Mother Dearest

By lustbader064

Chapter 1

"Everyone don't let your guard down!" a stern brunette said to his students.

"Hai! Tezuka- sensei!" They all cried back enthusiastically.

As soon as all the members of Seishun Gakuen Tennis Club Middle School were fetched by their respective parents, he went into the faculty room and continued his unfinished work for a few hours then he grabbed his things and headed home. It was late November and already, the snow began to fall in Japan. So when he got home, he shrugged off his coat, placed it on the coat rack, dumped his things on the nearest couch and went straight to his room after grabbing a goblet and a bottle of red wine. He opened the lights to his room and there he saw two golden orbs.

"Tadaima Kunimitsu…"

How he wished that he could always hear that line every time he would come home… all that was waiting for him was a picture of his beloved, a few glasses of wine, and hidden fantasies. If he wasn't so much of a chicken to stand up for his own feelings then he would have been here right now, in his arms looking so beautiful and radiant like an angel…

"Ryoma…" Tezuka said, tracing the frame of the picture on the bedside table. "I miss you."


It was always the same routine, Tezuka would get drunk maybe up until 7 o' clock in the evening then pass out because of extreme drunkenness, he would then wake up at 4 in the morning and sort things out until his hangover was done. Still, he took a couple of aspirins and went to school and for everyone, their stoic and stern coach was there. But Tezuka felt very empty inside, as he would never again see Ryoma.

As mentioned, Tezuka Kunimitsu is coach of the tennis club but he was also the Science and English teacher of all 6th grade sections and homeroom teacher of 6-A. His class was also expecting a new student this morning. A new addition to his group of brats.

"Okay class, keep quiet. We will have a new student today and…" Tezuka stopped mid- word as the door to the class opened and the principal was standing there. "Good morning boys and girls." He said closing the door and went to the front of the class.

"Good morning Fuji- niichan!" all the students chirped in delight. Of course, the ever favorite of every student in the school was their own principal. Fuji Syuusuke is his name, he was Tezuka's former teammate and current colleague. He would always let the students do as they wish, in exchange that they follow the rules and respect their elders. But little do the children know that their kind onii-chan was one of the most dangerous minds the world has ever seen.

Fuji chuckled at their excited ness. "Well, well, I would like to see the same energy when Akira- chan comes okay?"

"Akira-chan? Is she our new classmate?" Sato, a student asked.

"Why Akira-chan is your new classmate though I must say that he is a boy."

"But isn't chan used as an honorific for girls?" Fuyumi, another student asked.

"Saa… why don't we just call him in?" he said and turned to Tezuka. "Tezuka, I may have the hunch that you might be interested in Akira-chan…"

Confused, he just kept silent and went on his own musings.

"Little one, you can come in now…" Fuji said opening the door and gestured for the young boy to come inside.

"Um… thank you, sir." Came a small voice and saw a cute young boy with dark blond hair and sparkling golden eyes enter the classroom. The little boy looked so stylish in his clothes. He wore cargo shorts that went down to his mid thigh, a big green T-shirt with a large slit at the front and it was held closed by a thin string, he was wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath the green T-shirt to warm himself, brown boots that matched the look and he also had on a particularly well-worn blue wristband. "My name's Akira Echizen. It's nice to meet all of you."

"Ha?" all the students confused by what he said. "Did he just speak in English?"

"Um… Akira-chan, can you speak in Japanese? Your classmates don't understand a word you're saying." Fuji said to the young boy beside him.

"Oh… I'm sorry, I didn't know. I'm Akira Echizen. Yoroshiku."

"Wow… so your American?" Sato asked. He's a student

"No, I'm pure Japanese. My mama brought me in America to experience the life she did when she was younger." He replied blushing slightly at the memory of his mother.

"Ara… it seems that little Akira has a crush on mother dearest." Fuji said, voicing his opinion. Seeing the small boy look at him with such a strong and familiar glare, he quickly said goodbye to the students. "Well I have to go, good luck to everyone, Akira-chan and you too Tezuka…" he quickly left, chuckling his evil laugh all the way out.

'Well that was creepier than usual…' Tezuka mused to himself and faced the new student. "Um, Akira… would you like to say anything about you?"

"I think…"

"Hah! He's got a crush on his mama!!" Hiroki a naughty student hollered as he pointed at Akira and laughed horrendously.

