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Chapter 16

Elliot was at home. Kathy had gone bed early with Eli who wasn't very well. He was teething and making damn sure everybody knew about it. Elliot was sat on the back porch steps, drinking a beer when suddenly his phone began vibrating. He picked up and saw he had a new message. He flipped it open and saw 'U gonna let me in or not?' It was from Olivia.

When he got to the front door she was stood there with two cups of coffee. "I got something much better than that out back." he said as he held the door open for her to come inside. She smiled at him and gladly accepted the invitation.

- - - - - -

They both sat out back, on the steps, both of them with a beer. They had began a conversation with the usual chit-chat; how are the kids, how's things with you and Kathy, how's the therapy going?

After that they had both become quiet. However, they could do that. They could be in each others company without finding it awkward when neither of them were saying anything, but clearly had a thousand things on their minds.

Suddenly, Olivia broke the silence as she spoke, "I went to see Harris tonight." she told Elliot, looking into the half empty beer bottle in her hands.

Elliot just looked at her. In his head he couldn't come up with a reason why she would want to go see him. "Liv…" he began.

"I needed to face him." she said quickly, knowing she had confused him. "It was my way of knowing for sure that he is somewhere where…where he can't hurt me. I still see his face every night Elliot, and I see Ashley's and Ricky's and that other girl and all I think about is how none of this would've happened if I hadn't gone to Sealview." she said as tears began to fall down her cheeks.

Elliot scooted closer to her and put his arm around her shoulder. "You saved so many more women from him and from Parker by going there. If we hadn't have stopped him he would've continued raping women there, eventually he would have killed them when he was finished with them. We've stopped him now Liv he won't hurt anyone like that ever again."

"He was gonna kill me. I fought back and he hated it. Because he couldn't kill me he killed other people, like Ashley. " she told him.

"No, Liv. He killed because he was twisted."

"You and I have both killed people, does that mean we're twisted." she asked him.

"No, Olivia, we were doing our job. There's a difference. Harris just killed out of hate."

She just nodded, she knew he was right about that, but it still hurt and she still felt the way she did.

"Olivia…sometimes bad things happen in our lives and there isn't anything we can do to stop them." Elliot told her as her tears continued to fall, even as she wiped them away. "It isn't fair and we certainly don't understand them, but you can either learn from those things, and become stronger because of them, or you can let them take you under." he said.

"Elliot, Ashley was just a kid." she reminded him.

"I know, but Liv, you have got to stop tearing yourself up over this because eventually you are going to burn out and I couldn't stand to see that happen. You're my best friend and I hate to see you hurting like this… This pain you're feeling won't get any better soon. I know you know that though."

"I know…and seeing Harris tonight, it helped, it did, but so much of me wants him dead, but then I think he'll be getting the easy way out there, he deserves to rot in prison and have the same shit done to him that he did to others." She said bitterly.

Elliot just laughed and hugged her a little tighter. "You know what I would call that?" he said.

"What?" she asked with a smile as she wiped her tears away.

"Divine justice." he said making her laugh, making them both laugh.

"Thanks El." she said. That laugh helped her feel stronger, it showed her there was hope for her after all. They finished off their beers and then Olivia went home, thinking about what Elliot had said and thinking about what she had said to Harris.

That night when she got into bed; she disarmed her gun, put it in its box in the drawer next to her bed, turned the lights off, all of them, and fell fast asleep. She didn't think about Lowell Harris once, nor did she think of him the next night, or the next night after that, or the next, or the next… she didn't think of him again.

The End

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