This is a translation of the fanfic "Ezellahen" (Spanish) by Utena-Puchiko-nyu and Angeli Murasaki. This is a finished fic and if you read Spanish then I strongly encourage you to read this in its native language. This fanfic was NOT written by me nor do I hold any claim to the original work. I am only attempting to translate it to the best of my ability; any mistakes due to my translation are entirely my own and are in no way connected to the original authors. If you have any specific questions you wish to direct to the authors but are not fluent enough in Spanish, feel free to message me and I shall forward your question as soon as possible. Everything you will read from this point on will be my translation of the authors writing unless otherwise stated.

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Disclaimer: The characters of this story recognized from Harry Potter are the property of J.K. Rowling/Warner Bros while those from Middle Earth belong to Tolkien. In the future, two very entertaining characters from CLAMP will also be incorporated. This is a work of pure entertainment and we claim no monetary benefit what so ever.

Summary: When Lily Potter conjured her protective magic for her son, before dying at the hands of Voldemort, not only was she able to save his life, but she also transported him to another dimension. This dimension was none other than that of Middle Earth. In this place, two elves, the twins Elladan and Elrohir (after finding him in the middle of a forest), will be the ones in charge of changing chibi-Harry into the perfect elf-human.

Pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Faramir/Éowyn and in the future Severus Snape/Bill Weasley and Elladan/Regulus (Morë) for now… for the rest you will have to wait and see.

WARNING: This fanfic is set COMPLETELY in an Alternate Universe therefore, we don't want to hear any complaints later. There will be male pregnancy, elves, wizards OOC and much more.

Important Note: This fanfic was written in conjunction with my beta like the majority of my fics. If you have read any of my previous work you would have already heard of her. Her nickname is Angeli Murasaki and together we decided to begin this project. She is also uploading another fic that we wrote together called Gigoló, if youare interested the ID is: 3672284. It is also slash and the main pairing is Lucius/Remus.

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-"If it looks like this": Elvish tongue. Words within / word / are the translations.

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-Halloween 1981-


James Potter was currently playing with his small son. Harry, only a year old, watched entranced by the precious jewel that he had within his hands. It was a medallion made of pure gold. At its center it contained the engraving of a shield, painted grey and infringed by a red design in the form of an inverted V, it was adorned by three strange stars, similar to shooting stars. In the upper section only one word could be clearly read: Potter.

"This medallion is the coat-of-arms of our family, Harry. When you become an adult it will belong to you. It has many charms, you know," he smiled while he stopped his child from putting the object in his mouth. "One of these charms enables us to locate you wherever you are if you are carrying it with you, but it will also protect you from moderately minor dangers."

"Like for example, if you fall from the motorcycle when your godfather takes you out for a ride without our permission," muttered the red head with green eyes. Lily Potter, Harry's mother and James' wife.

"Oh, come one Lils. You know that Padfoot would never do anything that would hurt his godson. None of the Marauders would ever do anything that would hurt a member our family."

"Maybe," she grumbled, "But I hope you are not trying to justify your friend's kidnapping of our son."

"Of course not, Ma'am," he said straightening up and looking serious. "That awful man deserves his punishment; when you order it I shall batter him with horrible curses so that he may remember that one does not fool around with the young Prongsie."

"Idiot," she said smiling. She shook her head, her husband always manager to drag a smile out of her and make her forget her annoyance towards the irresponsible Sirius Black. In what moment did it occur to me to accept to make that arrogant man my son's godfather?

"Well Harry, let's set the table, it will soon be dinner time."

James stood up with his son in his arms and the medallion fell to the floor. Frowning, he decided to have Harry wear it for the night; after all, he didn't think he would lose it. He felt a bit sad at having to spend such an important night for wizards with only the company of Lily and Harry. Because they were being targeted by the most powerful dark wizard since the time of Grindelwald and were hiding under the Fideliuscharm, their visitors were limited. This all made him hate that madman even more, if that was even possible; he didn't even know the reason for which they were being targeted. He suspected that Albus Dumbledore knew, but he wasn't sure he really wanted to know.

