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Chapter 4

'Hello, Aniki.'

'Reito.' Yuushi said in relative shock. Of all the people to call him, his younger brother was the last person he expected. Especially since he and his brother now, rarely spoke to each other, only if it is to do with the family. But even then it was rare. So naturally, Yuushi's suspicion and curiosity peeked. 'What can I do for you.'?

'Is that anyway to speck to your brother, Yuushi. Maybe I just wanted to have a chat with my older brother.' Reito said heedlessly, impatience lining his voice. Yuushi sighed inwardly. He didn't want to have to deal with Reito's temper fits right now. So much so, that he wished he had never picked up the phone, even for his own family.

'My apologise Reito.' He thought it better to defuse the situation quickly. Reito was a hard one to please. 'I was just surprised by your sudden call.'

'Well I wouldn't have to if you call me when you were supposed to. I expect that Seiji told you the message.'

'He did. But…'

'You have your cultural festival starting in a few days.' Reito cut him off.

'Yes. But Reito…'

'I will come and see you then. It is the will of the family Yuushi, to see that it is done. He may have let you leave but you are still obligated to the family, Yuushi…'


'Yuushi…are you in there.' A hand waved in front of his face making Yuushi jerk his head up and blink rapidly before blue eyes looked up to find Kyosuke and Nagi standing in front of his desk, looking at him with concern. He looked back at them in confusion before he took a look around and realised they were the only ones left in the classroom.

'Has everyone gone.'? Yuushi asked with surprise. Kyosuke and Nagi exchanged glances with each other over Yuushi's head. All through class, Kyosuke noticed, Yuushi seemed to have the same disoriented look on his face and his eyelids seemed to droop lower every passing minute. He couldn't have gotten at least a few hours sleep, and he knew for a fact that the student council was not overly busy at the moment due to the fact that all the hard work had already been done. The weird thing was this has been going on for the last couple of days but nobody's really notice, not with all the hours Yuushi puts in to the student council. What had gotten the vivacious, free Yuushi Kitou so…rattled? What ever it was, it disturbed Kyosuke more then he wanted to acknowledge.

'Everyone left ten minutes ago. We've been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes, idiot. Even the teacher has left.' Kyosuke said irritatingly and his brows wrinkled into a scowl but underneath a hint of worry was still visible 'What's going on with you.'?

'Oh, its nothing really. I must have been just daydreaming and didn't hear you. I guess I am stressed out about the cultural festival tomorrow.' Yuushi waved away their concern and stood up and made his way to the door, missing the same concern glances being exchanged behind his back. Kyosuke shrugged a shoulder and he and Nagi followed their president out into the hall.

'Are you sure your alright Yu-Chan. If your not feeling well, I could ask Takamura-Sempai if he could cancel today's meeting.' Nagi asked as he rode in step with the blonde-haired president. Kyosuke shuffled behind them, keeping a watchful eye out.

'I'm fine Nagi, really. I didn't get much sleep last night, is all. Besides, I can't skip out on a meeting. What would be the reason for doing all this.' Yuushi said and looked at the things around him, lighting up the long hall.

Decorations, banners and booths had been set up colourfully along the corridors where in just a couple of days members of the student body would be able to participate in their chosen activities and show off their unique talents in Ouka Academy's Cultural Festival. It was almost as if a sense of euphoria had settled over the campus and swallowed everything in sight. It showed on everyone's faces as they went about with smiles on their faces, diligently making sure that this was the best cultural festival ever in the school's history.

'Hello, president Kitou.' They called out as Yuushi walked past, with Kyosuke and Nagi in tow. He smiled and waved at his fellow students who continued to smile as they went back to work. Being president sure had its good points, especially if he was able to make so many people happy.

'Everyone seems so excited about the festival.' Nagi commented as he glanced around.

'Yeah…they are.' Yuushi said, making Nagi look up at the taller boy. For a second Nagi could of sworn he heard the heavy-hearted tone underneath and it worried him. Yuushi was never the one to sound so down before. He was the one who helped people with their problems. The one who always had a smile on his face whenever he wanted to cheer someone up. It wasn't supposed to be the other way round. This made Nagi even more worried that it made his heart twist in his chest.

