Angel's face with a vengeful heart



Part Four

You see Nash told all the details to Jessica everything about Vicki killing Jared and Charlie, the bust-out and Jessica moving to Port Charles. He told Jessica about her slip to insanity and how he was shown all of this by the mother who gave her up for adoption. Dominica Zachara to show Nash what was important in life just how Claudia was shown to come back to protect Johnny and so now a new legacy was born. What was the legacy?

Well, Claudia agreed that she wanted fashion in there things a woman would wear, the vineyard would play a part and Claudia swore that he family business or whatever merger she has with Jason will never melt in this. Natalie came to ripped her up about this and Jessica ripped her down, when she did she was brutal to the point where Natalie had tears in her eyes. As Natalie was on the floor, Jessica touched her face and slapped her, "Mom would die inside if I would to do anything to you, I won't do that to her but if you ever get in my way again, Nat…" Jessica with a little Tess in her say and then Jared went on the 

defensive. "Watch your fucking mouth!" Claudia yelled and Jared responded, "Or what bitch!" There was a cocking of the gun and Jared turned to see Jason right there, "I suggest you leave." Jared picked Natalie up and left.