tsu-Tsukasa--! Wh-what are you doing all of a sudden?! We…we shouldn't be…" Kagami tried to move away but her twin already had her arms snaked around her waist. The heat on her cheeks went up a level higher than normal.

ZOMG! Dere-dere!

"Oneechan…I've always admired you…"


They moved closer and closer. Their surroundings sparked like there was no tomorrow, as a bunch of wild flowers ranging from lillies to dandelions started randomly blooming in the background like it was something ripped out from a Yu0ohio0 Magazine.


The whole scene suddenly died, breaking into a million bits as it revealed a bespectacled girl, hiding suspiciously from behind a door. "Craaap!! I really need to stop with these imaginations!"


"What is it, oneechan?"

"I heard something just outside…"

Oh no!

As it turned out, that 'something' wasn't there. Shrugging the idea off, she and Tsukasa opted to leave for home.


Ma0ora Sentai Baka Rangers!

I'm all pumped up! Baka Red!

Can't let your guard down! Baka Black!

Jumping and flying across river docks! Baka Blue!

Before and after meals; take…! Baka Yellow!

"…doesn't this animation style look a lot like P0no Po0i D0oh or something?" A blue haired girl muttered as she eyed her television in a bored expression.

"Well, it is by Studio Sh00t…isn't that twin-tailed girl a tsundere though?" A man with same blue hair as the latter asked.

"She is. This anime murdered her though…became a boke to the last straw…"

Everyone gets along! Baka Pi—

"So this was their Kurumi, huh…?"

"And the manga depicted her sorta well too…"

"I kinda feel sorry for her now…" The man made a thoughtful gesture of placing his hand on his chin.

"I'll be seeing new flames on this one…" The girl told her self as she stood from her position and headed to what seemed like her room.

"Oh yeah, Konata…how was that game I let you try? Any good?"

She beamed proudly. "It was epic. The horror bit aside, Mio was just so moe…Mayu too…I'm liking loli-gothic clothes more now…"

"Sh…should I buy you some? It'll be—

"No, otou-san. I've done so much at work already…"

"But Konataaaaa…" Soujiro pouted and started animatedly float around the household.

"Hm? What's this?" Tsukasa asked no one in particular holding something the looked a lot like a PS2 game. "I wonder if oneechan owns this…"


She loves English, she really does.

Write an essay about your first kiss.

But who the heck would give homework this extreme?! Well, it wasn't really a big deal…but it was somewhat intruding this common wall called personal space! …and now that she thinks about it, was there anyone she shared a kiss with?

"Ahh…I hate English now…"

There was a knock on her door. "…oneechan?"

"Oh, Tsukasa…come in."

The wooden object moved sideways and a blob of distinctive yellow entered her room.

"What is it?" Kagami asked not looking away from her paper.

"Well…I found this in my bag…I thought it could be yours…"

"Hm?" Because of her busier than normal schedule recently, she might have been quite ditzy and left her things unattended at some point. But once she faced her twin, her eyes turned pint. It was definitely one of hers'. "That's probably Konata's…how'd you get it?"

Her pigtails would be flying her to some mountain where there would be these strange pink creatures dancing over this big rock that looked like a crashed comet, chanting a mysterious cutesy language she wouldn't bother understanding if she didn't get this one right...extremeties aside, it would surely be shocking if she didn't guess it right.

"I found it in my bag." Tsukasa repeated.

"How'd that happen?"

"I don't really know."

There was a momentary silence; both stared at each other for a moment.

"Could you play it?" Her innocent face portrayed a picture of interest, her round, indigo eyes twinkled.

Not expecting things to turn out that way, all she could say was; "…what?"

"Look, look…it's kinda appealing."

It's color was a mixture of red, brown, and black. It appeared to have a theme, and there was this symbollic butterfly that the title even emphasized. A pair twin girls were at the cover, looking quite tormented. Nothing explicit or anything similar to the games her idiot of a friend always blabbered about on a daily basis. Kagami crunched an eyebrow. "...I'm doubting this to be Konata's anymore. It isn't her game genre…"

"Could you play it though?" She naively persisted.


"Hikchoouu!!" Rubbing her potentially infected nose, she mumbled; "Something feels wrong…I think?"

Nanakon: you're still up huh Izumi? get your butt onto bed already lol

Ugh…it must be sensei…!

Konakona: am about to

Nanakon: hooo you sure? lol

It is her…

"Just a peek, okay?"


It was weird to actually have Tsukasa take notice of a game; it was a Survival Horror type of game too. But the cover alone looked attractive enough to be tried, so why not. The English homework she was working on will have to wait for a while, that's what Kagami thought. She placed the DVD on the tray to get the game on. While the game was being read, she stole a look at her twin, the girl was looking attentively at the television screen for a reason the former may never know. The television speakers made a sound that got her attention back on check, the game was starting. The screen illustrated the twins she saw in the game cover, talking quietly by the creek.

Whoa, HD…

"They really have cute dresses!" The younger twin commented in a satisfied tone.

that was all? It must be by influence, but she possibly has a thing for cosplay…!

"Oooh, they're twins too!"

Curious herself, she controlled the short-haired character, slowly being engrossed in it. Her focus made her ignore the already scared Tsukasa as she tried to keep on alert, since this was meant to be a tad speck scary. As she had gotten quite far with the game, there was a cut scene wherein her character opens a sliding door and encounters a scary-looking woman, she was pale and appeared hateful. Also, there was a creepy sound that added to the upsetting atmosphere.

"O-oneechan!" She ran up to her older sis in shock, taking her down in a tight hug as she cowered.

"He-hey, don't do that! I have to exorcise the ghost first!" Kagami complained a bit at her easily frightened sibling.

"B-but…I'm scared…"

"…you didn't know this game was horror-themed?"



"I just thought the clothes were cute…"

The twins stood from their tackled state and calmed down for a bit. "Should I stop playing?"

"You look like you're having fun…'

"...I'll try getting around it when you're not watching."

"…I...I kinda want to know how the story goes…" She fiddled with her fingers the second time that day.

"I'll beat the game and tell you." She confidently reassured her younger twin.

"Can I watch you play when I'm not scared?"

"Oh, sure. Anytime is fine."

"Then, you keep playing. I'll watch."

"Eh, you're not scared anymore?" That had Kagami thinking, and she still had that English homework to take care of.

With all the courage and sincerity she could muster, Tsukasa smilingly answered; "I won't be scared when oneechan is with me!"

The older twin couldn't help but smile; it was so Tsukasa to say things like that. There were times that she would look like a complete dolt about it, and on most occasions, cute and innocent. The second scenario was the most likely choice in this situation. Kagami patted her sibling's head lightly. "Well, if you say so."

That homework will really have to wait until later...

She flopped on her bed lazily, still having this gut feeling that something was off…if only she knew what it was.

"I got away from sensei…but something's still not right…" Konata whined exasperatedly, as any anime would represent, there was this tear-like substance that was haphazardly formed under her eyes.

"Muuu…what is it…"




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