They climbed the flight of stars to the Student Council Room and heard laughter coming from inside.

'I see someone has made themselves at home.' Yuushi mumbled to himself and opened the door to find sure enough; Hayato was sitting there around the table talking and laughing with the council members. Even Shinobu managed to show himself from whatever escapade he had been on to join the small gathering that had assembled. They looked up when they heard the door open.

'Oh, Yuushi. You're here. I just thought I would wonder by and see how things run around here when your members started telling me all the funny things you guys get up to.' Hayato said lightly. 'The way you cleared that 'Blessing of the cherry blossom spirit' challenge. That's a Kitou for ya. We're a daring bunch.'

'Don't you have somewhere else do be. I am sure your 'daring' could be used else where.' Yuushi managed in a civil tone, keeping his expression calm.

Hayato waved him off 'Yeah, and miss the Student Council President in action, I could never. How would I get to witness all the good deeds you've done for the school.'? Hayato said in mock earnest.

'I'm sure they're not that great. I just do what I can for the best of every student. ' Yuushi commented earnestly, earning amused looks from his members.

'Are you kidding. There awesome, president.' Tenta said mirthfully and stuck his hands up in the air in cheer. Yuushi took his seat at the front of the table and Vice-president Akira Takamura; came to stand beside him

'These are the minutes from the last meeting. We were discussing final arrangements for the main stage, which is being set up in the inner courtyard. The music department has sent over their requests as well as the art department's.' Akira placed the sheets of paper in front of Yuushi and he glanced down at them. For a second he thought his mind was playing tricks on him as he looked down at the paper and the words seemed to run off the page like water. He shook his head to try to clear it but it only made it worse. He reached up to rub his eye.

'Are you alright, president, you seem pale.' Akira asked with concern and glanced down at his blonde-haired friend. Yuushi rubbed his eye again.

'No, I'm fine. I just didn't get much sleep last night.' He went back to reading and Akira bent down to discuss certain points with him. The others looked back and forth at each other.

'He was like that in class today. He said that he didn't get much sleep but all through class he looked distressed. But it hasn't just been today. Its been the last couple of days.' Kyosuke pointed out quietly when he saw that Yuushi was busy talking with Akira.

'The last couple of days.' Hayato said and sat up.

'I have noticed it as well.' Satsuki agreed with Kyo.

'Well, he has been putting in a lot of hours the last couple of days. We all have.' Takaya said.

Hayato glanced over and took a good look at his cousin. The same calm, cool exterior was still there but underneath signs of uneasiness were just visible. His eyes weren't glowing as brightly then they normally were and his usually confident posture seemed off balance somehow. Then something in Hayato's head snapped, like a rubber band, as if the answer had just slapped him in the face. He suddenly knew. The uneasiness. The distress… He called you, didn't he?

Hayato found himself frowning. Now, his cousin was a lot of things. Confident. Elite. Even going far enough to say that he was slightly arrogant. But, what he wasn't, was a coward. And it was that retrospect that Hayato found himself willing to protect Yuushi by any means necessary. Even if it was their own family Hayato was protected him from. And he expected anyone of the student council wouldn't hesitate to do the same.


Throngs of school kids and business people filled the shop-lined street as Satsuki headed home that afternoon. His bag hung loose by his side and his deep grey-blue eyes surveyed the scenery with a sense of indifference. The cliché of all these people around him chatting and going on with their small lives without a care in the world made Satsuki feel rueful. The young schoolgirls would through curious glances his way, thinking he hadn't noticed when they spotted him walking past with his crisp, black Ouka uniform blowing in the cool afternoon breeze.

Yuushi's behaviour was still fresh in his mind. He knew the other boy's reputation of keeping his problems to himself. To bottle up all his worries and fears to a point were nothing was left but explode. Satsuki should know; he was a master as well. But that didn't mean that he wasn't worried about him because it was obvious that something was going on.

He walked by the crowded shops and stood by the black and white crossing, waiting for the lights when he spotted a wisp of long blonde hair and he looked up and found Takaya on the other side, surrounded by a horde of Mokuon girls. Takaya at that moment looked up and saw Satsuki on the other side. He waved over to him and Satsuki clicked his tongue as the light changed and he crossed. He walked up to Takaya, whose shoulder length blonde hair was loosely tied up, leaving strands to fall over his handsome face.

