Chapter Four
By Seltap

"Natsuuu-" Lucy whined.
"Give me your scarf again it's cold."

Natsu narrowed his eyes in front of him, listening to his comrade wail behind him with annoying pleas.

"If you'd walk faster you'd warm up!" Natsu retorted, hissing as he felt the cold snowflakes and chill wind blow against his face.

Lucy pouted to Natsu's answer and instead turned her gaze back down to the bizarre purple snow they now trudged on.

"Stingy…" Lucy mumbled under her breath, referring to her fire breathing comrade.

How was she suppose to know that Sallos' key would send them to a whole nother climate? She didn't ask to be thrown into a deserted land with only miles and miles of snow and mountain for their wandering eyes. And though the sky here was of deep green clouds and dark purple snow falling all around them, that didn't mean the feel of everything was any less different than that of snow back in Fiore.

"So cold." Lucy again whined.
"If only I had my keys, I could call Horologium to carry me…"

Lucy again shivered to the blizzard's cold. She took a moment to halt her steps and instead peer and gaze to the sky above, once in a while catching a glimpse of the red moon that hid behind the snow's clouds.

"The moon looks so big." Lucy spoke to herself.

She raised her arm up and reached for the circular shape in the sky. She knew she wouldn't be able to touch moon, but somehow the size of it had Lucy curious as to how close it truly was to them.

"Oi, Lucy!"

Lucy turned her eyes back to her pink haired friend. He had traveled a great distance between her from her small de-tour and she blushed lightly in embarrassment before picking up her legs to trudge through the thick snow. She took one last glance of the red moon before it too was hidden within the green clouds.

"Sorry!" Lucy huffed as she caught up with her friend.
"It's the dress, it's so heavy."

Lucy peered down to the white gown. She still had not taken off the garment from the one sided wedding, though she refused to admit it was Natsu's previous comment of her being mistaken as an 'Angel' that had kept the outfit on her.

When Natsu had awoken after passing out it seemed he had forgotten his small comment to the Celestial Spirit Mage, and would instead raise an eyebrow to her whenever she asked again whether he truly meant what he had said before. For that reason, she wore the white delicate dress still, hoping Natsu's mind would recollect and he would speak the word he called her once more.


"Why don't you change back to your regular clothes?" Natsu once again questioned.

Though Lucy would never admit it.

"B-becuase!" She retorted with a light blush.
"I can't change with you around. You might try to watch!"

Lucy mentally hissed at her false accusation. Of all the lies to choose, she had to choose the most ridiculous one.

'Lucy you moron!' Lucy cried in her mind.
'It's not like you haven't changed clothes around him during other missions!'

Lucy's train of thought was stopped though as she heard Natsu's loud guffaw. His laugh echoing the rocky, snow covered mountains they now trudged on.

"Let's go Lucy." Natsu finally spoke through his laughs, trudging once again down the hill.

"W-wait!" Lucy spoke as she ran to catch up with the boy.
"Why are you laughing?"

Lucy was still embarrassed to both what she had accused of him and his response to it, but she shoved her pink blush away to ask anyway.

"You honestly think I would do anything perverted, especially to my friends?" Natsu asked, a playful smile on his face as he looked down at her.

Lucy's blush returned and she pulled her bundle of clothes closer to her chest as she thought.

"…No." She finally admitted.

'Too bad he won't do anything to us.' Her mind retorted, which made Lucy go wide eye and mentally hush up her thoughts.

In silence they now walked together. Trudging still in purple snow and down the steep mountain, Lucy this time holding her tongue whenever she felt a cold chill snake down her neck. For Natsu's sake though she would remain silent. There would be no benefit for either of them if she complained, so instead she held her head up high, hoping to no longer look weak in his eyes.

"Natsu, what are you doing?"

Lucy watched curiously and with wide eyes as the boy swooped down and reached for the surprised girl. Scooping her up and lifting her body close to his chest. His pace began to quicken as he carried Lucy in a bridal style kind of way, her magnificent gown even supporting the look let if it was truly from a marriage.

"Natsu?" Lucy again spoke, feeling the wind and snowflakes pummel her face even harder to his pace.

Though she did have to admit for some reason it felt a lot warmer.

"You're too slow!" Natsu answered back, a smile on his face too.
"This way you'll be warm too!"

