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Edwards POV-

"Bella? Bella? Love, please answer me!" She didn't move. All she did was lay there. Tanya was up against the wall in a daze.

I crawled over to her and pulled her into my lap. I began to stroke her face gently.

"Bella, my love, wake up. Please, you have to wake up." I was pleading with her like she was doing this intentionally. "Come back to me, my angel, my life."

My head jerked up in the direction of the door and my gaze was met by all of my family in the doorway. Alice rushed over to me, "Edward, what happened?"

"I'm not really sure. Tanya and Jane showed up here and admitted to everything they had done. Jane had me in her trance and I was trying to fight it, but I couldn't. After a couple of minutes I looked at Bella and then I heard her telling me to fight it, that it wasn't real and that she loved me. Instantly I wasn't in pain anymore. I jumped up and well…" I pointed to Jane's dismembered body, "I'm sure you can figure that out on your own. I turned around to go to Bella, but Tanya had her by her throat. She said that she would leave Bella alone if I went with her and of course I agreed with her to keep Bella safe. Tanya let go of Bella, but only after I told Bella that I didn't love her and that I was in love with Tanya."

"You did what?!" Alice screamed.

"Let me finish. Bella screamed for me to come back to her and as soon as Tanya's lips connected with mine something happened. I don't know how to describe it. It was like a force field just hit us so hard and that's when Bella collapsed, along with myself and Tanya."

Carlisle walked over to us and felt Bella's forehead. "Interesting."

I wasn't getting a reading off of him. "What's interesting? Tell me what you're thinking and why you're blocking me."He smiled, "Edward, what I'm thinking is unheard of. I've read about it, but no one has really ever seen it happen. Answer me this, Bella and you can hear each others thoughts, correct?""Yes."

"And you say that when Tanya kissed you is when this force field hit you?"

"That's right, Carlisle, but I don't understand what this has to do with anything."

"Edward, what I've researched so far has said that when two vampires that are lovers have a bond that is unbreakable and filled with unconditional love unimaginable things that even to our kind couldn't fathom occur."

I tilted my head in confusion. I wasn't quite sure what he was getting at. I looked down at the unconscious angel in my lap. Why wasn't she waking up?

"Carlisle, what are you getting at?"

He smiled at me as he walked over to me and Bella. "What I mean is that Bella and you have that kind of bond. Your love has been tested over and over again, but no matter what has happened you always pull through."

He was right about that. Bella and I had been through hell and back, but our love never faltered. He knelt down beside us and ran his hand through Bella's hair before continuing on about his theory.

"Don't you think it's kind of odd that you can only hear each other's thoughts at certain times and not whenever you would like?"


"So did me, so I called an old friend of mine and asked him what he thought of this. His answer is the only one that seemed to make sense to me. He said that a vampire falling in love with a human is very rare. He also said that it's even rarer that you tasted her blood and didn't kill her, but by doing so you two are connected forever. The fact that you were in love with her as a human and then changed her created something no one understands. He called it amore eterno."

I smiled, "Eternal love."

I just sat there gazing down at my angel in my lap. Eternal love? I had never thought about the fact that I loved her as a human before as a vampire would mean, but somehow it connected us in ways unheard of.

I looked up at Carlisle and that's when I noticed that my whole family was standing there. Emmett had Tanya in his grasp even though she was still wavering from the powerful flash; which led me to my next question.

"So that explains hearing each others thoughts, but that doesn't explain what happened here when Tanya kissed me. Carlisle, I've never felt anything like it. Do you know anything about it?"

He stood up and stroked his chin in a very thoughtful manner before a small smile cracked on his lips.

"As a matter of fact, I do. Bella is very special, we've always known this, but combined with the love she has for you, the amore eterno, the fact that her blood runs in your veins, and your venom in hers, well it's a powerful combination.""I don't understand."

"Edward, she drew from that love, that power between the two of you and pushed everything out of her which created a…well what can only be described as a force field. What you felt were her emotions overtaking the room."

I grinned as I looked at her. It was her way of showing how much she loved me, loved us. I bent down placing my lips lightly on hers. As soon as we touched I felt her begin to stir.

"Bella, love? Can you hear me? Please answer me." I begged of her.

She opened her eyes, connecting her gaze with mine.

"Edward, what happened? I don't remember anything. Why did I pass out? Wait, how is it possible that I passed out?"I couldn't help but to let out a little chuckle at her many questions. Even as a vampire she was just as inquisitive as she was a human.

"Love, I will explain everything to you shortly, but first are you ok?"

"Yeah, I just feel a little worn out. Not tired, just like all my energy was taken from me."

I stood up, pulling her up with me. I took in the scene around me for the first time since all of this had happened.

Jasper was holding Alice in front of him with his hands around her waist and Alice was smiling at me almost as if she had had a vision of this happening.

Rosalie was standing next to Emmett glaring at Tanya and Emmett was still holding onto Tanya.

Esme had moved over next to Carlisle taking his hand in hers.

Tanya. What were we going to do with Tanya? I wasn't sure, but we would deal with that later. Right now I needed to take care of my Bella.

I picked Bella up bridal style and headed for the door. I stopped right next to where Emmett was holding Tanya.

"Tanya, it's over. Do you hear me? I've never loved you and I never will, please get this through your head. If you ever come near Bella, myself, or my family again I will personally tear you limb from limb." I was seething.

She didn't say anything.

"Do you understand me? There will be no other warnings."

She looked up, defeated, but knowing that I was serious.

"Yes." That's all she said.

I continued into the hallway heading for the stairs.

"Edward!" I heard Alice yell.

I turned around still holding Bella, "What is it?"

"Well I just…I wanted to tell you to have fun.""What are you talking about?""Don't worry about it." She said, but smiling like a child who just managed to steal the last cookie out of the cookie jar.

What was she talking about? Then I noticed she was smiling, but not at me, at Bella.

Bella had decided something and Alice saw it.

I smiled, shaking my head, "This should be interesting. Oh and Alice?"


"Please deal with Tanya and inform the pack." She nodded.

With that I turned and headed down the stairs to leave the house.

Once I got Bella situated in the car I started driving. To where I was unsure of, but I needed to get away from here and somewhere where I could be alone with my new wife.

I looked over at Bella and noticed the smile that was playing on her lips.

I grasped her hand, rubbing the back of hand with my thumb.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

The smile grew bigger on her face, "Nothing."

I let out an unneeded breath as I focused on the road ahead of me. This would prove to be an interesting turn of events. For once, I was in the dark and miss queen of 'I hate surprises' had one of her own up her sleeve.

I couldn't wait.