I took my inspiration from Coldplay's "Yellow." I don't know about you guys, but I've always thought that the song was about a deep passion for somebody, not necessarily romantic, but a devotion in which you'd do anything for that person. Takes place after BD.

Esme POV


I always enjoyed the boat ride from Rio de Janeiro, it was peaceful, especially at night. Carlisle kept his hands on the wheel while I stood next to him and gazed into the sky. When we were in sight of our destination, Carlisle stopped the boat, stood up, and looked at me.

"The air is so clear out here, Esme." Carlisle turned towards me and put took both of my hands in his. Light from the full moon seemed to cascade down, blanket his honey-colored hair in silver, and reflect magnificently on the dark water.

I nodded and then stepped closer to him, "It's much different than Forks, and look at the stars. They're so beautiful." He let go of one of my hands and, with the gentlest touch, rubbed my jaw line with his thumb. I leaned into him so that our foreheads touched, he grabbed my hand again. We smiled widely at each other. I admired the lines in his face while he smiled, I could not fathom how they made his impossibly handsome face even handsomer.

I loved every moment I spent with Carlisle, but those on the boat near Isle Esme were my favorites. Once again, he released one of my hands and brought his own under my chin and tenderly lifted my face. He very slowly leaned in and kissed me sweetly, keeping his lips pressed against mine for a few seconds. He leaned back, quickly flashed me a smile and started the boat again.

I wasn't sure how to end it. What do you guys think? I hope you had fun reading it!