I did not invent this format; you do not need to ask me permission to write one. First known use is by Theresa Green of , and therefore this is her baby. She's the one you'll be wanting to credit.

Congratulations! You are now the owner of a fully automated YUSUKE unit. To insure you get the full use and benefits of your loudmouthed brat, please pay attention to the following instructions.

Basic Information:

Name: Yusuke Urameshi, aka Yusuke, Yuu-chan, Dimwit, Detective, Urameshi, YOU PUNK!

Date of Manufacture: Unknown; the unit is, however, set automatically at fourteen years of age.

Place of manufacture: the YuYu Hakushop.

Height: Possibly around 5'6.

Weight: You weigh your unit and tell us. We're not getting around that Spirit Gun.

Your YUSUKE unit will come with the following accessories:

When you first unpack your YUSUKE unit, he may yell at you and refuse to believe he's been sold. Get a BOTAN unit to convince him.


Your unit is, frankly, a brat. However, if he likes you, he can be suckered into performing the following tasks:

Bodyguard: You'll find that most of your YuYu Hakusho units can do this. The YUSUKE is actually a pretty good one, even though he may sulk.

Date: He's handsome, witty, and a bad-boy, but your unit probably won't do this unless he really likes you. And even then he may ditch you. So you'd better have a good bribe.

Chef: Rumour has it that the YUSUKE unit can cook pretty well. Give it a whirl and see if he's really as good as they say.

Mercenary: The YUSUKE unit was raised on the streets, and is disturbingly good at intimidation and beating people up. Need we say more?

Comedian: YUSUKE is probably one of the most sarcastically witty units in the line of products. While it's usually spontaneous, perhaps you will be able to write him some material. As long as you give him an even cut of the prophets, he'll be a hit.

Your YUSUKE unit comes with five different modes:






The default mode of Sarcastic is really mostly an act; underneath it all, your unit is mostly a softie. He can be pretty danged witty, though.

The Perverted mode can be brought on at any moment there is a pretty girl around. The unit is never really serious about this, but he may be mildly offensive to ladies around the vicinity.

The Sweet mode is usually only shown in the presence of a KEIKO unit. If you hide and watch, after they've finished arguing, he might actually be nice to her. This is quite touching and amusing to watch.

Angsty mode may be brought on by the presence of many things, but the YUSUKE unit is especially saddened by the death of a friend.

Which, incidentally, leads to the Angry mode. Mind you, other things can activate the Angry mode, such as having to go to school, or being insulted.


Relations with other units:

Kazuma Kuwabara: Yes, we know it looks like your unit is trying to kill this one, but honest, they're friends.

Kurama: These two units are friends. They work together on numerous occasions, and this unit is one of the ones who fights to avenge your unit's defeat on the rare occasions he is defeated.

Hiei: The YUSUKE unit is probably the human that the HIEI unit dislikes the least, in spite of the fact that he continually refers to him as an idiot or similar. They seem to relate fairly well.

Genkai: This unit trained yours as to how to properly utilize his Spirit Energy. He refers to her as 'Grandma' and she refers to him as 'Dimwit'. They have respect and grandparental/child affection for each other.

Botan: Although this unit will often beat yours over the heat for being a pervert, they really do care about each other in a (probably)platonic way.

Keiko: This is your unit's girlfriend. Even though she beats him up, they really do love each other, and she is the main reason your YUSUKE unit won't go on a date with you.
Koenma: The KOENMA unit is the one who brought your unit back to life the first time. Even though the YUSUKE frequently annoys him, and visa-versa, they're sort of friends.
Jin: These two units relate quite well, and consider each other to be a great sparring partner and buddy. Havoc may ensue.
Chu: Similar to JIN unit. Never put all three of them together. It may kill your house.


The YUSUKE can clean himself; please do not attempt to clean him, as he is a perv.



The YUSUKE unit eats anything and everything you put in front of him, in the manner stereotypical of teenaged guys. He isn't especially selective, but he will complain a lot. Should this get annoying, tell him to make his own danged food.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: He's been acting oddly...nice and...sweet, especially around my KEIKO unit. I thought that he was supposed to be a juvenile delinquent? -sweetdonalbain81507

A: Of course he has. Didn't you read the manual? The KEIKO unit is your YUSUKE unit's girlfriend. Don't expect it to last, though. He may swing back to being a delinquent in the blink of an eye. Also, neither unit will admit their relationship, so don't try to confront them.

Q: My YUSUKE unit has been very restless lately. He also talks about his relatives a lot. I thought that he only had his mother? -sweetdonalbain81507

A: Ah, your unit has entered SPIRIT DETECTIVE mode. This is a hidden mode that can only be unlocked by dying. Has your unit been involved in any car accidents lately?

: Since I have many units already, I decided to go ahead and buy a YUSUKE unit. Things went pretty smoothly for a while before he got hit by a car. Now all the other units are drawing straws to see who is going to kiss his corpse, which has turned a shade of GOLD, by the way. Is all of this normal? And if he is revived, will he be automatically reprogrammed? -band geeks are hot

A: This is normal. Your unit is on the way to unlocking the SPIRIT DETECTIVE mode. When he is revived, he will not be reprogrammed, but he will have all kinds of shiny new features for you to check out.

Each time I ask the YUSUKE unit to accompany me to school, he usually poofs. Where does he go and how can I make him stay?

A: He goes anywhere and everwhere he can to get away from school. There's really nothing you can do to get him to stay, short of threatening to bring in a KEIKO or BOTAN unit.

Though I didn't know when I ordered him, but my YUSUKE unit appears to come with a pet! It's a cute little flying penguin-thing that says 'puu'. I have no idea WHAT to feed it and whenever I ask my YUSUKE unit about it he just ignores me. What should I do?

A: This is the Spirit Beast that comes in your unit's accessories. You don't need to feed him; he seems to be able to do so himself. Your YUSUKE unit is sensitive on this point, as he feels that the Spirit Beast, named Puu after the noise he makes, is demeaning because of his stuffed-animal like appearance.

With proper care, your YUSUKE unit should live until he dies in battle, of old age, or from attack from a fangirl or very angry KEIKO unit. However, if you want him out of the house, merely call in said unit, and she'll have him out in a jiff. Don't ask how.

All the YYH owner's guides, as you can see, are now in one place for your convenience. Please don't ask me to make any others. It's been two years and I do not want to start these up again.