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Near the end, she found herself reminiscing…

About everything and everyone.

She remembered the past.

Her family and friends.

Her adventures and emotions, of heartbreak and joy.

But she mostly reminisced about him.

His face.

His grace.

His skill in fighting.

But she mostly remembered how much she felt for him.

First as an enemy.

Then an acquaintance.

A friend and finally as a love.

Though it was one-sided.

And as everything drew to a close,

She smiled, a real smile, for the first time.

It had been far too long since she had done that.

And at the end, she looked back and felt a weight lift.

It may have been over, with memories fading.

But he had pushed her through the years, even without being there.

And as she went to join him, she laughed.

Maybe wishes did come true after all…