As if to support his words, Lucy could feel his chest begin to heat up a little more. The use of his Fire Dragon Slayer magic being the cause no doubt. As if the warmth beckoned her, Lucy was quick to rest her free hand and head against Natsu's bare chest.

Natsu tripped lightly to her bold move, though it went unnoticed by the girl and he was quick to recover his pace. A warm smile spreading across his face as he looked down to her small smile. Her eyes closed and her face relaxed and she leaned in more to his body.

"Thank you, Natsu." Lucy said.
"I owe you one."

"Just one?" Natsu joked, his breath heavy as he continued to jog.
"I think you might want to recount."

"...Perhaps." Lucy whispered to herself.

Lucy could feel a light blush come on as her hand found rest on Natsu's firm abs. Thoughts now racing her mind as she took in the young man's toned body.

'Now who's being the pervert?' Her mind accused as her blush deepened.

It wasn't until deep warmth enveloped her again did Lucy open her eyes. Taking in her surroundings as she lay motionless. Sighing as she felt the warm bed under her calm her body and mind.

'Where am I?' She questioned in her head, seeing shadows flicker across room she was now in, though daring not to move.

"It was real nice of you letting us stay in your home for tonight!"

Lucy lightly smiled as she took in her friend's boisterous comment and grateful that he had found someone to take them in from the coldness outside. Though, weary still lingered in her stomach, it was hard to trust a stranger with kind acts, but the cold from outside did deem itself a bigger threat than being inside a new home.

"Not even the damnedest of souls deserve to be out on a night like this. It's better if you two stay here tonight until morning."

Lucy again blinked as she now heard a female voice. This voice was one soft unlike Natsu's, her words were delicate and hushed, as if the mood now was that of being silent and secretive.

"Mama…" Another voice piped up softly.
"I see the fog. He's here…"

"Let those curtains fall child and come to me."

Lucy blinked her eyes as she took those words, thinking it was her time to stir awake and ask questions. Surprisingly, it was Natsu who beat her to it so she instead continue to lay and pretend to be asleep as she listened.

"Who's here?" Natsu again asked, his voice softening a bit to fit the mood.

It wasn't until a young demon boy embraced within his mother's protective hug that the woman spoke with both a solemn tone and look.


The boy shook in his mother's embrace as she said the word.

"Eh?" Natsu drawled at the label.
"Who's that? This Nosferatu guy, is he strong?"

Lucy could hear Natsu's voice grow excited, she could tell he now had that fiery spirit lusting in his eyes for a new challenger. It was with this that she now knew to make her presence known, and to calm down her partner. The term 'Nosferatu' was no stranger to Lucy, thanks to her habit and love of novels and she was quick to decipher the trespasser outside.

"He's a night creature, Natsu." Lucy spoke, lifting herself slowly and turning to the group behind her.

Lucy blinked rapidly at the mother and child in front of her as they took the same of her. She still couldn't get use to this world's odd figures, and these two were no exception with their pointy ears, dark gray skin, abnormally large teeth and yellow eyes. As the young woman rose to stand the demon lady spoke out.

"Dear you should lay back down…everything about you looks so sickly."

Lucy fumed inside and was about to retort how it was because she was human and did not belong into this world, instead she stood herself tall and composed herself.

"This Nosferatu guy, do you mind if I take a peek?" Lucy questioned, throwing a thumb back to the window.

She watched as the lady held onto her son tighter before leaning towards her side to blow out the candle next to her, the light in the room escaping as darkness swam in.

"Please make it quick." The lady begged in almost a whisper.

It was with this Lucy slowly reached for the window's curtains with sweaty and shaking paws. She knew she had asked for this but as soon as she turned for the window she could feel the weary course through her body. Though she refused to back down now and instead gulped her fear down.

Slowly she pulled the curtain slightly back, just enough to peek her eyes through and take a glance outside. She jumped lightly as Natsu's chest came in contact with her back, his curiosity too getting the better of him as his head popped above Lucy's.

"There's nothing out there but lots of smoke!" Natsu sneered.

It was Lucy who sent the boy a 'shush' before she too took in what was happening outside. What appeared to be like black fog was covering the ground, growing larger over time as it swam around the night air eerily. Though, she could not spot a soul outside among the black smoke-like fog.

"Please, close the curtains…" The woman now begged again.
"If he spots us, it will be our life he takes."

