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Emma and Cleo screamed as they saw Rikki being sucked under the water, which was steaming and bubbling. She was screaming as she struggled to keep her head above the water. Her arms being flung everywhere and her legs kicking at a constant pace. Cleo was crying and Emma automatically went into panic mode. She flung off her flip flops and dived in the water.

"Emma!" Cleo screamed as the tears poured down her face. Now she had lost both of her friends and she could do nothing. She wouldn't go in the water because she couldn't swim, she was no officially alone.

"Cleo, help me! Her leg is getting caught, I need you to hold her head above the water whilst I try and break the string!" Emma cried as she gulped down sea water. Rikki had stopped screaming and struggling now and the water was calming down a little. Cleo panicked as she backed away from the water.

"Emma, I can't do that. You know I can't swim. I'd just be more panic for you" Cleo whispered as she held herself, her shaking form starting to feel the cold. She looked up above the cave and noticed the volcano form at the top, the full moon was coming into sight and she gasped.

"Cleo please! I won't let anything happen to you! We need you!" Emma persuaded and swam to the side. "Cleo trust me. Rikki needs you" Cleo nodded, looking away from the moon. She jumped in the pool and held Rikki's now tired and heavy head above the water, keeping her mouth shut. She was breathing through her nose and trying to keep her own head above the water as her legs paddled below her. She could feel Emma pulling on Rikki's body and then in one sharp motion Rikki floated to the top of the pool, her leg bleeding slightly from the cut of the string.

As the moon appeared above the top of the volcano top the water bubbled and Cleo grabbed both Emma and Rikki, holding onto them tightly.

"Emma?" Cleo asked as Rikki watched the two.

"Obviously I'm meant to be dead. I've already died and now I'm dying again" Rikki moaned.

"Rikki, this isn't funny!" Cleo shouted and Rikki sighed.

"I know, I'm sorry"

Their hands were clasped around each other tightly as the water started bubbling more ferociously and they started screaming as the water pulled them under and entered their mouth, causing them to swallow. They closed their eyes as the currents picked up and tried to keep their heads above the water. Rikki was the first to pulled down into a whirl pool, the water had calmed a little and they let go of each others hands. Just at that moment, Rikki disappeared under the water screaming and Cleo grabbed a hold of Emma, her nails cutting into her through fear.

"Emma! What the hell happened!?" Cleo screamed as the whirl pool increased in size, surrounding the girls as it did so. Cleo was crying as the water got rough and her and Emma were dragged under. Rikki was nowhere in sight and they let go of each others hands as they fought against the water. Once Emma got pulled under, Cleo grabbed her and got whisked away too. They next thing they knew - Everything had gone black.

3 hours later and it was well into the night. It was around 1 in the morning and the girls had completely disappeared out of the pool. The moon had passed over the top of the moon pool and the girls were separated. Rikki had been washed up onto the beach and was unconscious. She was cut and bleeding and was soaking wet. Emma and Cleo were floating around in the ocean, getting pulled under by the rough currents. As a bright flashing light brightened the world around them Emma's eyes slowly opened. She saw Cleo, struggling to float around 5 foot away from her and she swum over gently. She grabbed Cleo.

"It's OK, Cleo. We're together now" Emma whispered as they hugged each other. They looked towards the bright light and a boat came into view. It had Emma's parents along with Cleo's father and Zane was also present on the boat.

"Emma! Cleo!" A man shouted into a microphone and Emma managed to croak out a small "Yes". The boat came a fraction closer before the man called out to them again. "How many are there?" "Two. Rikki's not here!" She shouted before the water started getting rougher. The parents grabbed the outside of the boat, clinging on and Emma and Cleo screamed. The man reached his hand down to Emma and she pushed Cleo towards the boat. "Get on" She ordered and Cleo nodded. She grabbed the mans hand and he pulled her out of the water. She was so cold she was blue and was shivering uncontrollably. Two men grabbed her and carried her quickly inside, covering her in many blankets and wrapping her up by the radiator. The gave her food and slapped her gently, warming her up. Her father crouched down next to her, holding her hands as she shivered.

Meanwhile, Emma was reaching out to the man's hand when something grabbed her leg. She screamed as she was dragged under. She looked around frantically and there under the water she was the reflection of a lady.

"You need to look after them Emma, they need you. It's happened. Destiny has caught up with you. You are now magical" It was one of the girls from earlier, in the hospital. She gasped as she reached out to her hand, it pulled her to the top of the water and the man grabbed her; pulling her out of the water he gave her the same treatment as they had done to Cleo, before continuing their search for Rikki.

An hour later and they had retorted to the beach to grab Zane's zodiac, he had jumped off the boat and tied it to the side of the large boat, before jumping back on the boat he heard a soft whimpering. Calling for a torch he lit the path to the whimpering and their he found Rikki, hurt, cold and shivering; much like Cleo and Emma.

"Rikki?" He called as he grabbed her. "Guys help me!" He called and in seconds he was surrounded my men, professional paramedics, helping Rikki onto the boat, where she would get the same treatment, if not more, as Emma and Cleo.

Before entering the boat and getting treated all three girls had passed out and they were now speeding back to the hospital, where the events of last night and yesterday happened. A place they did not wish to be. A place that they would find themselves in very often during the future.

This was just the start of the many adventures to come. Somethings they were not prepared for. The magic awaits them.

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