Set one week after the events of "The Wannabe in the Weeds." Reference to the end scene from "The Intern in the Incinerator." Don't own Bones. Sad, and unfortunately true.


Temperance Brennan sat at her desk reviewing notes from the current case. As she read, she reached for the phone, her fingers automatically dialing a familiar number.

This is Seeley Booth. Leave a message.

"Hey, Booth, it's me. I was going over the results…"

The folder fell from her hands, and her face paled as she realized what she'd done. She had called her partner—former partner—momentarily forgetting he was dead. She desperately wanted to hang up, but was seemingly paralyzed. Her eyes squeezed shut, fighting back painful tears. She swallowed the lump in her throat and whispered, "You said you wouldn't betray me. That included leaving. And you left me, Booth."

She finally hung up, a shuddered breath escaping through her lips. A tear ran down each cheek and landed in her lap. Anguish flared to anger, and she decided in that moment that she was done mourning for Seeley Booth.


For now, this is a one-shot, so I'm marking it as complete. I do, however, have additional chapters semi-written, but I'm not quite happy with them, and I don't know when I'll get the urge to finish them. I think this works as a stand-alone, though. Thanks for reading!