"What do you mean?" Natsu asked, his and Lucy's eyes still racing around the black fog.

"Every month he chooses a soul in this village to be his." The lady spoke, hugging her child even closer.
"They say he does experiments to those demons, and disposes of them when he's done. No one ever returns when he chooses to take them."

Lucy now felt a shiver race up her spine, but her curiosity peeked and her eyes remained focused outside. The black smoke-like fog now building up even more.

"If no one ever comes back, how can you be sure that's the truth?" Natsu asked, the fire building within his eyes as he looked out for a possible new opponent.

They both could make out a figure now approaching past them, the smoke wrapping around it as it drew nearer.

"Please..." The woman begged one last time.

It was with this Lucy squinted her eyes, her lively pupils now staring straight towards that of empty sockets. A bony face examining hers and as she began to shiver uncomfortably. The head of a skull had now popped out from the black fog, his head moving swimmingly around the dense, smoke like fog.

"Lord Baal will surely take us if he see's us."

"Baal." Natsu repeated the name, a light grin spreading across his face as he too stared towards bobbing skeleton head.

The black smoke continued to swim around Baal, though it seemed like the fog-like smoke itself was emitting from the skull alone. As the two Fairy Tail mages stared, with Baal returning his empty gaze, the smoke seemed to sweep it's master once again back inside its dense cloak, and again the creature was hidden in the. The fog now passing by the window and becoming less and less visible.

Only when the creature was gone did Lucy loudly gulp, her shaking body turning towards the demon woman and child.

"D-did you just call him Lord Baal?" Lucy asked, sweat starting to form on her head.
"As in, this Baal guy is a lord here? A…Devil King?"

Lucy could feel her teeth chatter and knee's shake as she watched the the lady in front of her nod her head yes.

"So that means, he has signed a contract with the humans and has one of those special keys?" Lucy again asked, feeling herself slowly sliding down to the floor as her legs began to give out.

"That's right." The demon woman spoke, letting her child slide back from her hold.
"Your friend has already told me of who you two are, and what it is you two seek."

'Great, our lucky day…' Lucy moaned in her head as her heart sank.

"Isn't this our lucky day, Lucy?" Natsu smiled, raising a fist up.

"Finding another one of these kings so quickly?"

Lucy turned her wide eyes back to the demon lady in front of them. She could see the other lady hold no hope for her and Natsu within her eyes, as well as the knowledge that she would probably never see the two of them. It was with this Lucy let out a heavy sigh and dropped her head.

She didn't want to do it, it was situations like this where Lucy would hide behind Natsu, Gray and Erza. She'd even send her Celestial Spirits in her place, instead of facing another Devil King.

"Where can we find this Baal guy?" Natsu asked.

As he asked, Lucy could feel his arm reaching around hers. Before she could even ask, she felt as Natsu slowly helped her up to her feet, and as their gaze met Lucy could see the reassurance in his eyes. She knew he could tell of her worry and fear of the situation, she didn't hide it.

'Don't worry Lucy.'

Lucy could see through his eyes what he was a telling her.

'I'm here.'

"Lord Baal lives on the moon."

Lucy could feel her heart sinking once more and slowly turned her wide back to the demon woman. Seeing the seriousness in the other lady's eyes Lucy just had to ask once more.

"I-I'm sorry, did you just say this guy lives on the moon?" Lucy quirked softly in a disbelieving whisper.

The demon lady nodded once more before speaking again.

"You two must travel back up the mountain, to the highest peak, there you should be able to reach the red moon. I have to warn you though, Baal-sama will not welcome you with open arms, in fact…"

As the demon lady continued on, Lucy's ears began to muffle out the surroundings around here. As the blonde watched the lady continue to speak, she could only hear her heavy breathing and pacing heart beat. She could feel the panic begin seep back in, and it was then she could also sense the heat in her eyes. Warm tears beginning to form under her pupils.

'How?' Her mind asked, still watching the demon lady's mouth move but hearing nothing.
'How can I do this? I'm not strong enough to take on these monsters. I'm starting to think I may never see home again…Fairy Tail.'

Just as Lucy was about to let her tears slip, she again jumped lightly as a heavy hand was placed onto of her locks. Her gaze once again turning back to Natsu's.

"Natsu." Lucy mouthed with wide eyes staring into his sympathetic smile, a look she had never seen on him before.

