Angel's face with a vengeful heart…



Part One

It was five O'clock A.M and after the most horrible dream ever, Nash was on his way home and he opened the door, he went to see Jessica was asleep. He saw it all, his death and the events that were un-fold. He also knows that he has a half-sister named Claudia. Jessica woke up and Nash lightly held her then said, "We're going to have a baby." That caught Jessica off-guard and what Nash told her after that would have Jessica reeling. "Honey, I know you're not crazy and I know there's no way in hell you knew about the baby. I'm going to take your word for it." Jessica said and Nash laughed. "That means we have to get funds so the vineyard doesn't go to that guy and then we have to find a way to make sure Dorian doesn't get control of the company." Jessica said and Nash asked, "How?"

Three hours later, Jessica waited and after a lot of tap-dancing she got the shares, she made sure that Nash had them. Jessica then took Bree and held her then said, "Your aunt Natalie she tells everyone that she's over the past and she's full of bullshit. I have to find a way…" What Jessica forgot is that she always has an ace card and now it was time to open that trunk happily named Tess.