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Chapter 1 --Just an ordinary…Night--

17:30 "This is a man's world!! This is a man's world!! But it would be nothing….nothing without a woman or a girl" The alarm clock breaks off in the room Akatsuki Kain and Hanabusa Aidou share.

Han: Ohh Urusey!! Urusey!! URUSEY!! Freezes the clock with his irritated thought

Ak: Hanabusa…when will you learn to control this thing? You will end up freezing the damn room… geez... his eyes are ready to shut down

Han: Argg… Urusey you too baka!! I need more sleep. hugs pillow I need my full 12 hour- beauty sleep. Without it how am I supposed to be worshipped by the Day Class girls?? a bright idea comes to mid, his eyes pop literally out and an evil smirk is curved on his lips

Han: That's it!! flops out of bed as if being electrocuted It is time for me to meet my devoted fangirls. Ahh I can imagine, no hear their screaming " Idol-sempai you are sukoi!! Sexy!! THE BEST!!" his eyes become stars

Ak: Hmph… geez… attention seeker!! falls on his pillow again

Suddenly the wooden curved door of their shared room bursts open.

Tak: Ohayou Aidou! Kain! How are you doing this lovely evening?

Always with the brightest smile on his face, vice-dorm president, Takuma Ichijou, bears a striking resemblance to a tooth-paste ad.

Han: I am fine Ichijou-san. Oh my… it is LATE!! I have to get dressed as quickly as possible or else Kaname-sama will scold me…


Hanabusa gives a "frozen" death glare to his otherwise beloved cousin and changes his clothes fast.

Takuma -with the smile stuck on his face- : Shall you get dressed as well Kain-kun? We have lessons in a while and it will not be wise to be late. I am going to make sure that all the others are ready as well. See you lateeerr!! he waves and abandons the room

Han: Geez… That guy… What does he get with the tablets? LSD ??

Ak: I will agree with you (for the first time) on that. How can he always be so… stupidly happy? That guy has no worries at all…

Han: Or maybe he is a complete idiot!

Ak: Hanabusa… He is afterall our vice-dorm president. Please be careful with your words.

Han: Fine, fine!! I won't insult that stupid daydreamer again!


Han: Oops… sorry… that came… completely unbiased…

--Main Hall of the Moon Dormitory—

The large main hall is filled with the heavy ecclesiastic music by "Gregorian Masters" but nobody is speaking, although there are plenty of people surrounding it. The decoration resembles somewhat the old classic vampire movies with the candle lights and the curving stairs. The only thing that is missing is the cliché-three fingers in depth- dust, since the dormitory is cleaned by a hygiene-obsessed vampire maid twice a week. In the centre of the room there are at least three sofas and some armchairs where the main characters usually sit.all the others just go to hell ;-p

The deadly silence gets broken abruptly by the cheerful…

Tak: OHAYOU MINNA!! Everyone is up and ready for a fruitful day of learning!! How lovely!! Hehehe!

Senri Shiki and Rima Tooya, the youngsters of the gang, which look somewhat like "emos" not because of the hair-style but because of the apathetic attitude, share a skeptical- WTF is going on with this guy all the time- look and remain silent. They just continue to drag their wines towards their mouths as boring as such an easy and tireless action can possibly be.

Ruka Souen, the "starlet wanna-be" simply ignores him.

Takuma's smile fades while thinking " geez… what's wrong with these people? They are so cold! Take it easy guys!"

In a while the two heart-breakers, Akatsuki with his black shirt always in a messy way and a bit unbuttoned so as to make completely clear that yes he too has been exercising his abs and Hanabusa with the sexiest look on his face join the "light and friendly" atmosphere.

Han: Yo guys. Did someone die or sth? he says annoyed

His cousin leaves his side and remains like 5 meters away from Ruka. Always the same thing…

Ak: Ruka… how are you today? he asks with some restraint but genuine interest

Ru: I'm fine Akatsuki. she replies as indifferent as possible. Ichijou-san where is Kaname-sama?