"Stop worrying." He mouthed back, never drowning out the voice of the demon lady as she continued on.

"I promise to get you back to Fairy Tail."

Lucy's shoulders shook as she took in the fiery young man's words and she quickly whipped her head away from his gaze as she felt one small tear escape her lids. She refused to let him see her gratitude in this form.

"Hai." She whispered back.

'We'll make it back somehow, Natsu.'

Lucy's wide eyes could only stare in disbelief at the site of her. Though her body shook uncontrollably to the cold, purple snow piling heavily onto her stand-still body, she could only gape at the sight in front of her.

"Lucy!" Natsu called, as he circled around the giant red orb.
"Help me find a way then."

Lucy still did not stir to Natsu's words. Her eyes were still transfixed to the so called 'moon' that hovered slightly above the mountain peak her and Natsu had worked hours to climb. Well…mostly Natsu. Lucy had whined again to her friend to carry her up to the top.

"How is this even possible?" Lucy questioned, taking a small step toward the transparent moon.

As Natsu was about to call back to his friend, a smirk spread across his face as he watched Lucy slowly reach a hand out in front of her and inched forward. Her curiosity, and shock, getting the better of her as she now went to examine the blood red, moon.

Turning his gaze back to the moon, Natsu mumbled to himself.

"Were here now, but how do we get inside this thing?"

He could find no door, or opening, of any kind and with its transparent look, all seemed quite bleak as to gaining entrance inside like the demon lady had said.

"Lucy." Natsu sighed, turning his gaze back to the girl.
"What do you think? I don't know how-"

Natsu slowly silenced himself, he knew Lucy was not listening and was still transfixed into touching the moon. Her eyes waving around as she studied it and he watched as she finally lifted her hand to feel the red globe.

Lucy took in a heavy breath as her fingers were literally centimeters away, but she lifted a eyebrow in confusion when her hand rested on no solid form.

"Lucy, your hand!" Natsu cried, now racing toward his friend to study the new discovery along with her.

Like fog, her hand had now passed through the transparent red moon. Her fingers now hidden within the orb.

"Does it hurt?" Natsu asked, now raising his hand up to moon.

"No." Lucy answered, wiggling her fingers through the other side.
"We just walk through it, I guess." Lucy stated with more of a questionable tone.

Her eyes turned to Natsu's, as if seeking permission to go on. He nodded, but Lucy was surprised to feel his hand grip at her shoulder as his other arm reach through the orb to take a grip of her stretched out hand.

"Together." He said.

Lucy merely turned her blush away from him to stare in front of her.

"T-together." She agreed, and the two slowly shadow'd steps, sinking in deeper and deeper into the red moon.

There would be no pain, only a light chill and with one blink Lucy and Natsu could feel their bodies warm instantly from the chill outside. No longer did they step in purple snow and instead black marbled floors. Instead of the wind's howls there were other lighter sounds filling their ears as the night from outside was replaced with a brightly lit room.

Lucy could fill Natsu's grip let go of her as they now stood inside in entirely new room.

"Amazing." Lucy mused, turning her body in a full circle so as to take in their new environment.

There was no trace of where they had entered, no red glow from the moon, just in entirely new home they had entered. As if forgetting her fear from before, Lucy lightly laughed to her new surroundings. Though the room was black with floors, and gloomy grey walls, she cheerfully skipped her way towards one of the tables. The large tubes and bright colors beckoning her to take a look.

"They must study some sort of chemistry!" Lucy laughed back towards her friends, now studying the liquids and steam rising from the tubes.

Natsu couldn't help but smirk to Lucy's now cheerful mood. Her total mood switches were somewhat cute to him. But as quick as that smirk and thought came to him, he dismissed them. Feeling a presence among them, his head quickly spun towards the side, his eyes narrowing to the intruder.

Oblivious to the situation, Lucy was now studying a book that was next to the large chemistry set.

"I would never expect Devils to be studying science like this!" Lucy exclaimed.

Concern did rise in her though when she did not hear her friend's reply, so turning her head she was baffled to see Natsu's face turned from hers and with a menacing glare etched all over it.

"Natsu?" She questioned, before following his gaze.

As her eyes followed and finally met the third person in the room, Lucy could feel a shiver snake up her back. Her eyes locking with again empty sockets from before.