For this very reason he found it strange to hear movement outside his house in Godric's Hollow. He neared the window and what he saw made his heart stop.


From the kitchen a great racket of falling objects could be heard. Seconds later an angry redhead emerged from through the kitchen door with the firm purpose of telling off her husband; however his pale face and the terror in his eyes stopped her cold.

"What is it, James?"

"It's him, Lily! Take Harry and hide!" he exclaimed.

"Him…." she babbled frightened, taking her son in her arms, "but…"

"There is no time for buts! Go up Lily, I'll try to stop him!"

Lily Potter complied fervently and went up to the second floor, her eyes clouded by tears of terror. She knew that if Lord Voldemort was capable of undoing the protective charms upon the house, nothing and no one could change the fact that they were going to die that night. She entered he son's room and placed him in the crib.

She gazed at him, so handsome, identical to his father in every way…only his eyes were different, the color an intense green, they were even more beautiful than her own, perhaps because of the innocence that shone through them. It didn't take her long to make the decision, ever since her school years, thanks to her insatiable quest for improvement, she had found a spell of an ancient magic of protection. Perhaps it wouldn't do much, but at least it would give Dumbledore time to get there, alerted by the removal of the spells he had casted.

She kneeled in front of the crib and started to chant, tracing strange runes with her wand. Harry smiled and didn't miss a detail of those weird drawings his mommy made.




His wand trembled in his hand, yes…he was terrified, but he wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing and he was going to do the impossible to defend his loved ones, even though he knew it was futile. He felt the last spell fall and prepared himself.

He growled in exasperation when he noted how the door opened slowly, as if to prolong his death even more or perhaps looking to intimidate him more than he already was. He didn't have to wait long, for in front of him, the unnerving figure of Lord Voldemort rose proudly. His red eyes and serpentine façade made James' knees shake, but his family was in danger and he was prepared to die in order to defend it.

"James Potter…" He barely controlled his body not to shudder as he heard that repulsive voice.

"Get the hell out of here, monster."

"Ha, I have finally found you, and obviously, I am not going to obey an inferior Gryffindor like you," he said with disdain. "You are very bold Potter," he smiled maliciously. "Unfortunately, you serve me better dead than alive. Therefore…since it took me so long to find you I shall make you and that mudblood suffer for the inconveniences you put me through. Crucio!"

He was taken by surprise and didn't even have time to defend himself. Unfortunately, a small toy of his son was in his way, he stepped on it and couldn't help falling to the floor, hitting his head against the corner of Moony's favorite easy chair….the next thing he felt was the pain of the Cruciatus and then only darkness.

"Tsk, these Gryffindors are so weak," he mocked while he approached Potter's body. He kicked him roughly and since he didn't show any signs of life, left him there; a puddle of blood flowing alarmingly from his head, "one gone."

He leisurely climbed up the stairs, he knew exactly where his objective lay, an intense magic he couldn't describe stemmed from the room, but he didn't care about it. He'll kill the brat at all costs; he wasn't going to allow any prophecy to ruin his plans.

Lily allowed herself to sigh calmly, she had finished the spell, and she was exhausted, but was prepared for anything that might present itself from this point on. Something told her that her spell was accurate and that her son will survive. Survive to live a life of prosperity and happiness.

She felt goosebumps rise all over her body as she sensed the door open. She took a deep breath and turned.

"Lord Voldemort."

"Oh," he smiled arching an eyebrow. "The mudblood does not fear saying my name?" he mocked.

"Your ridiculous name isn't remotely frightening," she said with derision.

The red eyes narrowed and Voldemort's jaw tightened.

"Move mudblood. Let me do what I came here to do and I promise to let you live"

Lily looking at him horrified. Did he really think she would obey such an order?

"Please," she begged with tears in her eyes, "kill me. Not Harry. Please."

"Move," he snarled.

"Not Harry, no!" She shouted while shielding the confused figure of the child with her body. "Not Harry, no! Please!"