Our heart-broken hero, Akatsuki tries to cover his hurt look, while Hanabusa teases him pretending that Ruka's words stabbed his heart.

Tak: He will be here any minute now, Ruka.

Before Takuma finishes his last words, the air in the room seems to have changed. As if the decade has changed, everyone gets the feeling that they are in a disco, with the disco ball swirling around their heads. Everyone stares up to see no-one less than their Pure-blood, Dorm-leader, Kaname Kuran. He is wearing his well-ironed white uniform and the 70's style bell-like trousers that matches with his also 70's freestyle haircut. The only thing missing to complete the image are big white sun-glasses with strass.;-p He is followed as usually by his "private bodyguard" Seiren. A very cold but loyal woman with Tae-kwon-do and Judo skills and a very trendy haircut .

Kan: I'm already here.

Tak with new happy smile on his lips: Ohayou Kaname! How did you sleep?

Minna in unison: Ohayou Kaname-sama!

Kan: Shall we get going?

Kaname Kuran is a very intriguing, solitary person. Though one of the few remaining Pure-bloods he doesn't command his underlings and keeps a friendly relationship with them. His attitude is always questionable, mystical, puzzling, seducting yet sometimes cruel. He keeps his thoughts for himself and rarely speaks and he is always depressed in some way. In his worst days he resembles a "Prozak-addict". Everyone accepts him for who he is… but no-one yet knows the secret that wounds his heart again and again… The reason for his loneliness .

The doors of the Moon Dormitory open and the echo reaches the ravaging fangirls outside of the gates!

A poor prefect is giving her best efforts to keep the "possessed", wrong, the Day Class fangirls from demolishing the gate.

Yuuki: Whistles loudly Okay everyone go back to your pla…. OW she gets thrown and walked over

The gates begin to open and the following events just happen in replay every one and each day since the Night Class was established…

Yuuki Kurosu gets a frightened look on her face. She quickly grabs her cell from her pocket, a pink Motorola razor, and dials the SOS number… Zero's number.

"Would you die tonight from love? Baby join me in Death!!" Zero Kiriyu's Sony Ericsson breaks off in the ahem ,"cheerful" song by HIM "Join me".

Ze: Damn it… who is it again? Ohh it is Yuuki!! What does she want now?

Ze: Moshi moshi?

Yu: Zero… where are you? come…. Owwww…. Quick….ly…

Ze: leave me alone….

Yu: Zero!! You are a pr… STOP PUSHING ME YOU ANIMALS .. you are a prefect… OUCH….

The line is dead

Ze: Yuuki…. YUUKI!!

The large metallic gates of the Moon Dorm creak open. The ecstatic fangirls scream louder and louder as Aidou or Idol-senpai comes in sight. The scene is strangely accompanied by the song "I'm too sexy for my shirt". (Which is actually Aidou's ring tone but since he wants to create an atmosphere he doesn't pick it up).

Han: Konnichiwa beautiful ladies!! You are all so energetic!! HII!!

Hanabusa sends away sexy smiles, kisses, waves and the girls are literally ready to attack him, to steal a kiss, a smile, anything! Just after him follows his "macho" cousin with one and solely earring on his left ear, his shirt always a bit unbuttoned, a style that drives girls even crazier .

FG: Kain senpai!! KYA!!

Wild senpai!! KYA KYA!! You are sooo sexy!!

Akatsuki tries to hide his shyness, his only weak point (along with his obsession and over-protection towards Ruka), whereas his genius cousin becomes annoyed. His next actions paralyze the crowd…

Hanabusa creates an imaginary gun with his first and index finger and starts "shooting" his fans.. Just above his head the title "I'm idol of idols" passes as Hanabusa becomes the triumphant Casanova of the Night Class


Girls scream even louder in his delirium. Yuuki is caught in the crossfire and for once more she is thrown over. Her "knight" luckily arrives in time to save his "damsel in distress".