"Baal." She mouthed in somewhat awe.

The Devil King too stared straight towards Lucy, no one making any move as they each waited to see who would pounce first or were of true threat. Though it seemed Baal had taken in interest to the human girl, his eyes never turning towards the growling fire mage and instead kept to the shaking girl.

It was sudden, to her surprise, but as Lucy continued to stare towards the Devil King she felt some sort of calmness sweep over her. She was now feeling relaxed, and as stressed as she had been lately, it was quite a treat for the young mage. It was almost, pleasurable she admitted.

'Maybe this Baal King isn't as bad as we think he is.' Lucy mused, her body still at ease as she continued to stare into the eyes of this king.

Assuring herself that this calmness was not something to fear, Lucy boldly took a step forward. That sudden move triggered both Natsu and Baal to react. With a slight leap, the king was once again just a small cloud of smoke. levitating from the ground as his skull head continued to bob around the cloud. His cloud and head now swimming through the air toward the relaxed girl.

Lucy couldn't tear her eyes away from the skull's black ones, Baal had closed the gap between the two and Lucy looked up towards the black cloud and skull. A smile escaped her lips and slowly she raised a hand up to touch the skull head. As if beckoning her, the skull remained still inside his black cloud, leaning forward to feel the girl's touch.


Lucy didn't even get a second to think. As soon as she was about to touch the Devil King, he quickly rose to the air as her pink haired friend suddenly leapt towards them. Pushing her hard to the ground as the calmness left her body and mind. He was meaning to grab a hold of the culprit, but Baal had been to quick for him.

"Ouch, Natsu!" Lucy hissed, about to scold the young lad.

Before she could however, Natsu was quick to push himself off of her and face towards his new opponent.

"Bastard." He hissed, pointing an accusing finger out.
"What were you trying to do Lucy?"

As Natsu said those words Lucy was quick to re-call the relaxed mood she had just previously had.

"What was that?" She whispered to herself and again looked out towards Baal.
"Was it because of him?"

Baal it seemed had now turned his attention to Natsu, his eyes set on him instead of the girl. It seemed the calmness he had given Lucy was not the same fact for Natsu, for the boy slowly drew a breath in and readied himself to attack.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" He called, while placing his hands around his mouth, narrowing the fire and aiming it towards the Devil King.

At first Lucy had reached out towards Natsu, about to stop him but in the end held her arm back. She didn't know what it was, but it seemed for a second she didn't want whatever had brought that sudden calmness to leave, but in the end had stopped herself.

'Besides,' she thought to herself, 'it's too late anyway.'

She watched as Natsu's fire enveloped the skull and small black cloud. She could see the shadow of the skull squirm within the fire, and Lucy slowly stood herself as she realized that they had won.

'Maybe Natsu was right.' Lucy smirked in thought.
'Today is our lucky day.'

As Lucy was about to walk to congratulate Natsu, she halted her steps as the fire died down. Though it seemed the skull had burn to Natsu's breath, the small black cloud still lingered within the air. The two watched as the smoke made no move, both of them uneasy and on their guard let this be some sort of trick.

"Did you get him?" Lucy asked, stepping to stand with her comrade.

"I'm not sure…" Natsu admitted, his eyes still fixated on the black cloud.
"One more time. I'll get rid of that smoke."

Lucy nodded in understanding and took a step back, watching as Natsu began to suck in air for another fiery roar.

"I'll make this a big one." Natsu stated.
"I'll even burn air if I have to."

Lucy watched as Natsu began to suck in the air for his big attack, blinking as she saw the small cloud begin to be suck in by Natsu's breath. Its small figure fighting against the current, but slowly losing and sinking closer to Natsu.

"W-wait, Natsu!"Lucy called, reaching a hand over to stop the Fire Mage.

"Stop Natsu before you-!"

It was too late. A loud cough was what broke Natsu's attack, quickly he clutched his throat as Lucy could only watch with worry as the boy tried to regain his breath and stick his tongue out in disgust.

He had swallowed the smoke that Baal's skull had seemed to find refuge in.

As his coughing stop, his wide eyes slowly turned to Lucy's saucer-like pupils. Both of them in disbelief.

"D-did I just?…"

Lucy slowly nodded, confirming his suspicions.

"Are you okay?" She asked, still a little wary at how the smoke would affect her friend's body.

