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My new H20: Just add water story

In the following chapters Emma, Cleo and Rikki are not mermaids yet and Zane is still mean and ash hasn't arrived yet and Lewis is just a friend but don't worry Clewis , Zikki and Emash will be in the story, just a bit later on.

It was a cold rainy saturday and for Rikki Chadwick a new adventure was about to start.

They, Rikki and her father Terry had been travelling for over 3 hours in their small, blue car.

Rikki was seated in the back of the vechile and her father in the front.

Her petite body snuggled up under a blanket, while her head was resting on the rain dropped window.

Her eyes were wide open looking at her surroundings even though there was not much to see. Trees.

"Are we nearly there Terry" Rikki asked her father in hope that the awnser would be yes.

"Not yet sweety, 60 miles left" he awnsered in a tired voice.

Rikki's head fell back down pushing her blonde, curly hair against the window.

' Sigh ' Rikki was tired but, she was so eager to get there that she just coudn't seem to keep her eyes closed, the longest period being a few minutes.

There small blue car was clean and tidy and was racing along the motorway at 60 miles per hour, which is quite fast for Terry.

Terry loves going fast but gets worried when he travelles with Rikki so, he normally goes slower. However on this particular ocassion he was bursting for the toilet and something to eat.

Rikki had managed to close her eyes, she was not asleep just resting.

Until a swift turn in the car awoke Rikki and she jolted to the other side of the car.

The car halted to a stop.

" Terry?!" Rikki asked to see if her father was still concious.

" Rikki!!, what have i told you about wearing your seatbelt!!" he yelled

" Dad i'm sorry it was only for a little while it was digging in to my chest" she pleaded.

" Not good enough, that could have been a serious accident" he awnsered.

" I'm sorry dad. So what happened?"

" Nothing happened Rikki i simply saw a space at the side of the road and i needed a rest" he said looking back on the road.

" Oh" she followed his eyes on to the road.

Terry pulled the lock on the door and swung the door open.

Slowly Terry swirved his legs out of the car and went for a walk along the side of the road.

" Where are we, just another motorway. Do you no where your going dad?" Rikki said quietly to herself.

She waited for her dad to get just far enough away so she could reach in the front to look at the map.

"C89?" she said.

She looked up at her dad he seemed paronoid and angry, pacing up and down.

When he seemed to have gained control of himself again he took a big jump up in the air and a smile spread across his face, this made Rikki smile too.

Terry started walking back to the car, with a look on his face as if he had a plan.

He started walking faster and then he broke into a run.

" Are you alright dad?"

" Yes Rikki, thank you. Lets go!" he said with a happy tone to his voice

" Ok, yeh lets go!"

Rikki sat back down in her seat this time without the blanket.

" Why aren't we going dad?" she asked sitting forward to make eye contact.

" Well Rikki, SEATBELT!! he shouted at her.

" Oh ok" she awnsered as she quickly went back to her seat and clipped herself in.

" Good, lets go"

Terry started the car almost straight away and took off back on to the motorway.

Within a few hours, Terry and Rikki had arrived at the place they have only dreamed of coming to. The Gold Coast.

" Rikki, Rikki we are here" Terry said as he looked at Rikki while standing there poking her.

Rikki slowly opened her eyes and then jumped up in the air.

" What we are here!" she laughed as she pushed her dad out of the car nearly making him fall to the ground.

She bounced around a little before she noticed where she was.

" What where are we you said we were here!" she turned and looked at her dad with a angry expression on her face.

" We are here in the Gold Coast just not at the house. I needed to stop for a toilet break and a snack" he said with a smirk.

" Oh ok, well off you go then" she laughed as she and Terry walked to the cafe pushing each othere around.

" Wow this place is nice" she said sarcastically.

" Rikki, shut it"

They sat at a table, it was small squashing and dirty.

" Ew"

" Hi. We will have two full american breakfasts please"

" Sure. Whatever" the waiter said not even bothering to write it down.

" To go" Rikki added quickly.

" Yeh"

They looked at each other.

After they had eaten and gone to the toilets which, were simple discusting, they hit the road with only 20 minutes until they arrived at there new house.

It was over looking a lake that lead out to the dock where the boats are kept.

Rikki was so excited.

She had opened her window and had her head sticking out it had gone a funny colour. I guess from the wind. Her hair was now windswept and she had a bug in her mouth.

" Ewwww!" she said as she pulled the fly from her lip.

" Haha" her father lauged hitting the steering wheel with a playful punch.

" Not funny dad!" Rikki laughed.

They laughed and sang the whole way to there house, playing the music very loud so the car was nearly jumping of the ground.

" And here we are!" Terry said while he pulled up on his new driveway.

" Wow" Rikki said excitedly.

Rikki looked at her dad a huge smile spreading across her face.

" Here you go" he laughed as he chucked her the keys to the house.

Rikki ran up the medium length driveway to her large white door.

It had stained glass windows on it and had a large gold knocker. It was shell - shaped.

Rikki calmed herself down before slowly putting the key in the lock.

Joined by her dad they opened the door together.

" Wow!!" they said. Mouths wide open hanging there.

They looked at each other and smiled.

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