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Chapter 18: Family Reunion


Even though Harry and James had talked things through, the tension was still palpable in the air, especially because neither knew much about the other yet. This was something which complicated things, for example when it was time to eat, considering that the eating habits of elves and wizards were vastly different…especially when it came to sweets. Luckily they had Remus Lupin who made a perfect referee, interpreter and councilor. Of course, the tension only lasted until James had the brilliant idea to introduce his son to the famous sport he loved…Quidditch.

Currently they were both on the most expensive brooms available on the market: Firebolts. (AN: remember that Harry is 13, therefore the broom would already be on sale at this time) And Potter was showing him a few tricks which had made him famous in his own Quidditch playing years.

"By the Valar!" Elrohir cried alarmed, watching his son going into a particularly dangerous spin. It almost reminded him of the ones he used to do when he took on his animagus form. "Is that safe?"

"Of course!" Sirius patted his back. "There's nothing to worry about, Prongs is an expert on a broom…and it looks like Harry inherited his skill. He's a natural…"

Elrohir blushed when he felt the animagus touching him, he sputtered incoherently and went out the rear porch of the house to be closer to Ezellahen.

"Youe friend is weird." Sirius commented, frowning in the elf's direction.

Remus, who was approaching with Lucas in his arms, only smiled. Harry had already spoken to him about his suspicions and he watched with impatience and hope for his words to come true.

"Don't pay attention that it," he murmured. "By the way…there is something I've been meaning to tell you but have not found the appropriate time to discuss it with you."

"What is it?"

"It's about your brother…"

Black turned around looking confused. He had gotten over his younger brother's death a long time ago and saw no reason for why Remus would like to speak about the matter now.

"I'm listening," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, to tell you what I want, we first have to go back to the time when Lily began translating those manuscripts which ended up leading me to Middle Earth. Remember how we never figured out where she got them from?" Sirius nodded. "Well…she got them from none other than your younger brother, Padfoot; it was Regulus who gave them to her." Sirius' jaw dropped.


"From what I know, your brother found those manuscripts among stolen items Voldemort had in his rooms. He immediately knew that they were very important and he didn't want to allow that madman to decipher them and use them for his own purposes, because by that time he already regretted allowing himself to be marked as a Death Eater. This is why he decided to search out someone he could trust…and that person turned out to be Lilly Potter."

"Oh, by Merlin! How do you know all this?"

"Because Regulus himself told me all this." He bit his lower lip when he saw how his friend paled at his words.


"He was not murdered as everyone believed, Sirius. By the time Voldemort discovered about his betrayal, Lily and your brother had already deciphered the spell that allowed transportation to Middle Earth. So then, the day they showed up to kill him, he used the spell using up all of his magical reserves in the endeavor. I ran into him in the same place where Harry lived…" He smiled, moved by the tears in the animagus' eyes. "He's alive and healthy, Paddy. In fact…he has just given birth to two beautiful children."

"A baby..? Wait…two? He's married?" He stammered.

"Tancave…yes, in fact, he's married to Elrohir's twin brother, his name is Elladan. Therefore, my elf friend is actually your brother-in-law."

Sirius' blue eyes turned to where Elrohir was watching his son with apprehension. When he felt another's gaze upon him, the elf turned his head and blushed what he saw Sirius looking at him with intensity and turned his eyes back to Harry, feeling his heart thundering in his chest.

"I can't believe this…and here I believed him to be dead."

"He has been very hurt since he left, anguished by not being able to communicate with you. He feels he failed you when he joined the Death Eaters, but I told him that you had forgiven him, knowing how much pressure your parents were putting on him to do exactly that.

"You're right, if fact, part of the fault is mine. If I hadn't ran away from home my parents would not have added all of my responsibilities on to the ones he already had."

"It's no one's fault that your parents were dark wizards that wanted to push their children to do what they wanted, Siri." Remus said softly, patting one of his friend's arms.

"Perhaps…" He shrugged, raising a hand to wipe away the tears that ran down his cheeks. "Will I be able to see him?"

"I suppose, he wants to see you and the Portal now has a enchantment that allows it to open with a code phrase, so you can go there or he can come here…"


"We had some help from a wizard and elf from the other side." He smiled.


Today Remus and Elrohir had decided to go on an outing at Hogsmeade, taking advantage of the fact that James had taken his son to a Quidditch match and Sirius and Frank had gone along with them. The elf did not really feel like going to watch such a dangerous game, therefore, Remus invited him to explore the only completely magical town in England, taking with them little Cálë, who became more and more excited with every magical item he saw.