She watched as Natsu lifted an eyebrow to himself, smacking his lips and tongue together as if he had eaten a meal.

"Bitter." He grinned towards Lucy.

Lucy could feel her heart warming as she stared into his giant grin and light hearted mood to the situation as he lightly joked. Her daze was only broken when he let his smile fall and spoke.

"I'm going to find the kitchen and get some water. His taste was too awful."

Lucy nodded peering around the room, and wondering which direction they should try first. Natsu, catching her act, spoke.

"Lucy, look for the key. I'll be right back to help."

"W-wait." Lucy protested.
"You just had a big battle, what if you collapse on your way or-"

It was Natsu's loud laugh that again interrupted Lucy, and he slowly marched his way to the door.

"You're funny today Lucy. Thinking I can't handle a fight or finding the kitchen on my own." He said, reaching for the door he turned one last time to send the girl a reassuring smile.
"I'll be right back."

Lucy could not fight against his smile, and instead simply nodded before putting her two-cents in.

"Just hurry up! Don't expect me to do all the work!"

Natsu merely hummed with a smile to her statement before exiting out through one of the doors, Lucy blinking and in thought as she stared to where he had exited.

"I guess it's me who needs to start pulling her own weight around here." Lucy spoke to herself, recalling that it was Natsu who had defeated the last two Devil Kings as well as finding the last key.

Lucy turned, heading for the nearest desk to begin rummaging for the key.

"Because of Natsu, I guess I can say it really has been our lucky day!" Lucy laughed to herself, before reaching for another desk drawer to search.

"I give up!" Lucy yelled with an exasperated sigh.

Slowly she went to the floor to take rest, setting her bottom on the cold, marbled floor.

"I'm starting to think that jerk really did ditch me, just to make me find the key on my own."

Lucy pouted in thought, forget 'pulling her own weight' from now on, she was dead beat! With over an hour of searching every nook and cranny with no stopping for breaks, and this being her third room, she decided to take a short break. Not to mention, Natsu still had not returned from searching for the kitchen.

"These Kings live in too big of homes!" She complained to the air, pouting once more and scooting her back to rest against the grey wall.
"How in the world am I suppose to do this on my own?"

Lucy stared at the giant chemistry table in front of her, another in this giant mansion, and with irritation settling in, reached for a book from the pile that was next to her. Without thought and with a bored expression, Lucy chucked the heavy material towards the tall tubes. Tubes shattering, and glass clinking to the floor as colorful liquids drenched the table and now dripped to the ground.

She had destroyed the chemistry set.

'Partially.' She told herself as she eyed a few more tubes standing tall.

Now that the damage had been done, Lucy decided she needed to finish what she had started. Once again reaching for a book to chuck to her delight, though she stopped halfway through as her eyes took note of the book's cover.

"Hello," she said, "what have we here?"

Opening the book slowly, and taking in the words carefully, Lucy was able to determine the contents of what she had just found.

"This must be that Devil King's journal or something." Lucy lightly mused, now scanning the pages until finding one word that peaked her interest.
"I, Baal-sama, …" Lucy mumbled the words she read.

Slowly her mumbles became silent as she read on. Her eyes growing wider with each passing page as she discovered secrets within the personal journal.

"This can't be…" Lucy spoke to herself, now flipping the pages back and forth so as to make sure she did not miss, or misinterpret, what she had read wrong.
"Than again in this world…"

Lucy slowly shut the journal, her heart now racing with questions as to what she had just read. Her whole body jumped when a loud boom echoed the room, a shadow now emerging from the door and marching its way towards Lucy.

"Natsu!" Lucy beamed, standing herself tall and taking a few steps towards the lad.
"Where have you been, don't think you can just ditch me and-"

Lucy slowly hushed herself as Natsu lifted a tiny object in his hand, his march towards her never slowing. Lucy had to squint to see what he was holding, but sucked in a gasp of air as enthusiasm settled in.

"The key!" She cried.
"You found it! Geez Natsu, you sure have a better knack at all this than I do." She joked.

Her laugh quickly halted though as Natsu closed the gap between the two, pushing the key towards Lucy's face so she was forced to cross her eyes to look at it.

"Natsu, what're you-?" Lucy began to question, her eyes staring into his as he quickly pulled the key back from her face and instead locked eyes with her.

