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IMPORTANT NOTE: This chapter is rushed but it's just an overview of Alice and Jasper's lives when they were younger. The actual actual story begins next chapter, in high school, where all the REAL drama begins. :)

The reason I wrote this story: Breaking Dawn had hardly any of the other couples' relationships, only Bella and Edward's, and plainly, I've had enough of Bella. And while I was reading fanfics I noticed that the best-friends-then-are-something-more stories are ALL Bella and Edward. There weren't any Alice and Jasper stories like that, and no Rosalie and Emmett ones either. So I decided to write my own.

Ages are based on Jasper's. OOC.

Age: 1

Jasper was biting on a soft, circular water baby teether, his current favorite toy. The doorbell rang. His mother answered the door and greeted her guests warmly. In came a very familiar woman, and in her arms was a beautiful, large-eyed baby. Jasper squealed happily at the sight of her.

Mrs. Brandon laughed as her baby cooed sweetly. "Hello there, Jasper," she said in an adoring voice. "So eager to see Mary again?" She relinquished her beloved baby, who immediately let out an excited giggle and crawled even closer to her playmate. Jasper dropped the teething ring, and she snatched it from him and began attacking it enthusiastically with her teeth. Mrs. Brandon and Mrs. Whitlock laughed merrily as they looked at their children reverently. The two babies got along so well, considering their ages.

Mary Alice Brandon had just hit the year mark about one month ago. Jasper Whitlock was older than her by several months. Not long after he was born, the Brandons moved into the house across the street from the Whitlocks. Mrs. Whitlock went to go visit her new neighbors with a welcome present, only to be greeted by a bulging belly before Mrs. Brandon herself. The two women became fast friends, and before Mrs. Brandon knew it, her new neighbor had arranged a baby shower for her.


The delivery was far from easy, but it was very much successful. Both women fell in love with the baby at once, and Mrs. Brandon decided to name her Mary Alice. As much as she thought the name 'Mary' was old-fashioned, Mrs. Whitlock kept silent like the polite, respectful woman she was.

As soon as Mrs. Brandon and Mary were considered healthy enough to be released, Mrs. Whitlock decided bring Jasper for a visit to introduce him to Mary, and vice versa. She was anxious when she brought Jasper into Mary's room. Jasper had a tendency to start crying at the sight of strangers, just like he had when he first met Mrs. Brandon. He was an incredibly sensitive baby.

"Jasper, honey?" Mrs. Whitlock murmured to her son. He squirmed in her arms, sensing a presence in the crib. "I'm going to introduce you to a new friend." Mrs. Brandon hovered near them, waiting nervously. Mrs. Whitlock brought him to the crib's side railing. Tiny Mary Alice, who was only a few days old, was happily curled up, sleeping on her stomach, with her tiny fists tucked to her sides.

Mrs. Brandon braced herself for Jasper's wail that would surely trigger Mary's own. However, it never came.

Rather than bawling his lungs out, Jasper peered curiously at the baby peacefully sleeping. Then, to everyone's surprise, he laughed. It was not his first laugh, but it the first laugh he had ever given upon meeting someone new. Right then and there the two mothers knew this girl would be someone special to Jasper.

Age: 5

"Jazzyyy!" Alice screamed happily in their game of hide and seek. "I know where you're hiding!"

Alice had given Jasper a nickname. She said she hated spitting out the 'p', and that her version was so much easier. She had also refused to be called by her first name ever since she had learned how to talk. She adamantly insisted on being called Alice, and everybody seemed to like it better. Mrs. Brandon was resigned to the fact and acquiesced.

Jasper knew what she was attempting, so he smartly stayed quiet. She was trying to goad him into saying something, so that she could follow the sound of his voice and thus hunt him down.

Alice and Jasper were best friends, almost inseparable. When they started preschool, the two stuck together like glue but also made friends with everyone; none of the toddlers were at that stage yet where each find the opposite sex to be "gross".

Even now, as Jasper crouched behind the bushes, he never heard Alice sneak up on him from behind. Both of them always thought they could get away with hiding behind a tree, bushes, or anything that was bigger than themselves. They were still too young to discover the benefits of nooks and crannies; for now, hiding behind large, immobile objects was enough.

So he thought he was safely hidden away, but then Alice jumped on him and he let out a startled scream, and it really did sound like one in his childish, high voice. Alice was giggling madly.

"I told you I knew where you were!" she squealed exuberantly. "Now it's your turn!"

Jasper turned around, closed his eyes, and began counting to twenty while Alice scampered off to find a new hiding place.

Age: 7

"Caroline, I dare you to talk to Aaron Lamison," a little girl whispered to her friend.

"Eww, no, Madison!" Caroline protested, unnerved. "He has cooties! He's yucky!" The rest of the girls' hands flew up to their mouths in horror and they began their little "cootie shot" chant.

Madison sighed. "I don't know how Alice does it. She's so…brave. Isn't she scared she'll catch icky germs from Jasper?" The other girls shook their heads bemusedly.

