Chapter One: A Mission Already?

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A normal night for sector v of the kids next door. Everyone asleep except for numbuh 3 a.k.a. Kuki Sanban. She was standing outside looking up into the stars. Many things were in her mind especially her feeling for a certain Australian boy known as numbuh 4 or known as wally. She ignored the thoughts and went back to bed.

In the city of station square a black and red hedgehog stood atop one of the buildings looking over the town he was known as Shadow the Hedgehog. Filled with strong power and a unknown past he barely has time to talk. He mostly thinks all day and isn't one to start a fight if not to stir his anger to boiling point. He then jumped off the building and skated on his hovershoes through the city.

The following day Sector V had a pretty boring morning until numbuh one leader of sector v rushed into the main room of the treehouse. 'Alright team we have a new mission the adults have a new weapon to use against us apparently we have new enemy to face.'' he stated "What's his name?'' numbuh 5 asked. "That's the problem we don't know.'' numbuh one replied "well kids next door Battlestations!'' numbuh one yelled. They took the S.C.A.M.P.E.R into the air. "Anything on the radar?'' numbuh one asked numbuh 2 "no, nothing yet.'' he told back to him. The group was quiet, so numbuh 3 got up and went over to numbuh 4 and she said "hey wally.'' she said in her casual sweet voice. Usually numbuh 4 didn't like this how she came to him acting sweet like this to him. "hey numbuh 3.'' he said sounding in a bored tone. "Wally we don't talk that much I think we should start now.'' he looked confused. "Why you say that.'' "well you don't talk to me that much and I need more company.'' Numbuh 4 was now getting more worried about her, despite the fact that he has a huge crush on her he barely shows it. "Is there something you want to tell me?'' she asked in a sweet happy tone. Wally was now on the brinking point of confessing how much he cared about her. "Numbuh 3 I-.'' he couldn't continue as the ship rattled.

"Numbuh 2 what's going on!'' numbuh one yelled "Something hit us.'' he yelled back. They decide to make an emergency landing in a forest. They all charged out, they all looked around they were all armed with their 2 by 4 technology. The silence broke as silver flying robots landing around them with hovering discs behind them which were jet packs and they had machine guns for arms. Sector V opened fire on them which they fired back as well. Explosions sounded through the entire forest. The team took cover behind trees or anything else they could find to protect themselves. The robots were being destroyed by sector v. Their victory got cut short has robots got behind them and grabbed them all and destroyed their weapons in the process. "What in the world built these things!'' numbuh one yelled

"Well I did.'' a voice came. A man came walking into the scene he was a rather large or you could say fat man with goggles on top of his head and a long brown mustache on his face. "Who are you.'' numbuh 5 asked ''My name is Dr. Eggman.'' "I see you met my robots really strong don't you think?'' he said. "I've heard of you kids next door you sounded like such pests that must be squashed.'' he said clenching his fist. The robots started to squeeze the five operatives. Until a fast light came zipping past them and the robots holding the five let them go, and fell to the grown and exploded pushing the kids back. ''What was that?'' numbuh one asked. He looked up to see eggman's being destroyed like nothing. "There! Egg robots fire!'' eggman pointing up to a hill where a figure wearing a black cloak with the hood over his head and a plain grey bandanna covering his mouth.