Age 17

The Letter


I rolled my eyes at the silliness of my friends. We truly did have some good times; the goofy smile on my face was starting to hurt my cheeks. But I didn't care, reading through The Photo Album always made me feel nostalgic.

Turning the page again, there was no photo, only a carefully folded up piece of paper. My breath caught the moment I saw it. My goofy smile disappearing quickly into a look of awe as I reached for the paper, and unfolding it carefully. My eyes started to fill with tears and I let out a shaky breath. I could remember this particular memory like it happened just yesterday.

I paced around my room, bored of having nothing to do. I flopped onto my bed face first and groaned into a pillow. It was Saturday, and everyone was busy.

Deciding there was only one thing for it, I jumped off my bed and reached for my phone and dialled Edward's number immediately.

"Hey Bella, what's up?" He greeted cheerily down the phone. His voice sent shivers through me, damn him.

"I'm boooooooooored" I whined down the phone as he just chuckled at me.

"What do you want me to do about it?" He asked.

"Come over and amuse me of course" I declared as he chuckled at me again.

"I'm at work right now" He answered, as I pouted.

"EDWARD" I started to shout down the phone "Come over to my house to play, pleaaaase"

He started to laugh again before replying "Well lucky for you, my shift ends in about 20 minutes, but I was going to take my car over to Rose's and leave it there to be looked at"

"No no no no no! Just drive over here and see me, and then you can leave your car here and we will make Rose come over and look at it! HA!"

"Fine fine, you know I can't resist you Isabella Swan. I'll be round in 20" He caved, getting ready to hang up the phone.

"WAIT!" I shouted "What am I supposed to do for 20 minutes?" I asked scared of becoming bored again.

"Read a book" Was all he said before hanging up on. I glared at the phone before hanging up myself.

I sighed and looked around my room, which book should I read. Deciding to go through my entire book collection, I stood on a chair and browsed my book shelf. There was dozens of them piled up all in tight rows going back for at least a foot.

I started to read titles, deciding they weren't right and throwing them behind me onto the bed. When I started to get to the back few rows I had to stand on my tiptoes and stretch my arm as far as it would go. Retrieving what seemed to be Wuthering Heights, my elbow knocked off the thick black book to my right. It landed with a thud on the floor, its pages being crushed against the carpet.

"Dammit" I whispered to myself as I jumped down quickly to gather up The Photo Album. Picking it up carefully by its spine, a mass of glitter fell out, along with a crisp white envelope.

I looked at the envelope on the floor quizzically for a moment, had it been inside the Album? Placing The Photo Album down next to me on the floor, I picked up the envelope. It was plain and white, with Bella inscribed on the front.

My shock and curiosity took over then, as I sat leaning against the side of my bed and ripped open the unusual letter. The moment I opened it, I gasped in shock immediately recognising the handwriting.

Dearest Bella,

I am not entirely sure when you will find this letter, but I hope you find it soon. At least I think I do, my nerves are all in a mess as I write this and I'm not sure if I ever want you to find this.

But I decided that it is finally time to come clean about some things, especially my feelings. And by that I mean my feelings for you.

You see Bella, the thing is, I'm in love with you. Now don't freak out! But you must have at least guessed it by now. I just can't help myself when I'm around you, I would do anything for you, be anything for you. It is quite a daunting feeling, but I quite like it.

I have loved you for so long, perhaps my entire life. But we were just little kids; we still are in some ways. But I never knew that I truly loved you until a few months ago, I have always known that I cared for you more than I should, but the love thing is quite recent.

I'm sorry if my proclamation has startled you in any way, but I knew I had to tell you. And there was no way I would be able to do it face to face.

You are so beautiful, and kind, and loyal. You are smart and sassy, and everything about you makes my heart go absolutely crazy. And your smile makes me go all jittery. Simply, you make me a complete mess Bella. There is not a day I don't think about you, and wish you cared for me as much as I care for you.

This is why I have written you this letter, to finally tell you everything and lay it all out there. And I can finally stop wondering What If? Although I won't know when you have read this letter unless you actually say something to me about it….Maybe this wasn't my best idea. Oh well, too late now.

I love you Bella, the rest is up to you now.

Forever yours,

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I stared at the letter in shock. It was definitely his handwriting, could he really mean all those things he had written. I didn't have long to process anything as I heard a movement in my doorway.

"Hey" Greeted the familiar voice.

I looked up quickly, a single tear rolling down my cheek. "Hey" I replied.

"You know, I meant every word" He took a step towards me, smiling his perfectly content smile.

I stood up, letting The Photo Album fall to the floor, and circled my arms around his neck. "I know" I whispered just before he kissed me. I kissed him back, I couldn't be happier. Edward was perfect. Placing his hands up my hips he cuddled my closer to him.

"Happy anniversary darling" He chuckled, leaning his head against mine and looking into my eyes.

I reached up to kiss him once more before replying, "Ten years and we haven't killed each other"

He laughed as I stepped away gathering up The Photo Album and putting it on the bed as I finally found my shoes.

"The Photo Album, we haven't looked at this in years" He flipped through a few of the photos before placing it back on the bed and turning back towards me. "Are you ready?"

"Yes yes, are the kids in bed?" I asked as he helped me into my jacket.

"Well, Jack and Gracie are asleep but Junior is downstairs watching some movie with Emmett" He replied placing a delicate kiss on my neck.

"Fine, but he goes to bed as soon as the movie is over, will we make our reservation?" I inquired as we walked downstairs and I called out a good night to Junior and Emmett as we walked past the living room. I had been looking at The Photo Album for quite a while.

"Yes don't worry I have everything sorted" He opened the door for me. "Now are you ready Mrs Cullen?"

I looped my arm through his as we left the house. "More than ready Mr Cullen."

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