It was the opposing-sexes period, but Alice and Jasper's strong friendship kept them together. Their bond was still as strong as ever. They were the two exceptions to this stage in their peers' lives, and of course, they ignored the talk.

The girls would look at Alice in worshipful awe, which she found to be annoying after a while. They never said anything against Jasper, though. They were all captivated by his budding good looks. The boys would tease Jasper about his "little girlfriend" but admitted that he was good at "getting the pretty and nice girls".

"Hey look, pretty boy Jasper is playing with his girlfriend again. He's helping her with the swing!" The rest of the boys hooted. The first boy spoke again.

"Maybe I'll ask her to be my girlfriend when I get older…she's got spunk." His friends all booed him and made gagging noises.

Age: 9

"Alice, I think I have crush on a girl," Jasper informed his best friend, his large eyes looking like a devoted puppy's.

"Really?" Alice's own eyes widened with innocence and curiosity.

"Yeah," Jasper continued in his adoring tone. "Her name's Courtney Holloway, and she's very, very pretty." He looked at Alice, waiting for her reaction.

She beamed. "That's so cute!" she squealed, jumping up and down. "She'll definitely like you back!" But her face immediately saddened. "I like this boy too…but I bet he won't notice me at all." She looked at the ground.

"Why not?" Jasper demanded, his protective instincts automatically kicking in.

"Because…I'm not pretty enough," she sighed dramatically. "While he, on the other hand, is extremely cute! And handsome too…"

Jasper rolled his eyes. "Alice, I think you're pretty, even more so than Courtney. And if your cute guy doesn't think so, then he's not cool enough for you."

She blinked at him. "Really? You think I'm pretty?"

"Of course, Alice! I've been saying that to you since we were three!"

"I just thought you might've changed your mind…I mean, we've grown up a bit."

Jasper snorted. "Really, Alice, believe it. I'm a guy, I should know."

She looked slightly reassured. "Thanks, Jazzy." She stepped closer to him for a hug.

After releasing each other, Jasper said, "So…who's the lucky guy who has gotten my best friend's attention?"

Age: 11

"Alice Brandon!" the principal called. Both the audience and the soon-to-be alumni of Kohurn Elementary School cheered. Alice stepped onto the podium, shook the principal's hand with her right while taking her certificate in the other, and turned, smiling for the camera. The professional photographer's camera flashed, along with the cameras of some of the parents'. She was extremely grateful the principal had given the students the choice of what they wanted to be addressed as; she did not want to be called Mary.

As Alice descended the podium, her friends bellowed their congratulations loudly. However, Jasper was the loudest.

She caught his eye, smiled at him, and waved. He returned a goofy grin and gave her the thumbs up. She rejoined her line, and they all stood together for the last time as hundreds of cameras flashed repeatedly. They were allowed to return to their seats about thirty seconds later.

It wasn't long before it was Jasper's turn; there was a small amount of fifth graders. After his name was called there were only about ten other people after him.

After the ceremony had ended, everybody dispersed, gathered in a crowd with family and friends. Picture after picture was taken of the joyous, laughing graduates and their families. Picture after picture of Alice and Jasper was taken, forever capturing what their bond was like when they were newly post-fifth graders. Their deep relationship had stayed as strong as ever in elementary school, but middle school was going to be different. It was the beginning of the drama, although the real drama wouldn't actually begin until high school.

That very same summer

"Oh, my God, I cannot believe this!" Alice screeched to Jasper, who was rubbing her back soothingly. "Just look at me!" she screamed, which was unnecessary since her best friend was already staring at her like a scientist would observe a new species.

"Shh, calm down," Jasper said in a soft, flowing voice that soothed her somewhat. "You're overreacting."

"No, you're just abnormally calm!" she shot back at him. "I look like a bucktoothed freak! This horrid punishment reveals what I truly look like when I smile!"

Jasper was privately thankful that Alice had chosen to go crazy in the car rather than in the waiting room. It would have caused a scene, and she would have been less than welcome the next time she went for her appointment.

She was already stretching herself up to see her braces in the rearview mirror. Her eyes met her mother's. Mrs. Brandon smiled reassuringly at her.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, you look as pretty as always. And when you finally do get them off, it will pay off nicely. Just you watch."

Jasper quickly assented to that statement and added in some of his own words to calm the panicked girl. Jasper, who, like no other, had the ability to calm Alice down during the times when she was a bundle of nerves.

"What am I going to do during registration? How am I going to smile for the yearbook picture? I look like such a nerd!" Alice freaked out, deafening Jasper in the process.

Mrs. Brandon put her foot down. "Enough, Alice. Getting braces isn't the end of the world. No one is going to look at you differently…and if they do, then they are not your friends. And, it's not nice to be stereotypical." Her statement had a ring of finality to it.

Alice sighed in defeat. "But that hot guy Brad…" she mumbled into Jasper's chest. She felt his torso vibrate as he attempted to keep his laughter silent.

Age: 12—Alice

(It is now middle school, where the students of the other elementary schools mingle together.)