Kan: Yuuki. How are you today?

Yu: her nervousness at its peek…um …daijoubou Kaname-senpai. And you ?

Kan: I'm fine. Please be careful. You will get hurt if you work hard.

Kaname shows his affection only towards this ordinary girl, a thing that causes a riot to his fans and to Ruka.

Yuuki regains her composure and answers in the most authoritative manner: Hai!

Kan annoyed from her changed attitude Please don't be always so uptight… You make me feel…lonely…

He tries to caress her cheek but the contact is broken by the other Prefect who came just in time to "show off" to his love-rival.

Yu: Zero?

Ze: I came quickly because I was afraid that something might have happened to you.

Kan: You sure are scary…Kiriyu-kun says ironically and strolls away

--In Class--

The Night Class is gathered in the Academy,that is used also by the Day Class students. However, the Night Class uses the deem light of candles as the daylight or the electric light is really annoying to the nocturnal creatures. The vampire teacher has just left the room and it is time for some self studying or…

Anyway everybody has something to do.

Kaname is sitting on his "throne", reading his informative book "The Prince" by Nicola Machiavelli (with the signature of the author himself inside and a note "To my good friends the Kuran. May this book be your guide to successful governance").

Takuma is sitting next to him playing a game in Wii, always and I mean always, with a satisfactory and illogical smile on the face!

Akatsuki is trying to find a way to hit on Ruka for the 1000th time.

Ruka is ignoring Akatsuki and is trying to find a way to hit on Kaname for the 1000000th time.

Shiki is starring absent-mindedly on the roof, as if anything else would exhaust him.

Rima is fixing her ponytails.

Hanabusa is drawing on his notebook pictures of him and teasing pictures of Kiriyu.

Han: Arggg…. I am sooo bored!!

Ak: You are always bored. As a matter of fact since I remember you 300 years ago you..

Han: Cut it out baka! I am SO fing bored, I want to cut my vains!

Everybody suddenly stares at him and drool over, licking their lips with desire.

Han: Err…ahahaha I am kidding you guys! Phew….

Everyone gets automatically disappointed

Ak: Hanabusa are you drawing Kiriyu AGAIN?

Hanabusa tries to cover up his images.

Ak: Hmph…interesting… and to think I would never imagine my cousin was "into this". So you are "that" fond of Kiriyu?

Han: Urusey!! Who is? I am just so pissed off by the way he spoke to Kaname-sama. That…delinquent!!

Kan: It is okay Aidou. Don't bother yourself with my problems.

Ru: Demo… Kaname-sama…

Ka: That's enough conversation about Kiriyu. Maybe Aidou, you indeed have a liking towards him, since you refer to him that often.

Hanabusa ready to explode with anger desides to let it go. Akatsuki looks at him in a teasing manner.

Han: I am going out for some air… His irritation overflowing

Kan: Aidou…Aidou stands completely still, mind your manners. Kain, you go with him.

Ak: Hai… thinking: Who knows in what a shitty situation he will get me again?

A few hours later: -- Moon Dorm—

Ak: You did it again! Well done Hanabusa!!

Han: If I tell you to shut up one more time will you? Honestlyyy?

Ak: You should have restraint yourself. You know how things are regarding this girl.

Takuma passing by with his silky, light green pjs on: Kain is right. You know Kaname's affection towards Yuuki-chan. He will never let anything happen to her. Anyway goodnight guys . See you in the afternoon.

The two cousins stare at him in complete awe!

Han: Did you see that?

Ak: Yeah…. What was that? It was surely…scary!!

Han: Vice-dorm president… became normal!!

Their shock is disturbed by Takuma's sudden burst … "I need a hero!! his i-pod at the highest volume accompanying his karaoke I'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night!!his arms stretched And he's got to be soon, he's got to be fast, he's got to be larger than life… I need a herooo!!"

