CHAPTER 2: Ten days of Suspension

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CHAPTER 2: Ten days of Suspension

Han: Hmph…Akatsuki!! Wake up!! I said WAKE UPPP!!

An irritated and deadly bored Hanabusa is trying to wake up a snoring Akatsuki. But… no answer comes from the latter.

Han: Akatsuki!! Ruka came here and said she will wait for you naked in her room!! hehe

Akatsuki opens his eyes and stands up suddenly with a nosebleed.

Ak: Where is she? Where? Where?

Han: Ohayou cuz! Did you sleep well?

Ak: I take it this was one of your cold jokes again… he walks annoyed to the bathroom, his shirt completely unbuttoned

Han: Oh come on!! I don't have what to do!! It's ten days of suspension man!

Akatsuki with fires in his eyes: What should I say ,since I didn't do anything, yet I am stuck in your fed up situation, as always!!

Han: Now,now…take it easy cuz. You'll have a stroke otherwise.

Ak: Grr…Hanabusa!

Akatsuki decides to leave the room and shuts the door with so much strength that the wall starts to break in some places.

Han: Hmm…. now let's see what to do. I know!! Hehehe

He turns on his VAIO laptop.

Han: In this place we might not have bulbs, but we do have electricity and the fastest wireless internet available!

He checks his e-mails. There are around 100 mails, some from CERN, regarding his latest studies on physics, others are tests and invitations from MENSA. He also gets an invitation to be present in the upcoming Nobel Prize event.

Han: hmm let's see. Tests, tests, theories, invitations in parties, events , ceremonies , an invitation for interview in Discovery Channel… A mail from my ex- girlfriend . A mail from my ex-girlfriend's best friend who wants me. A mail from my sis. Hehe it has a photo. She has grown even more beautiful! Mails from my fangirls that have somewhat discovered my private address… hey what is this?

One e-mail wrote. "Dear Aidou we, your devoted fangirls have established a website dedicated to you. It is in the "Blogs" in our Academy's website. We hope you like it. We eternally love you!!"

Link: www.cross-aca...

Hanabusa immediately followed the link.

There in the Blogs was a complete site devoted to him, named Idol-senpai 4ever!

There was his biography actually the one known to humans, pictures of him while walking in the school garden, his theories,formulas and studies. In the far right end of the site just next to "Contact us" was the "Chat" function.

Han: Hmm…let's see how my fan girls feel about me! Heheh!

Username: Aidou-God

Password: genius-hunk

Log In


AddictedtoAidou: Konnichiwa minna!! What are you chatting about?

InlovewithAidou: Konnichiwa! We are just gossiping about hunk Aidou-kun.

Aidoufan: Hey girls did you notice?

Aidougirlfriend: What happened?

Nightclassfan: I think she is talking about his absence the past few days right?

Aidoufan: Yeah. Idol-senpai didn't come out of the dorms today either.

InlovewithIdol: Do you think something happened to him?

Aidougirlfriend: I am really worried girls. I asked another hunk from the Night Class but he didn't answer.

AddictedtoAidou: I don't know girls. I suspect that something happened with their hot dorm leader, Kaname-senpai.

Aidoufan: Yeah he is very strict… but he is dreamyyy ;-p

InlovewithIdol: I agree. He is an ultra hunk but he is rather… I don't know… creepy I would say.

Nightclassfan: Yeah he is distant and nerdy…. But he is hot!!

Aidou-God: Hey watch your tongue about Kaname-sama.

InlovewithIdol: Who are you?

Aidou-God: oh… err… konnichiwa girls. How come you are online so late?

Aidoufan: Right now everyone else is sleeping. I am using my laptop.

InlovewithIdol: Same here!

Aidou-God: Oh I see. Same situation here . So err girls… what do you think of Aidou-senpai?

He gets a mischievious, "high-and-mighty" smile on his face.

Aidoufan: He is the best! Handsome,smart,kawaii!! I am crazy for him!

AddictedtoAidou: I want to be his girlfriend.

InlovewithIdol: No I am his girlfriend.

AddictedtoAidou: You are lying!! I am!!