"Hello, there, little lady," a low, powerful voice said. "Do you mind if I sit here?"

Alice whirled jerkily in the direction of the voice. Before she could fully register who was standing in front of her, her mind automatically called for Jasper. Jasper was a comforting presence, her loyal protector, her best friend.

The speaker was easily the burliest person she had ever seen. He was tall, and he had enormous muscles. Well, he wasn't really that big, just larger than the average boy, but that was what it felt like to her. However, she wouldn't count on the fact that he wasn't going to get a growth spurt.

"Um, okay," she said, gesturing towards the empty seat. "I don't own it, after all."

He grinned as he took his seat. "Hey, I'm Emmett McCarty."

"Alice Brandon," she said with a smile of her own. It was impossible not to feel light-hearted around Emmett; his happiness was contagious. She couldn't help it when she blurted out, "How tall are you?"

He laughed. "Five nine and still growing." She gaped in astonishment. She was only four feet nine inches, and she was hoping she could still grow, although she doubted it.

That class period was spent filling out an "About Me" information sheet, explaining the syllabus, and ending with the table partners getting to know each other. Alice and Emmett instantly took to each other; it was jovial spirit calling to another jovial spirit. They agreed to sit together at lunch and introduce their friends.

He'll love Jazz, was the last thought Alice had before the bell rang.


After inspecting the seating chart, he made his way down the narrow aisle to his seat. His class was rather large, consisting of about forty people. A girl was walking in front of him, her thick mahogany hair falling to her upper back, swinging like a curtain would in the breeze. Jasper found himself wishing she would walk faster.

It was as if he had cursed her. Not even a second after that thought had popped into his head, the girl tripped over nothing—maybe her own feet?—and was quickly plunging forward. Jasper rushed forward in an attempt to save her, but he only managed to grab her hand. The momentum she had gained from the fall nearly caused her to drag him down with her.

Blood pooled instantaneously in her cheeks. "Sorry," she mumbled. "I trip all the time." Jasper helped her up since he already had a hold on her hand, and as she made her way to her seat he discovered that he sat just in front of her. She touched his shoulder lightly, as if afraid to tap him. He turned around.

"I want to thank you for saving me from my fall. Who knows, I could've fallen in an even worse way than that."

He raised his hands. "No, no," he protested. "It's what anyone would have done. And plus, I couldn't catch you, so I'm sorry."

"It's fine," she muttered, blushing again.

Later, during lunch, Jasper noticed Bella Swan, the girl who had tripped in class, wandering around alone, trying to find a place to sit—a place that wasn't already occupied by cliques or groups that clearly showed that they were a closed party. She was clearly new to the district, and friendless. He decided to invite her to sit with him.

And Bella was the first new friend Jasper had made in middle school. Pretty soon, he, Alice, Bella, and Emmett were close, but he and Alice remained the very best of friends.

Age: 14

"That's cool…of course she would! Hey…let's double!" Alice squealed, once she had released her stranglehold on his neck and when she had finally stopped jumping up and down. She instantly frowned.

"Jasper, how many times have I told you to stop growing so fast? You're getting too tall for me!"

He laughed. "I can't help it. Growing tall adds to the 'manliness' effect, don't you think? And didn't you say you always wanted 'tall and manly'?"

She wrinkled her nose. "Yeah, but you're my best friend! That's gross, Jazz! That's like…incest!"

"What is?"

"Uh…" she seemed to have forgotten what her rant was about. "Don't change the subject! So I was saying…let's double!"

Jasper chuckled at her silliness. She was the one who changed the subject first. And then…doubling? She had gotten a date?

"What? You got asked out? By whom?"

"Leland Tellegro." Jasper frowned. He'd never heard of that person before.

"That's good. For a second there I thought you were going to say Emmett."

She smacked his arm. "What's wrong with your brain, Jasper Whitlock? You're disgusting! Ew! Now that's incest!"

"I'm sorry, Mommy," he laughed out.

"Hmm…" Then she grinned wickedly. "Mommy gets to decide what you wear on your date, then. Knowing you, you're going to choose something that's too démodé. You know, old-fashioned."

"Aww nooo…" Jasper whined.


Jasper's full name rang out clearly through the speakers, immediately followed up by thunderous cheering, of which the three loudest were from Emmett, Alice, and Bella. Emmett's impressive set of lungs easily drowned out the cries of the girls, but Jasper barely managed to hear them.

Much like the graduation ceremony back at Kohurn Elementary, much picture taking and socializing followed. After the four finally escaped their other friends' clutches, cameras, and parents, they all went together for a celebratory dinner at an expensive Italian restaurant especially designed for large parties. Jasper's group was a party of sixteen.

Everybody was carefree and ecstatic with the arrival of summer.

First day of high school

Alice grasped Jasper's hand nervously, her other arm wrapped around her textbooks. "This is it," she said. "This is high school."

Jasper nodded, his hand squeezing hers.

And together they stepped onto the grounds of their school for the next four years.

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