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The next night Harry was actually excited, as he sat at the Gryffindor table eating he was almost jiggling in his seat. He worked hard to hide his excitement from the others. For some reason detention with Snape was not an event usually looked forward to.

Ron raised an eyebrow at the squirming golden boy, "You alright mate?"

"What's the matter Potter? Got worms have you?" Malfoy stood smirking.

"While your concern for my arse is touching Malfoy, it's really none of your business," Harry said drily finishing his meal.

"What's that? Detention again have you Potter? If I didn't know better I'd say you were shagging my godfather," Draco sneered.

"Take that back you bastard!" Harry launched himself at the blonde.

"Harry! Harry! Calm down, everybody knows you're not. No one would want to touch that greasy git," Ron tried to calm him.

"And which greasy git would that be Mr Weasley?" Snape asked.

"Uh…" Ron looked around wildly, "Uh…Filch?"

"Well, as you are so interested in his personal life perhaps you should join him for detention tonight after dinner," he turned his sneer on Harry whose hands were still at the neck of the Slytherin prince, "And as you appear to be done eating Mr Potter I believe we can begin your detention early."


"Come along Mr Potter," Snape billowed out the doors. Harry aimed a glare at Draco before following the man.


"We may have a deal Mr Potter but do not provoke me," Snape hissed as soon as they entered the empty potion's lab, "If you cannot maintain at least the semblance of good behaviour you cannot honestly expect me to keep my end of the bargain. I am trusting you not to take advantage of this."

"Well then perhaps you should talk to your godson," Harry spat at the man, "It was his fault."

"Read this Potter and study it closely. Once you have read over it we shall go through correct pronunciation," Snape ignored him.

"Fine then be like that," Harry muttered. He looked excitedly at the parchment, eager for his first glimpse of written parseltongue and was sorely disappointed.

"Uh excuse me sir, where are the parseltongue incantations?"

"On the parchment Potter," the greasy haired man rolled his eyes.

"Which ones?" he asked confusedly.

"Gee I don't know Potter, maybe the ones in the undecipherable language of the snakes?" his words dripped sarcasm.

"They all look the same to me, how do I know I won't just read them in English?"

The tired look disappeared from the older man's eyes and the excitement at this discovery was plain to see, "Read Mr Potter, start from the top."

Harry's expression was dubious as he began to read, not noticing when his teacher's eyes began to glaze over.

"That'll do for now Potter," Snape said clearing his throat as he tried to calm himself.

"Are you alright sir?" the golden boy asked hearing his professors breathing quicken.

"I'm fine Potter, it seems that you speak and read parseltongue without realising, quite an interesting discovery," the teacher had turned his back and was striding to sit at his desk, "Now try to read through the entire parchment in your head. Once I have finished grading these we can go through pronunciation of the incantations in English, as you appear to do it without realising I am sure the parseltongue pronunciation will come naturally."

Harry had read through the incantations five times before Snape finally set aside his grading.

"Alright Potter come here and read through it aloud," he instructed.

Harry sat at the desk opposite and began to read with Snape correcting him occasionally, almost absently.

Severus Snape had rather hoped that they could skip the parseltongue incantations, sitting there listening to his young student hissing in the sensual language was doing things to his anatomy that were rather inappropriate for the whole event. He could feel the lust building and pushing towards his lower regions, he almost groaned when he realised the low hissing would be continuous while he was making the potion, how the hell was he supposed to be able to focus on making some potion while that voice was trying to demand he bend his most despised student over the desk and make him call his name again and again in that beautiful hissing?

He was brought out of his thoughts when the sound stopped suddenly.

"How was that Professor?" Harry asked smiling.

Unbelievable, incredible, orgasmic, mind numbingly sexy.

"Adequate Potter, run through it twice more just to be sure," Snape told him without a changing expression.

The dark haired boy scowled and began reading again.

While Severus Snape moved off into his own little fantasy world once more.


"Alright Mr Potter, at no point are you to stop reading, if you finish start once again at the top. If you need a break for any reason let me know and I will put the potion in stasis temporarily," Snape instructed, "I won't be able to say anything once I start brewing so if I need to say anything I will put it in stasis and let you know. Any questions?"

"No sir," Harry's eyes practically glowed with excitement.

In his mind Snape could see them glowing for a whole other reason.

No, he shook himself out of it, "Very well Potter, please begin."

The dark haired boy began reading and Snape tried to tune him out as he began adding the ingredients.

It was then that he heard it.

A slight mistake.

Something so small it seemed not even to be a mistake.

Snape's eyes widened in horror as the potion made an unexpected colour change. He tried to cast the stasis spell over it but the potion was too far in its reaction to be stopped. He gestured at the boy who was too far absorbed in his reading to notice anything.

"Harry! No! Get out!" Snape began to run and everything seemed to move in slow motion. Harry looked up and stopped mid hiss he dropped the parchment and ran but they were both too slow. They both heard and felt the explosion but nothing more.

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