Han disappointed, large anime teardrops form on his head:…Well…I guess…I was wrong…

Ak: Miracles rarely happen… Anyway what were we saying?

Han: Ten days of suspension! freezes his "bloody" wine but it was worth it… for Yuuki's blood. I wanted more Akatsuki. I don't know if I can keep on living by tablets. I just..

Ak: Hana… (alerting)

Kaname comes straight from the bathroom with a sexy serious deadly look, drying his hair: "You just…"


Han: I apologize…

Ak: I can't believe it… Again!! Mercy me!!

Han: Urusey!! Urusey !!URUSEY!!

In the meantime Shiki is sharing his bed with Rima. That's right, they are the "secret" couple of the gang. Actually, they are the only ones that haven't realized yet that they are dating with the literal meaning of the word date. They started off like friends and since they were both models they used to hung around with each other a lot. And then it happened. At first it was just a friendly pat, a caress and then a small pet on the lips, a bigger kiss, a French kiss…. Without even knowing it they are now sharing a common room, since Rima leaves quietly like a thief every night, from the room she shares with Ruka, just to be in his arms. As in every dormitory it is not forbidden to date, but it is prohibited to sleep together with your love companion. That's only natural since from a school dorm it would end up being a "love hotel" with sounds and noises of every kind harassing the poor students. ;-p

Ri: Hey Senri. What do you think happened between Kaname-sama and Aidou?

Se: I don't know Rima. But I guess Hanabusa broke the rules again.

Ri: That's so typical of him…

Se: Yeah… kisses her gently on her forehead and dishevels her hair from the pigtails

Ri: Senri?

Se: Yeah?

Ri: Never mind… um… shall we sleep now? The agency will scold us if we have bags under our eyes.

Se: Yes you are right. Let's sleep. Oyasumi (my love).

Ri: Oyasumi. (Oh geez… when is it the right time to tell him that I love him?)

Shiki hugs her tight and covers her like a baby with his blanket. They start sleeping peacefully in his oversized Victorian-style bed, their hearts ready to explode with words they want to share but are afraid to do so…

A few rooms deeper in the dorm there is a large one with baroque furnishing and deep green curtains. On the owner's study there are countless of mangas thrown everywhere along with the school-books that seem… a little…dusty… (spider webs are formed on them ;-p) On the floor there are piles of Kashmir clothes abandoned.

Ichijou is lying on his bed reading his latest "Naruto" manga smiling sheepishly. In a while, he starts singing "Friend like me" from Aladdin swirling around in his room. When will this guy pass his strange puberty? ;-p

Ruka is sleeping peacefully in her supposed-to-be-shared-with-Rima room. She has already applied some night cream on her otherwise perfect skin and two pieces of cucumber on her eyes. With renewed hopes of getting Kaname's heart, Ruka will be ready the next day to take the world!!

Zero is lying in his bed tired from the effort to restrain his "alter vampire ego". He is filled with thoughts of Yuuki and his need to protect her from the beast she likes. He hates himself and his life, but on the other hand he wants to live because he loves her. Next to his sleeping figure lies a book by Friedrich Nietsche, the source of his anti-social,apathetic behavior. so Zero is in fact a "Zero-ist" ;-p

Yuuki is sleeping peacefully in her bed listening to her MP4, "nocturne", dreaming of Kaname and her in their early age, when they were closer.

Kaname is lying on his roman styled bed absorbed in his thoughts. His one hand is on his face, while the other is holding his wine glass. The room is filled with Frank Sinatra and "Strangers in the Night".

Strangers in the night

Two lonely people

We were strangers in the night….

Kan: Yes…Yuuki…for you that night I was a stranger, a frightening figure, a beast in disguise.

Ever since that night

We've been together

Lovers at first sight

In love forever

It turned out so right

For Strangers in the Night…

Kan: Hmpf…

The pure blood's face turns to a desperate mask full of pain.

Kan: How will things turn our for us… Yuuki…..?