"I do not! Don't you love your mama?" Akira retorted back.

"Well, no. All mothers get angry at their children, I hate people who hate us children. It's so unfair."

"But my mama never scolded me, ever. She's always been so kind to me and she always smiles. When I cry, she would always hug me and tell me everything all right." Akira explained to everyone.

"Hmph… that's just a lie. No mother is perfect."

"Hey don't say that!" Sato, a student said. "It may be that no mother is perfect but they love their children so much!"

"And how do you know that, huh Mr. Smarty Pants?" Hiroki asked in a very obvious mocking tone.

"How dare you-"

"ENOUGH!" came the exasperated shout from their teacher. All the students looked at him, everyone had a sorry look on their faces. "Stop this quarreling. Hiroki, you should know better than to start an argument with a new student. 3 demerits and detention for a week."

"Awww… no fair."

"As for you," he turned to Akira. "Find a seat, quickly."


"Tezuka Kunimitsu-sensei…" Tezuka informed the student.

"I will go and find a seat now Tezuka-sensei."

'This was a start of a VERY long day.'


"We only have a few minutes before class ends so, Fuyumi please try to translate the last passage from page 43." Tezuka said erasing the notes on the board.

"H-Hai, sensei!" she stood up quickly and was failing miserably in translating the Japanese text into English. Tezuka suppressed a sigh. No one in his class except the new student, Akira seemed to understand the lesson. He told for Fuyumi to sit down and she immediately sighed in relief to be in the safety of her seat. He turned his gaze onto the dark haired boy at the corner of the class and saw that Akira was dozing of. He's so much like…

His eyes widened. It was just coincidence but, the boy had messy hair, beautiful golden eyes, had the habit of sleeping in class, and his last name was, Echizen.

No, there was no way. The boy said that he grew up in America because his mother brought him there to experience the life she did. He grew up in America too but Akira said that his mother was the one who brought him there. So it can't possibly be him to be the mother. Unless, he was already married and the girl he happened to marry had the same childhood as him. Yes, that was a more reasonable explanation. I mean, a man can't get pregnant. That's just crazy. And to top it all of, who would have sex with their own gender? …oh yeah, that's right, he did. His first and maybe last… Echizen Ryoma.


Class ended. And all the students were ready to leave but before anyone could get outside, "For your assignments, translate the remaining passages in page 43." Tezuka announced to the class.

With a groan and a dark looming aura up above their heads they hurried into the corridor and headed for the cafeteria for their recess. Although Akira didn't follow them but instead went to the front gates of their school.

"Akira- san, where are you going? The cafeteria is this way." Fuyumi said as Sato, another student as well as Hiroki, stopped to listen to their conversation.

Akira turned around and fixed a pair of beautiful golden eyes at the trio and sighed. He hated being interrupted too much. "My mother is going to fetch me in a few minutes." He answered apathetically, sending Hiroki, who earlier insulted his dear mother, a very strong glare.

"Your mother? But first period just ended. Why are you leaving so early?" Sato asked the smaller boy.

Tezuka just gathered his things and was leaving the room when he saw his four students talking and accidentally heard that Akira was going to leave early and was going to be fetched by his mother. "Akira-kun." He called the young boy, making all the eyes of the students turn to him. "Why will your mother fetch you so early?"

Akira sighed and placed both hands in his pockets, deciding that they wouldn't allow him to leave without being informed why he was leaving. "Mama asked permission from Fuji-san if an early dismissal can be allowed for me because mama said she wanted my opinion on the house we were going to live in and that so I could feel at home the longer I stay in the house. So, she's going to fetch me at-"

"Minna! There's a hot chick at the gates who came in a black sports car. She was so beautiful and sexy!" a rather houndy boy shouted in the halls Akira, Fuyumi, Sato, Hiroki, and Tezuka were at and continued shouting and ran past all the teachers around him despite all their scolding.

"Nani? I wanna see!" Fuyumi said as she raced down the stairs and joined the big crowd near the school gates. Out of curiosity, Sato followed the girl while Hiroki left just after the houndy boy announced it. So only Akira and Tezuka-sensei remained.

"Aren't you going to see who it is before your mother comes? You might as well come and join the crowd downstairs while you wait for your mother." Tezuka offered his student as he stood near the stairs.

"I already know who it is. I also don't need to wait for my mother. The beautiful and sexy woman all of them are looking at… is my mother."