'Satsuki, what a surprise to see you out here. I just ran into these lovely ladies and was showing them around. What are you doing here.'

'I had to stayed behind with Yuushi to finish some council business for the festival tomorrow and this is the quickest way to get home.' Satsuki said flatly. Even though I had crowds.

'Oh, Yuushi Kitou. He is so handsome.' The girls around Takaya squeal by the mention of his president's name and Satsuki almost flinched as the high-pitched wails shot through him.

'Oh girls, how cruel you are. I thought I was the handsome one.' Takaya said dramatically and flicked back his loose locks. The ladies around him encouraged him that wasn't the case and that he was surely handsome while they fawned over him. Satsuki watched the display with plain disgust. It was enough to make Satsuki sick. Tch! What an idiot.

Satsuki turned around and was about to walk away when Takaya called after him. 'Satsuki, where are you going.'?

Satsuki stopped, but didn't turn around. 'I see you're busy, so I will take my leave.' He said before walking off without a glance. Takaya didn't go after him but watched him walk away through the crowd, like a black cloud across a sea of white. If only Satsuki could see himself for what he truly was and open up, he just might find someone who was willing to listen, but Takaya kind of liked that cool, stoical side of the dark-haired teen. It added a certain charm to his already warm glow. It was more…appealing.



'Reito called you, didn't he. ' Hayato asked when they were in the privacy of the quite student council room. He had waited for Saiga to leave so he could confront his cousin in private. He had opened the door and found Yuushi staring out the window. The sun had set considerably, bathing the room in a soft, warn glow and pulled shadows over Yuushi's face when he turned to him.

'Am I that obvious.' He eyed Yuushi with suspicion as he walked over to a desk and slumped down on the desk, as if in defeat. Hayato frowned.

'You might be able to fool those in the student council but I am no fool, Yuushi. I know you better.' He watched Yuushi visibly flinch away from his hash words and distress flash across his face, It scared him to see such a look on his cousin's face, who was always so strong and independent that it took all his will power not to reach out wrap his arms around Yuushi and chase away all his fears. Hayato sighed.

'You don't have to tell me.' He closed his eyes and ran a hand through his black locks in slight irritation but opened them when Yuushi finally spoke.

'It seems stupid doesn't it. I thought I would be able to escape it all. Live a life that is mine. But what I put on here is a charade, a false image to hide who I really am, to stop people from knowing the truth about me.' Yuushi said quietly and looked down at his hands.

'Yuushi' Hayato said sadly.

Yuushi sighed and turned his head to stare out the window, causing Hayato to frown deeper. They sat in silence for a moment before Yuushi finally managed to speak. 'Do you remember, Hayato when we would sit on uncle's roof and trace the sunset patterns with our fingers. We would be up there for hours, even when the sun had gone down we would still be up there, looking up at the stars and uncle had to come up and get us before we caught a cold.'

Hayato watched as Yuushi lifted his hand and started to silently trace the sky with his fingertip. 'So close, yet so far away'. That's what you said to me. Hayato.'

The rays of sun filtered into their little private corner and fell on Yuushi's face, enveloping his face in a soft light. He never realised it until now, just how much of a burden Yuushi had to carry on his shoulders. He knew he was never going to be truly free but he made the best of it and at that moment Hayato could forget about the fact that they were family and just be Yuushi's friend, someone he could lean on. He took a step forward and placed his hand on Yuushi's extended one and they traced the sky together.

Unknown to them a black figure stood by the door and listened silently to the wistful exchange between family members. He smiled sadly and wished with all his strength that it were him comforting Yuushi at that moment. He waited for a few moments as if to make sure everything was all right before leaving the two to their privacy and walked away.


The skies around Ouka lit up with fireworks with the opening of the schools annual cultural festival. It was the only time of the year where the prestigious Ouka Academy was open to the public. Students, teachers, even parents came from all over to get a glimpse at the talent of the Academy's students. It was obvious that most of the girls came to ogle the handsome male students; some even bring along their reluctant boyfriends and possibly try to snare an unexpected suitor.

