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This idea I got because I lost the internet and have no TV at the same time, so the only thing I've had to watch, that is Law and Order: SVU, is the episode Undercover that is on my computer, so I ended up coming up with this…

BEWARE spoilers for season 9 episode Undercover!

Summary: Harris is released and is out for his revenge. The team struggle to keep victim Ashley safe as well as one of their own…Olivia!

When Ashley goes missing Olivia gets a call from Harris willing to trade her for Ashley, going it alone she accepts…but can she really trust Harris?

All the while the SVU is trying to catch someone who is abducting women and selling them over the internet as slaves. Can they work both cases and bring one of their own home safe…?

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Chapter 1

It was late and the squad room was empty. The usually noisy, busy place now offered Elliot a quiet place to catch up on DD5's as well as avoid going home to diaper duty, a teething baby and a screaming wife. The cribs where ten times more comfortable than the couch that Kathy had been making him sleep on at home for the last 3 weeks.

Elliot looked up from his paperwork as he heard Olivia's heels tapping on the floor as she walked over to her desk. She had been getting ready for a girls night out with Casey and Melinda. It was something they had planned months ago and had all wanted to bail out on, with the current case going on, but had all ultimately decided the distraction would be healthy for them all.

Elliot couldn't help but stare, she looked stunning, much more than usual…if that were possible he quickly thought. She was wearing a low cut, off the shoulders, short black dress and black heels that emphasized just how long and tanned and desirable her long legs were. It suddenly occurred to him just how curvy his partner was and just how much he'd like to see those curves without clothing and how much he'd like to hold them whilst he…

"Earth, to Elliot Stabler!" Elliot was forced out of his dream world as Olivia threw a scrunched up piece of paper at him.

"What?!" he asked, totally flustered.

"Are you okay? You were starting to worry me. You keep fazing out." Olivia said sounding genuinely concerned.

"Yeah…I'm fine." he told her.

She just looked at him. She knew him too well so wasn't convinced. He had his 'I'm gonna say I'm okay but really I'm falling apart' look spread across his face. "El…" she began to say.

"Aren't you going to be late?" he asked her. He didn't want to talk about his issues at home and truthfully he wasn't sure of how much more he could take of her looking absolutely stunning and not being ale to throw her down onto their desks and…

"ELLIOT!!" Olivia shouted, having to shout to get his attention.

Once again Elliot was forced out of his dream world. "Yeah Liv..?"

"El I have to go now…are you sure you're okay? If you need me to stay so we can talk, I will." she offered.

"No. Liv I'm fine, really. Just this case…It's getting to me…" he lied, "…you go out. Have a good time. You need a night off from the case and from this place." he reminded her.

"Yeah you're right. I hope we crack this case soon cause I don't think I have the energy to have to tell another girl or woman's family that they're never going to see her again because she's been sold as a sex slave by God only knows who…" she began, once again not letting the case drop. She even began glancing through the latest missing girls file as she spoke. That is until Elliot pulled it out of her hands and closed it.

"Go. You're going to be late. As much as I hate to say it, we have nothing on this case so it will still be here tomorrow." Elliot reminded her.

Olivia just smiled at him. She knew he was right. "Okay…but you're sure you're okay?" she asked once more.

"Go!" Elliot said firmly.

"I'm going…" she said as she grabbed her purse and made a quick dash towards the door, "…but you make sure you get home and get some sleep."

"GO!" he said more firmly.

"Gone!" she called back before she jumped in the elevator.

- - - - - -

A little while later, and hours of getting nothing from the missing girl's files, Elliot was ready for taking himself up to the cribs until Cragen walked out of his office. Elliot hadn't even realized that the older man was still in there.


"Your partner gone out?" Cragen asked knowingly.

"Yeah," Elliot replied covering his mouth as a yawn escaped. He was pretty exhausted and knew the second his head hit the pillow he would be fast asleep. "Ladies night out." he informed him.

Cragen half smiled before a frown spread across his face, quickly joined by a fearful worried look.

"Capt what is it?" Elliot questioned.

"I just got off the phone to a friend. He told me that Lowell Harris was released…" he began hesitantly.

"What jerk let him out? How is he out?" Elliot yelled in disbelief.

"Entrapment…" Cragen informed him.

"Are you being serious?" Elliot asked, truly unable to believe what he was hearing.

"Judge agreed that Liv purposely made herself noticed by the guards and went down to the basement with Harris knowing what he would want to do to her…" Cragen said.

"This is bullshit…what about Ashley's statement, there's no denying he was the one who raped her, she identified him." Elliot protested. Worry had set right in and struck him hard. Olivia was his partner and his best friend and… he just had to keep her safe. He just knew Harris would want his revenge and that with out a doubt he would be after her.

- - - - - -

Olivia, Melinda and Casey were all sat at a table, all drinking cocktails, all laughing and joking and just having a great time. Neither of them, surprisingly, had thought about the case all night, well not much anyway… None of them however, saw the guy sat in the shadows, drinking a beer and refusing to look away from one of them in particular, Olivia.

None of them saw Lowell Harris…


For the record I might not be one hundred percent right on the whole 'Entrapment ruling thingy' I really should have paid a lot more attention in law.

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