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Another old Neuro fic I made. This one's almost two year's old already. :D


According to her record, it was the fourth box for the week. And since each box contained twelve individual pieces, it naturally meant that four times twelve equaled forty-eight–--there were forty-eight pieces all in all.

Forty-eight pieces of takoyaki that she was never able to taste.

Forty-eight pieces destroyed and wasted by a certain individual who definitely didn't care about nor understand how important these forty-eight pieces of takoyaki were to her.

"Those were from Nana's Takoyaki store…" she mumbled while staring the pool of ooze just a few inches away from her feet. She raised her head to look at Neuro; damn bastard was so busy boasting about how he felt that he was going to find a sumptuous riddle today that he failed to notice that dagger-like stare that she was throwing at him.

But it turned out that Neuro wasn't as dense as she had thought. He looked back, catching her annoyed expression firsthand. Unlike other normal and sensitive human beings, he didn't look concerned about the fact the she was practically killing him in her mind. But then again, Neuro wasn't like any other normal human being. Heck,he wasn't even human at all.

"Do want to say something, servant?"

Yako's annoyance doubled as Neuro once again used one of his more common nicknames for her. Placing her hands on her hips, she released an angry huff. "You did it again," she said in an accusing tone. "You wasted another box of takoyaki! And it was from Nana's too! "

"Hmm…is that all?" –Neuro raised an eyebrow–"Save such trivial matters for later. We must get to the riddle quickly."

She pursed her lips together, continuing to show her displeasure. Neuro was so insensitive. All he thought about was himself, himself, and himself. He was so self-centered she couldn't help but question herself why she was still putting up with him.

"I'm getting impatient, Yako."

She got her answer when Neuro suddenly changed into his monster form and threatened her with his sinister glare.

"Do not try my patience when I'm hungry. My mood easily turns sour when I'm hungry."

Afraid of what he might do, she hesitantly left her place to follow him.

Fear,as always,was the most effective tool for persuasion. And it's rather unfortunate that Neuro was such an expert when it came to instilling it.

- – -

But despite his fearsome attitude and demeanor, Neuro, she discovered, wasn't really as bad as she had originally thought.

Three days after Neuro and herself solved the latest murder case, she was surprised to find several boxes of Nana's Takoyaki on top the dining table. Curious, she turned her attention to the person sitting on the topmost chair.

"Why are there so many boxes of takoyaki here?"

Holding a smug expression, Neuro stood up and crossed his arms over his chest. "What's the matter? Don't you like your reward?"


"For being a good apprentice," he replied as he picked up a box from the table surface." Come now, eat to you heart's content." Quickly, he threw the box towards her direction, but before she could even catch or dodge it, the box was able to hit her squarely in the face.

So much for chivalry.

The impact had hurt a bit but she decided to let his rude action slide. She forgave Neuro in exchange for his rare moment of thoughtfulness.

A pleasant aroma filled Yako's nose as she opened the carton. Without a doubt, only Nana's Takoyaki could smell this delicious. She looked back at Neuro and smiled. "Thank you."

His mere reply was a smirk.

Yako went on to taste a piece, and she was delighted to know that it was as yummy as she had expected. She moved to take another takoyaki ball out, but before she placed the food into her mouth, a question popped into her mind.

"By the way, Neuro, where did you get the money to buy all these? You must have spent a lot."

Without even batting an eyelash, Neuro answered with a confident,"Oh,from your savings. I used them all."

And at exactly five o'clock in the afternoon, Katsuragi Yako choked.

She was right. Nougami Neuro was indeed not as bad as she had originally thought.

He was worse.


Thank you for reading.