Title: What we went through

Summary: After the tragedy and Epps blew up the Antonio Graza, She is taken aboard a cruise ship that finds her. After docking of coarse She saw Ferryman boarding the ship to start collecting once again on poor innocent and sinful souls alike. Causing History to repeat itself. After Epps is released from the hospital she begins trying to move on with her life. It was hard till a man came into the picture who understood her.

-Chapter One: Prolougue-

Epps was still broken and torn from the recent, yet not so recent events. Losing the fatherly figure she had and the man she had deep desires and feelings for, Dodge. Not to mention her three other friends. Santos, Greer, and Munder. She walked down the street acting normal, well as normal as one could act especially after such tragedy. Now the hard to get over roadblock. Moving On. Could she move on? She had to right? The real question was though, Would she allow herself to move on with life?

She needed to begin a new path one with smooth soft sand with no rocks, pebbles, or ruts. She needed to look in the light not the dark. As she glanced up she decided to test her ability to move on. She was going to have a fresh start. No move, nor new house. Just a fresh path. She would stay a salvager. It was what she loved. She just had to find someone who needed a crew member on a low count salvage crew.

Giving a deep sigh she looked around the town. It hadn't changed. Not one bit. It was still the same. But she. She had changed so much. She had lost Three friends, a parental figure, and a secret love that didn't know she loved him. That was the worst thing about all of this. Never being able to tell Dodge she loved him.

Looking at the sky she played with the small heart locket that had belonged to Katie Harwood. She was going to wear it to keep it as a trinket to remember her as, how the little ghost girl helped her find out the truth and get off the sinking ship alive. Maybe that was a sign she lived on because she had a path, and a life ahead of her many could only dream of.

Reaching the apartment building she lived in she opened the door and looked around. Nothing changed of coarse except she welcomed the smell after being in the medicated smelling hospital. She walked through the small living space before sitting down. She then grabbed a cigarette and lit it. Taking a long drag from it she blew the smoke out through her lips and let out a relieved sigh. Boy she needed that. Maybe later that night she would clean the place. Maybe go shopping or something.

She needed a small get away and maybe new clothes would help her, Even if she was a tomboy. Finishing her cigarette she dashed it in the ash tray and stood. She cleaned out her closet except for the few things she really liked. She placed it in a garbage bag and changed after showering and cleaning up. Dressing into something clean and decent she grabbed her wallet and headed out the door.

Finally reaching the store she began looking around grabbing some jeans, shirts, shorts, underwear, a few bras, and shockingly a skirt she went to the dressing room to try things on. She had changed. More than she thought.