"Wow…you look good in wizard's robes," Sirius whistled, making Elrohir frown, but a blush was still visible upon his cheeks. The animagus was right, wizard's robes were not all that different from elfin ones, but were longer and more masculine (according to Black) than the ones used by elves. Elrohir wore a beautiful moss -green robe, which had been tailored made to show off the masculine lines of the elf's athletic built, thanks to the constant exercise and his natural elfish beauty of course.



"It means 'thank you,' Padfoot." Remus interjected, bringing with him his golden haired baby. Sirius and James had grudgingly accepted that child's existence, though it did help that they has seen that Remus had no intention of having any sort of contact with the baby's sire. In their evil minds they enjoyed imagining the Slytherin's expression when he saw that their friend Moony felt nothing but resentment toward him. "Shall we go, Elrohir?"

"Tancave…/Yes, where is Ezellahen?"/

/"Here I am."/

The elf arched an eyebrow when he saw his son's outfit, he remembered being told that those clothes were used by muggles, and the teen did not seem too happy about it. He wore an emerald green cotton shirt (which matched his eyes), black jeans, and a jacket of the same color.

/"You lookdifferent."/

/"I know."/ He huffed. /"But it was either this or those robesI rather use these clothes. They're not that bad…but the fabric feels weird."/ (Note: he's used to silk XD)

"You know…now that I've noticed…why doesn't Ezellahen need to use glasses?" Interrupted Frank, seeing that his animagus friends were getting annoyed at not being able understand a word the new arrivals were speaking. "I thought he would have inherited the Potter's myopia."

"That has to do with the type of food and water that the elves consume. Elves never get sick as a result and Ezellahen has benefited from this as well." Elrohir explained.

"Well, what do you say we get going?" Sirius said energetically. "We are going to see the Chuddley Cannons, they're not the best, but the other team is…and it is a Quidditch game after all."

"Yup, let's go!" James shouted before taking Harry by the arm and dragging him to the portkey they'd prepared.

"Be careful!" Remus called after them, before turning around to look at his elf friend. He smiled when he saw the elf's eyes shining as he looked at Black's derrière. "Enjoying the view?"

"Eh..?" He blushed when he noticed the sarcasm. "W-What are you talking bout..? Come on…" He muttered, taking the baby in his arms before hurriedly walking toward the exit.

"Yes, let's go." He laughed.


Lucius Malfoy exited the Three Broomsticks. He had already bought everything he needed for the Snape twins presents, who would be celebrating their birthdays within a week. Of course, it was something simple, because those snotty brats already had way too many toys, since they managed to make his friend waste almost all of his salary buying them everything they wanted. Not that Severus cared, because his twin redheads and his husband were the light of his eyes. He took his snake-head cane and walked with all the noble bearing that characterized him to where his chauffeur awaited him in his muggle car, which was the only non-magical device created by muggles that he tolerated. Lucius was a practical man and was able of making exceptions every now and then.

He turned a corner and felt every single muscle in his body freeze. Before him was the most wondrous vision he has seen the past three years. Remus Lupin was scrutinizing something in a window display, where baby clothes are sold…and Lucius almost thought he was looking at an angel. His brown hair was a little longer than he remembered and without so much as a hint of gray, his skin was similarly changed, lacking any trace of all the previous scarring. The wizard robes he wore were blue, which were a perfect contrast to his eyes and the healthy pink color of his skin.


He was able to notice how the werewolf's body tensed and how his head turned, frightened. Golden eyes opened as large as dinner plates and, instinctively, took a step back. Oh no…Lucius, why did I have to run into you now? I'm not ready for this yet!

And as if his prayers had been answered, Lucas came out of the candy store that was next to the baby store Remus had been window shopping at before and ran to hug his legs; thus, giving Remus a motive to ignore the Slytherin.

"Adar! /Look at what Daddy Eoir got me!"/He cried happily, showing him the full bag of candy he had in one hand.

Remus smiled nervously and saw the shocked expression on his ex-lover's face, but he ignored him and bent down to his child's level.

/"So much candy, honey?"/ He scolded gently. /"I will be rationing these, all right?"/

"Awww…." The child pouted.

Lucius, on the other hand, was beginning to feel faint. First, was seeing his love after so many years, after thinking that he would never see his again. But now, he was seeing an exact replica of himself when he was three years old. Oh yes, because the toddler currently pouting on the floor was exactly like what he had seen in pictures of himself at that age. The same platinum blond hair, the same features and smile…only one thing was different…the eyes. His stomach twisted unpleasantly as he recognized those golden eyes and he couldn't help but feel responsible. He felt as if he himself had placed that stigma upon his son, because with the new potions available it was possible to stop the infection from being passed on to the child as long as one of the parents was uninfected. But they were very expensive and wherever his love had been, it was obvious that he'd had no access to them…and now his child was a little werewolf.

