That's What You Get

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: An Old Friend

On a clear sunny day in Pen Gu Island, Cody, Lani and Joe looked at the waves while Z tries to play a little song. He starts singing by:

I'm a little teapot

Short and stout

Here is my handle

Here is my spout

When I get all steamed up

Here me shout--

Cody immediately groaned and covered his ears and sings the last verse, sarcastically;

I'm gonna tip you over the water

And shut you up

"Give us all a break, man. You're giving the rest of us a headache." said Cody.

"You really don't appreciate this kinda music." said Z.

"Oh, trust me. I know what music is, and that ain't music. It sounds like I'm listening to a girl screaming in a horror movie about to be eaten by a big ugly monster, chewed upon and about to be spat out." said Cody.

Z laughs sarcastically and said, "You got jokes, kid."

Lani came behind him and said, "I think I agree with Cody. All the songs I listened to were fun as a kid, but it kinda sucks now."

Cody nodded his head and Z stared at her niece and said, "You know I'm trying to relive those memories."

"I think you killed that song. Really, really killed it." said Cody.

Joe stood up and said, "I didn't think it was that bad. I actually thought it was, okay."

Z smirked at Cody and said, "At least someone appreciates good music."

"The last time I heard that song, my family sang it so badly, it put me to sleep for 4 hours. After that, I couldn't listen anymore of that crap." said Joe.

Cody laughed hysterically and said, "You just got punk'd by Chicken Joe."

He turned to Joe and said, "Knuckle touch."

Joe gave Cody a little knuckle touch leaving Z feeling a little speechless. Lani came towards him and said, "You can play any song you want. Just not as lame."

Z sighs and said, "I'll try."

Then, to their surprise, a whale comes by the ocean and in comes a rockhopper penguin jumping down from the whale. He's a little taller rockhopper with hazel eyes, a Big Z necklace and is 18 years old. He saw Cody and surprised him. He exclaimed, "CODA!"

Cody came to him and said, "How do you know my nickname?"

"Dude, I am surprised at you. Don't you remember me at all? You know, Antarctica? Shiverpool? Or maybe this will freshen your memory." said the young penguin.

He stood back and showed Cody the "J" tattoo on his neck and his green-punk rock surfboard. Then, Cody felt surprised when he saw the spiky, yet wavy hair and felt a twinge shock inside of him. He came close and saw his hazel eyes and said, "Jonah? Jonah Pennington?"

"That's what they call me." said Jonah.

Cody screamed hysterically and Jonah joined in and gave each other a little hug. Cody surprising said, "Dude, how are you, man?"

"Dude, I'm so doing great. Man, you've grown a bit, haven't you?" asked Jonah.

"Yeah, I'm grown up." said Cody."

"The last time we've seen each other was 7 years, hasn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Cody turned around and saw Joe and Lani standing behind him. Cody came to Jonah and introduced him to his friends. "Guys, this is my old friend, Jonah. This is Joe."

"What's going on, man?" asked Joe.

"Not much. You guys are friends? That's awesome." said Jonah.

"And this is Lani."

Jonah looked at Lani and said, "Nice to meet you. You look so amazingly hot."

Lani giggled and said, "Thank you."

"Cody, you didn't tell me you found a girlfriend here. Okay, Co-day!"

Cody blushed and laughed nervously and said, "We're just friends, man. It's nothing more."

"Oh, sure. Right. And I'm your so-called amusing love guru. Don't deny it." said Jonah, teasingly.

"Whatever." said Cody.

Then, he saw Big Z and his reaction was a shocking surprise. He gasped deeply and said, "Are you the real thing?"

Z looked at Jonah and said, "Yep, I'm the real thing, kid."

"Dude, I've been a big fan of you from the start. Everyone told me you died and then, here you are. I knew you're not dead. You still rock!"

Z chuckled and said, "Well, thanks, kid. What's your name?"

"Oh, forgive me. Where are my manners? My name is Jonah Pennington. I'm originally from Shiverpool, but I moved to Swirlymills 7 years ago. Cody and I have been friends since we were young. We haven't seen each other since we were 9." said Jonah.

"That's cool. So how long you've been in Pen Gu?" asked Z.

"I actually just got here a few seconds ago. I'm moving here now." said Jonah.

Cody turned around and said, "Seriously? You're gonna move here?"

"Yeah, I guess. At least, I hope I do because I would be extremely happy to catch up with what I missed by hanging out with you." said Jonah, nervously.

"It's cool with me." said Cody.

"So, you wanna show me around this place? From the way it looks from here, it has to be really awesome!" exclaimed Jonah.

"We would be lucky to show you around Pen Gu." said Lani.