Aidou-God: okay girls… I understand… you are really crazy for him right?

Minna: HAI!!

Justagirl: I don't like him that much.

Minna including Aidou: WHAT?

Justagirl: his presence is at least indifferent. His features are nothing rare or explicit! His achievements are normal for a child of a "genius" family with high expectations. He shows signs of inferiority complex and always tries to prove himself.

Aidou-God: What are you talking about? Are you nuts missy?

Justagirl: Haven't you noticed? He is an attention seeker…. And a metrosexual . And the Bang Bang thing is really pathetic!!

Minna except for Aidou: Go to hell!! We are leaving.

InlovewithIdol, AddictedtoAidou,NightClassfan,Aidoufan: offline

Aidou-God: You are talking harshly for a person you don't know.

Justagirl: Why? Do you know him?

Aidou-God (damn she is smart): err…I am a student from Night Class so I know him much better than you do.

Justagirl: Ohh.. you are one of them….

Aidou-God: What do you mean?

Justagirl: You guys are sometimes very… inhuman

Aidou-God (of course baka, we are vampires) err… why would you say that?

Justagirl: You are so snobbish and…. I don't know… boring!! Mostly this Aidou guy!!

Aidou-God ( his heart gets stabbed from her word) Boring?? Aidou is Boring? The genius, wonderkid is boring?

Justagirl: Yeah…

Aidou-God: I can't believe that you think he is boring!! Wait!! What is your name?

Justagirl: Yori. Anyway I must go to bed. My roommate is coming. Oyasumi.

Just a girl is offline

Aidou-God is offline

Han: I can't believe it!! She considers me boring?? Me of all people??

He starts crying as loud as possible!! Her words echoing in his mind " Aidou is Boring!!"

Akatsuki bursts open in the room : Hanabusa… what is wrong?

Han: Akatsuki…. Am I so boring?? (sobbing)

Ak: Why would you say that? (trying to avoid the question)

Han: there was this girl in my fanclub's chat and she said I am boring and I have an inferiority complex…. SOB louder

Ak: (damn she is sooo right) err… take it easy cuz… she might have been heartbroken because you didn't notice her.

Hanabusa regaining his composure: That's it!! She was a former fan of mine! That's how she knows so many things for me!

Ak: see?

Han: I will find this Yori bitch and make her fall for me. She will see who is boring… I will make her begging for me…

Ak: Oi… you are taking it too far…

Han: it's fine.

Ak: okay I am going to make a sandwich. Do you want anything?

Han: hmm… well I want spaghetti a la crème, a super pizza, a chocolate parfait…

Ak: Oi… I was just being polite… I will bring you a sandwich. I am gonna see if the others are here.

Akatsuki headed towards the closest room, Ichijou's. He knocks on the door but no answer comes.

Ak: Ichijou-san?

The door creaks open revealing the inside of his room. A floral scent reaches Akatsuki's nostrils. Their vice-dorm President's room was messy but it smelled really nice. He approaches Ichijou's Victorian desk.

Ak: Woooo….. HANABUSA!!

Ak: HANABUSAAAA!! Come quicklyyyy!!

Hanabusa literally sprinted to his shocked cousin.

Han: What's wrong Akatsuki?

Ak: You have to see this Hanabusa…. On his desk…. See with your own eyes…

Han: It must be something important. Okay let's see.

Hanabusa approaches Ichijou's desk as cautious as possible, sweat running down his cheeks. His movements accompanies strangely the soundtrack from "Psycho". (Which is actually an mp3 Akatsuki has in his cell and he plays it to create the right atmosphere.)


Han: Hmm…… I can see a manga with a vampire chick. She is hoot!! What's its name again? Rosario+Vampire…. Interesting. (Accidentally slips the manga in the inside of his shirt.)

Ak: look carefully…

Han: there is also another one here with a chick with huge tits!! She is hoott!! –turns the page over- DUDE!! (Genbu Kaiden) The chick turned into a dude!! I can't fng believe it!! Where did his…. grow from? Where are the tits? geez… What's wrong with vice dorm leader Ichijou?

Ak: Err…it is shocking but it is not that…

Han looks carefully over the desk, under some piles of manga he finds one called LOVELESS. He opens it….