Following these thoughts, something made him furrow his brow, and that was the fact that he couldn't understand a word they were saying.


"Cálë! /Why did you leave by yourself? You could have gotten lost!"/ Elrohir scolded as he emerged from the store, unknowingly cutting off Lucius mid-question.

/"I came looking for Daddy!"/ The little blond cried, hugging his father's neck, who picked him up to carry him in his arms.

/"This kid…"/The elf sighed.

When he noticed Lupin's lack of reply, he raised his head and noticed that his friend was very tense. He frowned and looked behind Remus. He arched an eyebrow when he saw a confused looking blond just standing there. Elrohir scrutinized him: platinum-blond hair, aristocratic face and gray eyes. He swallowed a laugh, there was no doubt about who this man was…this was the man that had broken his best friend's heart. He smiled maliciously and took a few steps forward to be near enough to put his arms around Remus' waist, who immediately stiffened and looked at his friend with alarm. The message was clear in Elrohir's dark eyes: "Go along with this, we are going to teach that blondie a lesson." The werewolf agreed somewhat insecure and closed his eyes when he felt his friend's lips against his own.

If looks could kill, Elrohir would already be dead. It had already looked a little suspicious to Lucius that the stranger spoke in that same strange languge as his son, his suspicions grew when he saw him treating the stranger with such familiarity, but when he approached his ex-lover and kissed him…he saw red. His hand itched to take out his wand and curse the impudent cur…but he couldn't make such a spectacle of himself in public.

He growled, to hell with decorum..That man was kissing his Remus! He placed his other hand on the serpent handle of his cane, but at the same moment the pair separated, so Lucius then decided that it would be better to talk it over like civilized beings.

"Imbecile, let go of Remus!" He hissed, noting that what he'd planned to say had not come out too well. Oh well…the important thing was to keep his Remus and his son away from that one.

However, his voice seemed to bring Remus out of his stupor. He turned slowly to face Malfoy and, judging from his expression, he wasn't all too happy.

"Oh…and why should he let go of me? I don't know if you are aware of this Mr. Malfoy, but I am a very much a bachelor and without any romantic engagements." He enunciated. "And I can do as I please."

"But you are…"

"You are mistaken, Remus." The elf said with a singsong voice, making his friend look at his with an arch eyebrow and Lucius with confusion. "You are not without romantic engagements…because you have me." He smiled before placing a pop-kiss on the brown haired man.

Lucius' blood boiled but, since at the moment the man took little Lucas in his arms, he stopped himself from cursing him. And the bastard had the gall to smile, knowing what Lucius had been about to do and not been able to go through with it! How cowardly!

"Remus, we have to talk." He hissed coldly.

"You are mistaken." Remus shook his head no, interlacing the fingers of his right hand with Elrohir's. "You and I have nothing to talk about."

"Don't talk to me as if we were strangers!" He exclaimed, out of patience. "And we do have to talk! And the child that man is holding in his arms is the main one!" [TN: Remus is using the polite/distant form which in Spanish is, 'usted,' in this whole conversation, rather than the more familiar 'tu' which is used among friends,family, or people one knows well. Similar to the French use of 'vous' and 'toi']

"That child is my son and there is nothing about him that is any concern of yours." [Continues using 'usted'] He growled, his gold eyes flashing. "Now excuse me, but I was having a good day before I ran into you." He turned to leave but Lucius' hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"We have to talk and I'm not letting you go until we have done so." He hissed decidedly, but a grimace of pain crossed his expression when a vise like grip tore his hand away from the werewolf's shoulder.

"Naurëa already told you that he does not wish to speak with you, sir. Or don't you understand?" His eyes narrowed in anger. "He wants nothing more to do with you, his life is already set…he already has a family to care for him and his child."

The blond's lips tightened into a firm line, glaring daggers at the elf, understanding that this was not going to be easy.

"Very well. I will let you go." He shot Remus a penetrating look. "But this isn't the last you've heard of me, Remus. I always get what I want…and this time won't be any different." He promised before turning and walking with long strides toward his chauffeur once more.

"Wow. He looks pretty determined…" Elrohir commented.

"Yes…" Remus muttered, biting his lower lip and looking apprehensively toward Lucius' retreating car. "And it's true what he said, you know? He always gets what he wants..."

