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Chapter 10

(Many months later)

The film they had been watching had finished and Olivia had gone into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Eating practically a full tub of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough, although very satisfying, was not a great health plan for the teeth. After finishing up in the bathroom she walked out and straight towards the kitchen.

"Hey El, you want a hot chocolate? I'm making one for me even if it means I have to then brush my teeth again." she said, "El?" she said again, looking over to the couch.

She walked over to the couch and a smile suddenly spread across her face that she knew she'd never be able to wipe off. Lying there fast asleep was Elliot. Lay safely in the crook of his arm, also fast asleep, was their 5 day old son Harry.

Olivia looked down at her stomach, it was more or less flat again, something she actually found herself hating, she wanted to stay feeling pregnant, or just having been pregnant for as long as she could…although she would admit it to anyone she loved been able to just stare at Harry all day long. The one thing she wouldn't miss, but she knew Elliot would, were her new set of boobs, they were huge! She was breatsfeeding Harry, she loved the closeness it gave her to her son and the bond it helped build between them. However now the boobs were just getting in the way and she had been forced to wear Elliot's t-shirts as her own were too tight and added uncomfortable pressure on her very sore boobs.

She couldn't stop thinking about how they had almost lost him before they even had him, but he had proved every Doctor wrong and had held in there and was now a very happy and healthy baby with a great appetite and an even better set of lungs on him.

After the night at the clock shop it had taken both her and Elliot a few weeks in hospital to get back up to full health, and for Olivia and an unborn Harry a few more weeks of bed rest to get perfect. Then it had been ass duty in the squad room for them whilst Elliot had partnered up with Fin and Munch.

As for Merritt he had left behind a sad trial of destruction, one none of them would ever forget but finally he was at peace. Thankfully they had all come out of it alive. The biggest miracle from it all was Harry. The craziest part was the explosives she had been fitted with were all fakes, not a single one of them had been real. It had all been part of his game. He had wanted to see just how far Elliot would go to save them.

Anyway that was then, this was now…

She wanted to leave her boys there, but the couch was old and she knew that if Elliot spent the night on it chances were he wouldn't be able to get up off it the next morning. Carefully she reached down and picked Harry up. He made a few little whimpering sounds, not wanting to leave the warmth and protection of his father but upon realizing he was now in his mothers warm and safe arms he quickly drifted back off to sleep as he nuzzled his face agaisnt her breast. She kissed his head and gently stroked his back comforting him all the more.

She gently nudged Elliot and he woke up and quickly shot a look at his now empty and slightly cold arm.

"Relax. I got him." she said to him.

Seeing Harry safe he slowly pushed himself up. He stretched as he stood up. Olivia just stood there watching him as she softly swayed with Harry, sending him into an even deeper sleep.

Elliot placed his hand on the back of her head and held it as he placed a loving kiss on her lips. Something he now made sure to do as often as he could every day. Never again would he regret never having kissed her properly.

He then kissed Harry's head, stroking his head of thick brown hair, just like his mothers. He had his father's big blue eyes, his mother's nose and naturally tanned complexion and his own little chin. He was perfect in everyway.

"I'll be in in a minute." Elliot said before walking off to the bathroom.

Olivia walked into the bedroom. She walked over to Harry's cot but she couldn't bring herself to put him in it. Instead she walked over to the bed and climbed in, placing Harry down next to her. She fell asleep stroking the bridge of his little nose, something she had done since the moment he was born. It was the only thing that would settle him when he was crying.

When Elliot walked into the bedroom, the sight in front of him made his stop and stare and smile. Olivia was sound asleep and Harry lay sleeping next to her, holding tightly onto her finger. He walked over to the bed, already in the sweatpants he would be sleeping in. He couldn't bring himself to separate them, his favorite couple, so he just slipped silently into bed and place his arm over the both of them before joining them in sleep.

No longer did either of them have nightmares about Merritt Rook and his sick and very twisted games, they just thought about the future they had ahead of them with their new son. A life that wouldn't involve Merritt's mind games.

The End

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