Han: OMFG!!

Ak: See? I told you!!

Han: Ichijou is…

Ak: Yeah …..!! I was shocked as well!

Han: GAY!!

Ak: What??

Han: he reads gay stuff…. The dude here that bears a striking resemblance to our Chairman, but that's irrelevant anyway, is kissing a young boy with ears!! OMFG!! This is sooo hentai!! I can't watch!!

Ak: What the f are you talking about? I didn't mean the mangas you baka, I meant this.

Akatsuki brings a magazine in front of Hanabusa's face.

Han: OMFG!! Ichijou is Gay and he is in love with Shiki!!

Ak ready to have a stroke: What the f bullshit are you talking about all the time?

Han: Just look!! The page here shows Shiki in Calvin Klein male strings…. Geez he has somewhat a hot ass…

Akatsuki takes a quick peek, nods and hits his cousin with the magazine on the head.

Ak: Look at that!!

On the cover was standing a very seductive lady naked in a provocative position. On the Up edge was the title "PLAYBOY V".

Hanabusa's eyes popped out at the sight of the woman, he had a nosebleed….

Han: Ichijou-san is reading Playboy for Vampires? So… he isn't gay??

Ak: No he isn't but that's not the point you idiot!! And you are supposed to be a genius… Look at this.

In the front page is a small image of Takuma with a much older man next to him with many earrings and the title just below them says : ICHIOU BUYS PLAYBOY V FROM HEFFNER.

Han: OMG!! Ichijou is the new…. Heffner ??

Ak: His grandfather apparently… but he will inherit it as well.

Han: I can't believe it!!

Ak: Neither can I … Such an important person from the Council of Ancients buying the stocks of such a magazine.

Han: Ichijou is the new Heffner!! That means he can see the shootings live… that means I can go there as well… that means…. (INTENSE NOSEBLEED)

Ak: I hear footsteps… let's get going.

Han: can I keep this?

Ak: No…. geez…

--Main Hall--

Everyone is gathered in the Main Hall chit chattering and gossiping. Kaname heads first towards his room, his face looking exhausted and even more depressed.

"Why is this person always so unhappy?" Thinks Takuma, Kaname's closest friend. Since they were kids Kaname was always a very self-centered kid. But since his parents died he became even lonelier and depressed. And the most peculiar thing is when he sees Yuuki Kurosu, the person he has stated to be the most important one for him, he becomes even sadder.

Kan: Ichijou what are you thinking about?

Tak: Err… nothing Kaname… Please go and have some sleep. You seem to need it.

Kan: I will. But I would also like to know what thought made your smile fade away.

Tak: You always seem so sad. What is wrong Kaname?

Kan: This is not the right place to talk about it.

Tak: You are right. But I need to know... Why is it everytime you see her you become happier and then even more depressed?


Tak: It is alright. I am sorry. I shouldn't have brought up such a private matter.

Takuma starts to stroll away when Kaname's words catch his attention again.

Kan: How would you feel if you should stay away from the person you consider to be the reason for your living, because if that person was with you, it would be in danger?

Kaname's words were full of sadness and a passion Takuma couldn't even comprehend. However, he soon realized how painful it must be for Kaname to be close to Yuuki but far away from her at the same time.

Tak: I see… Oyasumi Kaname.

Kan: Oyasumi…

Kaname walked to his room.

Kan: Aidou, Kain, I know you are hiding here.

The two cousins appear from a nearby room.

Han: Ohh dorm leader Kaname-sama.. err... how are you doing?

Kan: What were you doing in Ichijou's room?

The cousins share a HowTF-does-he-know-we-were-there look and remain silent.

Kan: Just for the record… the place reeks of Kain's "Light Blue" parfum. You don't need to be a pureblood to realize he has been there.

Han: Err… Ahahaahaha…. You are right of course Kaname-sama.


Kan: Anyway what was your business with him?

Ak: It was my fault Kaname-sama. I wanted to talk to him but he wasn't there.

Han: And we accidentally found this in his room. (Showing the PLAYBOY V to Kaname). Did you know that Ichijou-san reads that type of magazines?

