The Photo Album...


I stared at the big black leather bound book. I had found it mere moments ago, at the back of my wardrobe, on the top shelf behind boxes of shoes and old photographs. Gathering dust, completely forgotten and untouched. I blinked, staring at it in awe, as I carefully reached up and pulled it carefully in front of me, disturbing the coating of dust around it. It was heavy in my small fragile hands. Taking a deep breath, I let it out all over the cover, blowing the dust off in one quick motion.

It wasn't one of the smartest ideas i've ever had. The dust flew out in all directions, getting in my eyes, hair and clinging to the back of my throat. Coughing and spluttering, I broke the magical silence that had ascended on my room without realising. I shook my head, and stared at the cover once again. Smiling slightly as the silence settled again.

I stepped down from the step ladder I had been using to find my black leather gucci strapless shoes. My mind was lost to the world. I sat down in my spacious wardrobe. It wasn't huge, not like Alice's, but it was big enough for me to able to sit inside it.

I let my fingertip glide over the cover, feeling all the creases and indents in the old leather book. Sighing to myself, I could just about remember half of the pictures that it held. But I knew that I could remember every single memory. Because every single memory was significant. Every memory was a part of my life. Every memory was with my best friends. I smiled thinking of the them. Life would have been terribly boring with out them.

My fingers traced over the words on the front. My Photo Album. Nothing original, and nothing creative. Just, plain and simple, my photo album, but this thing was sacred. We all knew that. It bound us all together in really silly ways. It just reminded us all, that we were best friends. We could never decide on a cool name for it though. So we just stuck with the photo album. Alice made a point of calling it THE Photo Album. She tried to explain how the 'the' made it more important, because there was only one. We all thought she was crazy, but we all understood.

In actual fact, it wasn't anything special. Not really. My mum started it the day I was born. And we just continued it when we were old enough. Like a private joke between us. Always saying, "Well, that's gonna' go in the photo album". It wasn't only photos, it was reminders of days we didn't want to forget. To other people, it seems like a bunch of random pictures and junk a bunch of crazy kids put together. But to us, it was so much more. It was our story.

Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and last but never the least, Edward. Out of everyone, Edward was my best friend. It never mattered that he was a boy and I was a girl. We just fit. He was born three days before me, and he never let me forget it. I giggled quietly, before curiosity got the better of me. I couldn't even remember the last time I had looked at this.

I carefully opened it up. The leather creaked slightly as it opened, after being left for so long. The book rested snug in my lap.

My eyes scanned the first page, and I smiled. It was a picture I was more than used to. It was the same picture that was on my mums wall, the first thing you would see when you entered her house.

It was a picture of a hospital room. Renee, my mother, was lay in a bed, looking like the happiest woman alive, holding a small pink bundle. Nothing about the small child in her arms, would tell you that it was me. Except my big brown chocolate eyes. They have stayed same since birth. My eyes looked over to the woman on Renee's left. Who was cooeing over me with Renee.

In her arms, she held two small bundles as she leaned over the bed. One was wrapped in pink, like me, a girl. A small tuft of black hair was already on her head, and shining bright blue eyes looked up to her mother. This was Alice.

The second bundle, was blue. A small boy, with dark blue eyes, hints of green already showing. He looked out from his place in his mother's arms to me, in wonder at what was going on. This was Edward. Alice and Edward were twins but nothing alike.

The woman holding them was Esme, with her caramel coloured hair up in a ponytail as she looked down at me smiling the warm smile I could never get usest to. On the bed, in between my mother and Esme, was a one year old. Although he was already quite big. A small mop of black curly hair and dark blue eyes, he smiled a big cheesy grin for the camera. This was Emmett. He was Alice and Edwards older brother. Ever since he was little, he thought he was funny.

On the opposite side was a tall blonde woman. She held a small blonde boy in her arms, hazel eyes wide in shock. He was around the same age as Emmett. His little arm stretched out a little as if to touch me. This was Jasper, and his mother, Linda. Jasper was always sensitive to change and always one to be a bit more adventurous.

On the bed in between Renee and Linda was another little girl. With very, very short blonde hair. Her hazel eyes matched Jasper's. She sat elegantly for a one year old, crossed legged, with her head cocked to one side as she examined the new baby in front of her. This was Rosalie. Rosalie and Jasper were also twins.

This was September 13th, the day I was born. Alice and Edward had been born three days before, on September 10th. Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper were all born the previous year. And this was the first picture of us all together, the first of many.

Our mothers were best friends, from when they were little too, and our grandparents aswell. So it was almost destined that we would all be best friends too. But even without that, I have a feeling we would have been brought together anyway.