"Fine," he hissed, smiling maliciously, "I gave you your opportunity." He raised his wand: "Avada Kedavra!"

Please, I only wish for my son to live in a place where he could be happy, this was her last thought before the curse did its job. Her body fell inert upon the floor, her gaze typical of those attacked by the worst of all the Unforgivables Curses.

"Damn mudblood," he spit, watching her with contempt. Leaving the redhead's side, his gaze fixed upon his supposed assassin. The child that had been born to be his nemesis, to kill him. "A pleasure to meet my worst enemy," he sneered.

"Mommy!" Harry started to cry when he saw his mommy on the floor, stretching his small hands reaching towards her.

"Damn brat," he snarled raising his wand. He narrowed his eye a bit when he thought he saw how a light surrounded the child. He shook his head without really caring much and said the words he would regret for the rest of his life: "Avada Kedavra!"

He could see it all in slow motion. The light that surrounded Harry Potter become stronger, but didn't stop his curse from touching his forehead. He mouth opened in surprise seeing how the Killing Curse rebounded upon him. Pain, that was what he felt while his body disintegrated…the last thing he was able to see was how the brat disappeared.




-Another place, another dimension-


/"Aragorn is…strange. Don't you think, brother?"/

Elladan looked over at his brother, frowning. They were guarding the outskirts of the Fangorn forest, even though the war of the ring had ended a couple of months ago, there were still some orcs that looked to cause problems. He considered his twin's question and affirmed: /"Yes…when our sister left him to go to Valinor he didn't allow for his desolation to show, since we were in the middle of the war. Still, when we returned to Gondor I was able to see his sadness…but now…"/

/"He seemshappier, right? Could it be that he has found someone to replace Arwen's absence?"/

/"I don't know…lately I have only seen him accompanied by Legolas."/ He frowned, /"Do you think that they…?"/ Elrohir smiled mischievously, his brother returning the gesture.

/"Anything can happen brother. And it would be good for Esthel to find a new love…it saddened me to see his so devastated."/


They sighed resonantly, this place sure was boring. In the outskirts of this forest in particular nothing interesting occurred. Both, Elladan and Elrohir, suspected they had been sent to patrol this particular spot as a form of punishment. Since the last time they had been Rivendell they had played a small prank on their old and noble father, Lord Elrond. This prank consisted of insinuating that he was in the bloom of life and could remarry again, in fact, they had arranged a blind date….which was a complete disaster. And since they were no longer of an age to receive a spanking, their dad sent them to this place to die of boredom instead.

/"Brother, look…"/

Elladan stopped his inattentiveness and fixed his sight to where his brother indicated. There, very near to one of the immense and ancient trees of the forest, a white light could be seen. It was small at first, but it soon started to grow and became dazzling. It all happened very quickly, it grew until it formed into a sphere two meters high and then began shrinking until in disappeared.

The twins looked at each other in wonder.

/"What was that…?"/

/"Magic…it has to be ma…"/ Elladan could not finish since their sharp elvish senses let them become aware of the sobbing of a child.

To Be Continued




Notes: Like I said before, this is a story co-authored with my beta. I hope that you like it. It's a x-over that I thought about and she decided to help me ñ.ñ

There will be many x-over pairings as well, but you will have to wait for them. For now, enjoy Chibi-Harry XD

And, yes…before anyone asks, we got the name 'Ezellahen' from the fic Harry Potter en la Tierra Media written by Jeune Circe(We openly recommend the fic because it's excellent…but no slash XD).We spokewith her and she gave permission to use the name, therefore it is authorized.

Ezellahen means green eyes. You will understand in the following chapter.

Translator Notes: Well here is the prologue for this fic. I apologize for any mistakes but it is 4 am and I'm beyond tired. I just wanted to get this started. I will be leaving the original author notes if I think they are relevant, like the one above. Obviously, any story recommendation that the author makes is in Spanish unless otherwise stated, so if these recs bug you can just not read them I suppose.

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