Yuushi Kitou walked the halls of his school with Akira close at his side keeping an eye out on the progress of the festival. Through the open window he could hear the music being played from the inner courtyard. Its soothing melody reaching his ears and seemed to relaxed his already sensitive nerves. The upbeat and cheerful mood of everyone around him brought him enough peace to prepare him for the hurricane that was surely to come.

'Yuushi, is anything troubling you.' Yuushi was broken out of his thoughts by the concerning question and glanced next to him at his dark-haired friend.

He smiled. 'Nothing that could get in the way of today. I am just happy to see everyone is enjoying themselves. Even the council members seemed to be getting into the spirit of things.' Yuushi said. It was true. His Student Council members had taken to this with so much unexpected vigor that they seemed to have gained a bigger reputation then ever before.

'It seems that everyone's hard work paid off. We can all relax and have fun. Including you, President.' Akira said gently and Yuushi chuckled.

'I suppose so.'

Meanwhile outside, a sleek black limousine pulled up the front steps of the main gate of the Academy, drawing the attention of the people passing by and stopped before a darkly dressed man got out the front seat and came around to the passenger door, which he opened and a young boy, no older then fourteen got out of the car followed by three others and made their way through the gate. Their stunning good made heads turn in their direction and audible whispers followed them as they stood in front of the main entrance.

'So this is Ouka Academy.' The young boy said and brushed back black, obsidian locks from his face to get a better view of the tall buildings with a lack of interest.

'It sure is grand.' A woman said behind him and was clutching the small hand of the child next to her who glanced back and forth as if trying to find someone.

'Auntie.' She turned brown doe eyes up to the older woman and pulled the hem of her skirt to make her look down. 'Where's Nii-San.'

'I am sure we will be able to see him soon. He is very busy right now.' She reassured her gently.

'Are you sure Yuushi won't mind us dropping in. it seems he has a lot to do, Reito.' A stutter came from behind him and Reito didn't even glance back at his cousins.

'Seiji, don't worry so much. I told him we were coming. Well, I told him I was coming anyway.' Reito said coolly. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a group of girls looking his way.

'Hey you,' He yelled suddenly and pointed to them. 'Where can I find Yuushi Kitou.'? The sudden outburst caused them to jump in surprise.

'Oh, um, I think I saw Kitou-Kun in the west hall which is that building over there.' They nodded to the building they were referring to and Reito looked back and nodded.

'Um…excuse me.' One of the girls asks him quietly. He turned his head and regarded her with undisguised indifference.


'Do you know Kitou-Kun.'?

He smiled surly, enhancing his already fine features and blushes spread across ever girl's cheek. ' I know him very well. I'm his brother; Reito Kitou.'


Nagi finished unloading the heavy boxes he was carrying and reached up to wipe the sweat from his forehead. He glanced around at the chatter and excitement around him and couldn't help but smile. The hard work and long hours had really paid off with all the progress they were making. All the members seemed to be getting in the spirit of things. Doing their bit to help the running of the day go as smoothly as possible. And it was all Yuushi's doing. He was the one who made this happen. He had not been able to see Yuushi at all but he knew hi blonde-haired president must be busy overseeing the day's events.

He smiled again then suddenly the chatter turned into soft whispering and Nagi looked up to see what the fuss was about. His eyes widened, as did everyone else in the room. Standing there, in the mitts of the crowd of students, was the spitting image of Yuushi himself, except younger. The young boy's face was swept up by locks of midnight that fell over pools of forest green orbs. But while Yuushi always held a look of contentment, this boy's scowl could separate the difference.

He was also causing quite a stir amongst the bystanders. Each trying to get a look at the Yuushi look alike. His handsome looks did leave something to be desired and Nagi like the rest of the onlookers couldn't help but stare. Then a sudden thought struck him. Could this be… Nagi thought to himself. He gathered his wits and walked up to the dark-haired boy.

'Hello there. May I help you with something.' Nagi asked politely and almost blushed when those green eyes landed on him.

The boy stared back at him and caught sight of the purple insignia on his jacket and he said curtly. 'You're in the student council. Correct.'

'Yes, I am'

'Then yes there is something you can help me with. I am tying to find my poor excuse for a brother. His name is Yuu…'


To be continued.

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