Now I don't remember what happened that day, obviously, but i've heard the story many times from Renee, Linda and Esme. But I think I can get the gist of it.

Right after the picture was taken, Charlie smiled and sighed at his wife and perfect daughter.

"I'm going to get a coffee, you want anything hon?" He asked Renee, his smile hadn't faded since Isabella had been born. Renee looked up from staring at her daughter and smiled a small tired smile and shook her head no softly. Charlie beamed as he left the room. Leaving the three women and children alone.

"Oh, Ren, she is absolutely beautiful, she has Charlies eyes and your cheekbones, you can tell already she's gonna' be a knockout" Esme cooed. Linda giggled as Jasper leaned forward a little more in her arms trying to reach the new baby Isabella. Linda lifted him up and replaced him on her hip. He squirmed more as the women simply laughed.

"Isabella is such a beautiful name, little Izzy!" Linda exclaimed, already thinking of possible nicknames for her friend's daughter.

Renee looked into her daughters eyes, and tilted her head in thought.

"I don't think she would like that" Renee laughed a little. "But what do I know, she's barely a day old"

"She has that look about her thought doesn't she, a day old but already so serious and quiet" Esme commented leaning over a little more to get a look at the baby.

"Rosalie, Alice and Isabella are going to be best friends, I can tell" Linda giggled as she pulled Jasper back again, whilst he pouted.

Emmett, obviously getting bored of the womens chatter, decided to put his new skills into action. He had just learned to crawl. So getting on his hands and knees, he slowly made his way across the bed, to be pretty little blonde girl on the opposite side. She watched as he made his way over to her, a small scowl becoming a perfect pout on her little pink lips. He looked up as he was about to close the last amount of space. Rosalie didn't want him any nearer. Holding up her bright pink rattle, she swung her little arms and hit him square on the head. Making a small little thump, he crashed onto the bed, losing his already shaky balance. All three women immediately stopped talking and stared wide eyed at the scene in front of them.

"Rosalie! That wasn't very nice" Linda scolded, putting Jasper next to Renee and picking up her daughter. Alice squealed a small noise in Esme's arms. Isabella made a small gurgling noise, which if she was any older, the women would think was a giggle.

"Renee, can you hold Edward, whilst I take care of Emmett" Renee nodded. Esme already had her arms full with both Alice and Edward. Giving Edward to Renee, Esme picked up Emmett and placed him on her hip. Kissing his head where a small red mark now was. Emmett wasn't crying or even looked upset, he did look a little put out though. Like someone had made a bad joke, that he didn't get.

"Im so sorry Esme, she's just gets so fiesty sometimes" Linda apologised, bouncing Rosalie in her arms, as she started to sniffe. Esme giggled.

"It's fine, I think he just wanted to come say hello" The women laughed and turned to Renee who was watching Edward and Isabella in wonder.

"Whats up Ren?" Linda asked walking back to her position next to Renee.

"Look at them, they're just staring at each other" Renee answered in a whisper. Esme and Linda looked down at the two small children, and Renee was right, they were just staring at each other, taking the other in.

"Wow" Esme whispered. All three women were distracted, so none of them saw Jasper getting a little bored and reacing over to the wires on the wall. Tugging on one, he lost balance and knocked over the glass of water on the bedside table, as soon as the wire disconnected from the wall, a high screeching alarm started to go off.

The water spilled over Rosalie who was on Linda's hip. Who then started to cry, and swing her arms around. Alice didn't like the noise and started to wail aswell; setting off Edward and Isabella, finally breaking them out of the trance they had been in. Jasper smiled smugly from his place on the bed, and Emmett looked around confused.

Renee, tried to calm down the children, but couldn't help herself and burst out laughing. Esme and Linda, watched as their friend laughed gloriously, and couldn't help but join in.

"Why do I have the feeling, this is all just the beginning" Esme asked above the alarm. Linda and Renee nodded still laughing.

Charlie ran in soon after looking frantic.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Charlie looked around the room at the laughing women, and the teary eyes children. The women looked at Charlie, and set off laughing again. A nurse came in and turned off the alarm finally.

"We better get ready ladies, this is the start of the rest of our lives" Renee giggled, watching as her new little daughter fell into a slumber.

Bella had been told the story by her mother, Esme, Linda, and Charlie. Emmett claims he remembers the day too, but of course no one believes him. Giggling quietly at the thought of how even then from a young age, everyone was already taking on the personalities that would make their lives so much fun made her smile.

Even then, they were best friends.

Turning over the page, Bella sighed contented. It was about time she took a trip down memory lane, and there was no time like the present...

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