For the rest of the winter, Copper got acquainted with Tod's family, vowing to know everything about them and to be the best father he could be to the cubs. He even learned about the cub, learning their personalities; Cinnamon the daredevil and adventurer; Chloe, the petite, yet strong willed/tough sister and Little Copper, the chocolate fox with the quiet demeanor and sense of humor.

Copper came to love them as his own children, taking care of them all through the winter and aiding Vixey when the squabbling got out of control.

And as winter was drawing to a close and spring was around the corner, Copper was to learn many new things about being a fox, such as learning where traps were hidden and learning how to fish. Learning how to fish proved to be a big adventure for him, but that is another story. And though this may be the end of Copper's journey to fulfill his promise to Tod, it is only the beginning of his new life as a father.


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