Lucy was confused as he held his stare firm with hers, and she couldn't help but to follow his gaze. Even when he started to circle around her small frame, he kept his head and eyes set on her pupils, and for some reason Lucy couldn't escape his gaze, so she too was forced to turn her head as he continued to march around her.

"Natsu?" She questioned, worry in her voice.

It wasn't until Natsu stilled his movements, did Lucy then feel her worry now melt away. Though, he still locked eyes with her but this time thrusting his face closer to hers until their noses were close to touching. For some reason, Lucy could not back away to his bold intrusion, she was now captured in his eyes. She could feel a calmness as she stared into his eyes, her worries were now all gone along with her stress. It was for that reason Lucy couldn't tear away from him, for fear that the calmness would melt away if she dared to even leave his gaze.

Lucy blushed lightly as she felt Natsu lift her chin closer towards him. His lips reaching for hers now.

"Lucy." He finally spoke with a purr.

His tone and hot breath sending her shivers of passion that raced up her body and began to heat her small frame.

'Finally!' Lucy's mind cried.
'I didn't even have to confess or anything. It must really be my lucky day.'

Not being able to hold out longer, Lucy forcefully shoved her face forward, hoping to capture Natsu's lips with hers. He was quick though, and before their buds could even touch, he was now behind her. His strong hands now rubbing the young girl's smooth arms and shoulders.

She moaned from irritation from not capturing his lips, but also with delight as his hands traveled and traced the back of her body.

'What a tease…' She thought.
'But who would have guessed he has such a sensual touch.'

"Lucy." Natsu again purred into her ear before placing a soft kiss on the back of her neck.

Lucy could feel her body melt to his fiery kiss, another light moan escaping her lips that encouraged him on.

"I bet you taste so good."

Lucy had to open an eye to the puzzling question. What did he say again? Lucy shivered and cringed as she felt Natsu's tongue sloppily drag itself across her neck, and just like that, within seconds, realization hit her dead on. Lucy quickly spun on her heels, backing away from her comrade as she held onto her neck and pointed an accusing finger towards him.

"W-what are you doing?" She cried hysterically, assumptions and recent discoveries popping into her head.

Slowly she began to back away as a smirk spread across Natsu's face, his eyes filled with a animalistic hunger.

"Lucy." He spoke again, a grin spreading across his face.
"Let me taste you. You look so delicious."

Lucy again shivered to his words, only this time it was a sense to fear and disgust that shook her body. She continued to back away, watching as the boy trudged towards her with a devious smirk.

"What's happened to you?" She asked, catching a glimpse of red within her friend's onyx colored eyes.
"Where did you learn a seduction spell like that?"

Natsu merely continued to chuckle as he trudged his way towards the poor girl, ignoring her questions all together. Lucy now shook with fear from her own friend, pieces of this puzzle adding up in her mind. She mentally cringed when she felt her back now flat against the cold wall, Natsu still inching his way toward her. Turning her eyes away from Natsu, she stared at Baal's journal as it lay open next to her on the floor.

"They called him Nosferatu. A creature of the night." Lucy spoke with a heavy breath, her eyes returning to Natsu.
"I should have known what he was the minute Baal and I locked eyes."

Though Lucy spoke towards Natsu, she knew he chose to ignore her as he reached for her. She slowly let her back slide down against the wall until her bottom was now seated on the marble.

"Now I see why they call him a Devil King." Lucy again spoke, her voice and body shaky as she reached for the journal next to her.

She hissed inwardly as Natsu once again closed the gap between them, his body moving atop of hers and pinning her against the wall as he crawled over her.

"Now it seems like you're just like him." Lucy shut her eyes, turning her head to the side in fear and much to Natsu's delight.
"It's probably because of that cloud of smoke you swallowed. After we've come so far, don't you remember what you promised me?"

Lucy gripped the journal tightly as Natsu traced a sharp nail against her neck.

"I found the key for you." Natsu spoke, opening his jaw and revealing two sharp fangs that Lucy already assumed were there.
"So let me taste your sweet smelling blood, Lucy."

Natsu let out a breath of hot air as he shut his eyes and leaned in closer to the girl's neck, while Lucy took this opportunity to raise Baal's journal above her.

"Vampire or not Natsu, you better keep your damn promise!" Lucy shouted, feeling his teeth drag slowly down her delicate neck while she brought her arm back down.

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