I had the idea for this one for a while...it was going to be a part of a longer story, but I couldn't figure out how to fit it in, so here it is, one of the shortest stories I've ever written.

I'll admit, I heard a variation of the first reason somewhere. It sounded like something that Sunstreaker and Sideswipe would actually use. The rest of the excuses I came up with myself. I like excuse #8 the best.

Jazz stood against the wall of the medbay, waiting for Ratchet to finish Bumblebee's checkup so they could go back to playing outside. He noticed something hanging on the wall. "Hey Ratchet, what's this thing?"

"What's what thing?" Ratchet asked.

"This thing on the wall," he replied, pointing to it.

"Oh, that's just a list of Sunstreaker and Sideswipe's top ten excuses why they're in trouble again, AKA why they're both no longer allowed in public without supervision. Wheeljack thought it would be funny to hang it up," he shrugged.

"Wow...they actually used these excuses?" Jazz asked, trying to hold back manic laughter.

"Sadly, yes," Ratchet sighed.

"What's it say?" Bumblebee asked.


Reason 1: "And then a stop sign appeared where no stop sign had ever appeared before!"

Reason 2: "I was chased by this huge rhino..."

Reason 3: "The old lady was hogging the road, so I rammed her."

Reason 4: "Look behind you! It's a distraction!"

Reason 5: "Apparently the road ended there..."

Reason 6: "I thought it was a really big dog in the middle of the road. It was a moose."

Reason 7: "That's not blood smeared on my hood, it's...uh...raspberry Jell-O..."

Reason 8: "I wasn't speeding, time simply slowed around me."

Reason 9: "So apparently it's illegal to drive on the sidewalk."

Reason 10: "Hey Ratchet, you'll never guess what I just did! Go on, guess!"


"Oh wow..." Bumblebee face-palmed. "I didn't think anyone could be that stupid..."

"How did you get these injuries again?" Ratchet asked.

"We were outside throwing rocks at each other. Why?"

"No reason..."