Roadtrip 3

Chapter 1

Sasha and Dylans Twins died at 4 weeks old. She only has Elizabeth because her Adopted Son was at college. Elizabeth was 14 years old and spoiled rotten. Everyone came over to discuss the trip around the U.S.

" Elizabeth, Come down here" said Sasha.

" Coming" said Elizabeth running down the stairs.

" I want you to meet friends of ours" said Sasha.

" Hi. Mom can i go hang out with my friends at the rink" asked Elizabeth

" No i want you to hang out with Kayla and Velma" said Sasha.

" You are being gay" said Elizabeth.

" You can go tomorrow. Wait until your dad gets home" said Sasha. The Girls followed her up the stairs.

" Wow you have a hand full" said Yasmin.

" Yeah. i missed the old Elizabeth when she was 4" said Sasha.

" Wheres Dylan" asked Eitan.

" Work"said Sasha.

" Ok WHen are we doin this" said Cloe.

" The day after school ends" said Sasha.

" Ok cool" said Cameron. Dylan walks through the door and takes off his shoes and Puts his jaket on the in table.

" Sorry im late"said Dylan kissing Sasha.

" thats ok" said Sasha

" are still taking those 2 RVs" asked Dylan.

" Yeah. Its goin to be they day after Elizabeths Graduation" said Sasha.

" Ok. Im caught up" said Dylan.

" So hows Kayla and Velma" said Sasha.

" They are good. Kayla is graduating 8th grade" said Yasmin.

" Nice" said Sasha.

" We are all Set Lets get ready for it" said Cloe and jade

" Ok. I will talk to you later. Kayla, Velma lets go" said Yasmin. They all left the house after Sasha closed the door she gave Dylan a glare.

" Why were you late" said Sasha.

"Something came up" said Dylan.

" Thats always your excuse" said Sasha. Sasha ran upstairs and into the room.

" Sorry. I got a better job than i had" said Dylan.

" I don't care. Just Drop it" said Sasha. Leaving the room with a basket of laundry.

" So how was your day" said Dylan.

" Just Fine" said Said Sasha.

" It doesn't sound like it" said Dylan.

" All i have to say is talk to your daughter" said Sasha walking upstairs and slaming the door to the room. Dylan walked in to Elizabeths room.

" What did you do" said Dylan

" She wouldn't let me go the rink" said Elizabeth.

" Go tomorrow" said Dylan.

" OK whatever and i had to hang with those losers" said Elizabeth.

" They aren't losers. Just chill for awhile. Your mom is mad now so stop pushing her buttons" said Dylan. Dylan kissed her on the forehead.

" Ok Dad. Fine." said Elizabeth. Dylan walked into the room were Sasha was. Sasha was sitting on the bed crying.

" Whats wrong" asked Dylan.

" Im just fucking tired of you not being home and your daughters attitude" said Sasha.

" Im Sorry. I will quit my job and then we can end up homeless" said Dylan.

" No. Its just-" said Sasha. Dylan Kissed her before she could say another word.

" you were saying" said Dylan.

" I was say this" said Sasha. She kissed him back.

" rememember our first kiss" said Dylan.

" Yeah.We were in Las Vegas and We were in the pool. then i said 'You have something on your lips. I'll get it'"said Sasha. Sasha Kissed him.

"Teen in the room" said Elizabeth. They pulled apart slowly.

"Hey honey" said Sasha.

" Hey mom. I came in to say im sorry for calling you gay" said Elizabeth

" Thats ok. I called your grandparents gay when i was your age" said Sasha. Elizabeth sat down in between them.

" Really" asked Elizabeth. Sasha nodded.

" I was feeling what you were feeling" said Sasha.

" Wow" said Elizabeth.

" Yeah. Time for bed" said Dylan. Sasha and Dylan kissed each on one cheek.

" Night mom and dad" said Elizabeth.

" Night" said Dylan. Elizabeth's door closed.

" Now where we" said Sasha.

" hmmm. I don't know. Lets recap what we did" said Dylan. Dylan kissed Sasha.