Ak: …

Han: ohh and… did you know that Ichijou-san might be gay and in love with Shiki?? See here… -the page was turned to Shiki's image in a string-… he has a very muscular ass don't you think Kaname-sama?


Kan: …

Han: Gomen!!

Ak: You deserved it this time.

After the short "break" Kaname dragged himself to his room. He turned on the Hi-tech Hi-fi system and inserted a cd with mp3s. The room was now filled with " Ain't no sunshine".

Kaname undressed himself and wore his creamy night shirt and black pj trousers. He threw a tablet in his wine glass and grabbed his cell. It was an I-phone, Takuma's present matching his.

He typed in the sms sector: "How are you doing?I hope I didn't wake you up. I didn't see you very much today. I want to check if you are okay. You seem to be tired. Please don't overdrive yourself. It makes me feel guilty.

Message sent to : "My Princess"

Yuuki was half-asleep when her cell started to ring with the message-delivered tone. She grabbed it and brought it under her covers.

From: Kaname-senpai.

Yu: OMG!! Kaname…senpai?

Yuuki read the message, not being able to believe that her "Knight" had actually texted her. She blushed heavily.

She then started to type her own text, shaking from happiness.

"Kaname-senpai I am very happy that you thought of me, but please don't feel guilty for my actions. As a prefect and a guardian I must make sure that your secret doesn't leak out. Ohh I wasn't sleeping. I seem to have a restless night tonight. How are you senpai?

To: Kaname-senpai

Kaname drinking his tablet stoically, an unreadable expression on his face. How much is this person suffering? The music now has changed to "I don't wanna miss a thing". This song makes him even more depressed.

His sad thoughts are cut from the sound of his i-phone.

Message delivered from: My Princess

"Yuuki when will you start treating me like you used before? I miss our old selves. I don't want you to call me "sama" or "senpai" but I wish you would be more expressive towards me like you used to be. If I am asking too much please let me know. I wish I was there to hold your hand till you fell asleep and kiss your forehead…"

Message sent to: My princess

Yuuki's heart was ready to explode from anticipation. Suddenly her cell rung . She immediately read the text.

"Yo. You forgot your bra over at the chairman's office. What are you trying to prove?"

Yuuki's expression was full of question until she saw the sender's name: Zero.

"Would you die tonight from love… Baby join me in death" Zero's cell rings.

Ze: Moshi moshi?

Yu: I just wanted to tell you that you are a complete idiot!!

Line is dead…

Ze: Yuuki…Yuukiiii!! Damn it. What should I do to get her attention? Why am I so naïve in such matters? In stead of making her come close to me, I am sending her away…I hate myself so much…

Yuuki swirls in her bed, not being able to sit still in a place.

Yu: Zero's attitude has gotten worse lately… and what about Kaname-senpai? Won't he reply to me? I am so stupid… Why would he care?

Message delivered tone

From: Kaname-senpai

"Yuuki when will you start treating me like you used before? I miss our old selves. I don't want you to call me "sama" but I wish you would be more expressive towards me like you used to be. If I am asking too much please let me know. I wish I was there to hold your hand till you fell asleep and kiss your forehead…"

Yuuki blushed a crimson red… Kaname-senpai had actually said that he wanted to kiss her forehead… she was ready to jump on the roof from happiness when a new "message delivered" tone brought her to her senses.

From: Kaname-senpai

"Please forgive me for my exaggerating words. I just don't want you to be scared of me. Consider the previous message unsent. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams."

Yuuki froze at his new message…

Yu: Kaname…senpai… what a puzzling person.

Kaname was breathing heavily, pain, guilt, love, all feelings mixed together. If the glass was actually filled with wine he would be drunk now. He took a cold bath to relax himself. He was now drying his hair with the towel.

Message delivered from: My Princess

" Kaname-senpai I don't mind your previous message but it doesn't matter if you want to consider it unsent. Please have a good night.

Kaname walked towards his large window with the panoramic view. From this window he could see (actually stalk) the Day Class' Dorms.

Kaname touching the glass with his head, sighed: Forgive me…Yuuki…