"Hmph…" He huffed disdainfully. "That idiot won't have the pleasure; you would never get back together with him, right?" He asked, somewhat dubious.

Remus looked away, unable to look at his friend in the eye.

"I…my wolf was disquieted and anxious to be near him…"

"I'm not asking about the wolf." He grasped his chin and turned Remus' head to look into his eyes. "I want to know what 'Remus' is going to do about this situation."

But Lupin didn't reply…


James raised his head from the papers he was reading when he heard a knock at the door, he called out his permission to enter and his son's head poked in…with a white hairball on top of it. It had been a shock to everyone when the strange rabbit had burst out of the teen's trunk. The 'thing' was angry and seemed to reproach her owner having kept her locked up in for so long (almost a whole day). Harry had to apologize numerous times before she forgave him, with all the commotion due to the reunion, Harry had completely forgotten he had her in there. Afterward, the creature had been introduced as Mokona, the pet the boy had had since he was five years, a gift from the most powerful wizard in Middle Earth.

"May I come in?"

"Of course, Eze, come in, come in." He encouraged eagerly.

The younger Potter smiled crookedly. James still hadn't gotten used to calling him by his elven name and he had taken to calling him 'Eze.' The teen had no problem with it, after all, his best friend Eldarion used the nickname already.

"What are you doing?" He asked, as he took a seat in front of the older man's desk.

"I'm going over a few matters, I told you I am a teacher and my boss, Headmaster Dumbledore, only gave me a week of leave considering the delicate situation." He smiled at his son. But now I have to return to teaching my classes…" He frowned. "I wish I could resign in order to spend more time with you…but I can't do that to Albus, not when we're already half way through the term."

"That school…it's Hogwarts, right?"

"Yup, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the most famous one in the magical world." He said with pride.

"I remember, Naurëa used to tell me about your adventures in the years you two were students there." He smiled crookedly. "I would like to visit someday."

"Really?" He asked animatedly. "Would you like me to enroll you as a student?"

"A student?"

"Yes!" He cried. "Well, you're 13 and with everything you have learned from Remus and Regulus, I don't think you'll have problems even though it's already almost the middle of the school year. After all, you, as Harry Potter, have had a spot with your name on it since the day you were born. What do you say?"

"Mmmm…I don't know. If I enroll…I will be alone…and well…Dad Elrohir…"

"I understand." James seemed to deflate. "But…You have come here to get to know your family, which is me, and my job is over there and it takes up most of my time. If you decide to do it, I could talk it over with Dumbledore to see if he can make an exception and allow your…dad…" It cost him to use the word. "…could come live at Hogwarts."

"You would do that?" He smiled. "That would be great! I'm curious about Hogwarts and I would like to go…and if my dad can come with us then, I don't have any objections to being enrolled."



"This is all your fault, Draco." Neville hissed at the blond.

"My fault?" He asked, indignant. "It was the twins that gave us the idea to give that stupid dragon to Charlie…I'd told you we shouldn't do it."

"My mom is going to kill me when she finds out." Ron whimpered. "Damn it…I can't believe McGonagall caught us."

The three teens walked slowly towards Hagrid's hut; the whole time having to listen to Filch's tirade about chains and whips. Finally, they reached the grounds keeper's hut, where the half giant told them they would be going into the forbidden forest to look for whatever was killing unicorns. In the end, they split up into two groups, Draco and Neville with the dog, Fang, while Ron went with Hagrid.

"This place is straight out of a horror movie. Neville commented, looking fearfully at the mist that closed in on them from behind."

"Indeed," whispered Draco.

Ever since that day at the Burrow, the friendship between Neville, Ron, and Draco had cemented itself, especially when the blond was sorted into Gryffindor. Of course, thing's started out slowly and Draco had to try his best not to say some derogatory word in front of his new friends, for it was very hard for him to go against many of the things he had been taught since birth. But in memory of his beloved Daddy-Remus and doing everything possible to go against his father's wished, the blond got used to it. And he learned, thanks to his friendship with a muggleborn witch, Hermione Granger, that her sort of people were not inferior to those of pure blood.

"Draco…look." Neville whispered as he pointed with his finger.

Both teens saw, horrified, a downed unicorn on the forest floor, surrounded by a silver puddle of what appeared to be its blood, but that wasn't the worst, because over the dead unicorn some hooded creature was drinking its blood. Both backed up instinctively, but Draco stepped on a branch, breaking it and therefore attracting the monster's attention. All they saw were a pair of eyes before screaming like little girls and taking off running as if the hounds of hell were biting at their heels.

To be continued….

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