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Epilogue 3: Fill the Vessel with Love (Wedding Chapter)

It was finally happening. Today would be the day when Kiba Inuzuka would make it clear to the world that Naruto Uzumaki was his mate and no one else's. Not even a Fifth Shinobi War would be enough to overshadow the significance this day's entry will have in history.

Today was their wedding day.

It would be the first time a Hokage married after getting his title. All the other Hokages that wedded did so before achieving said position. Well actually, the Third Hokage also married after attaining such honor yet he did so at a time of war so there was no time to celebrate.

This time, however, there was no such thing impeding such festivities. They were living in a time of peace; Naruto made sure of that. As a result the Hidden Leaf Village was not going to waste the opportunity to commemorate the wedding of the most important person in the Fire Country, no… cross that out, make it the most important person in the world!

The whole thing was really out of the hands of Naruto and Kiba the moment they announced their engagement. They had almost no say or input in the work put into their big day; which was surprisingly fine with them since they doubted they would make very good wedding planners in the first place.

It came to no surprise that Flowers at Yamanaka was sponsoring the whole event, Ino being the head planner in all of this. To Kiba's relief, Hana was also very active in bumping ideas with Ino. It helped to soothe him a little to know that at least he had his sister there to dissuade the Yamanaka from implementing the more eccentric of her ideas.

Kami knows that it was never a good idea to give the blonde female complete free reign in the creative part of any ordeal. If left alone the whole town probably would had been covered in purple by now. The scary part being that people would have let her do it as long as she continued to flaunt her Hokage's Maid of Honor status as it were a badge that gave her the right to everything.

Another thing that had even the most cynical, indifferent and even lethargic of all people wanting to ship in their grain of rice into this historical event was the fact that this would be the first time ever in any of the five nations that a Kage would marry someone of their same gender! This fact admittedly didn't garner the acceptance of everybody but it sure as hell had everyone paying attention.

Not for the first time, and probably not the last, Kiba was thankful that he didn't get shaky knees about being the center of attention; because right now, with all eyes zeroing on him, that was exactly what he was.

Kiba Inuzuka, at this very moment, stood in front of the altar. The tattooed male was wearing his regular Anbu uniform, as it never hurt to be prepared for anything, but over it he was wearing an impeccably formal black yukata in an effort to conserve a more traditional appearance for this aspect of the wedding. His forehead protector was neatly tied around his left shoulder, leaving his hazardly combed hair to fall naturally above his feral eyes.

The brunet was currently tugging the collar of his outfit, and had been for a while now, as he inexplicably was feeling it too tight and itchy around his neck even when it wasn't so. He was suddenly feeling like his suit was becoming a little overheated so he raised the back of his right hand and settled it on his forehead to check his temperature.

He creased his eyebrows when he noticed that he was indeed beginning to sweat. It didn't add up when he considered that he was standing in front of the Hokage Mountain in the open air where he could feel a nice breeze brushing across his face.

The only explanation that made sense to him at the moment was that, even against all odds, he was without a doubt nervous. He frowned at that acknowledgment because he didn't get what exactly he was nervous about. It couldn't be folks in the audience because even though they were openly scrutinizing him, he didn't particularly care for what any of them thought about this event. The brunet never really concerned himself with what other people thought. That was something that involved Naruto's department as Hokage, not his.

Kiba smiled and waved at some of the people in the crowd that he recognized, including members from his clan and his colleges from work. He slightly grimaced when he spotted Izumo and Kotetsu already making a scene by crying tears of joy even though the ceremony had yet to officially start. Kiba didn't blame the ninjas that were little by little scooting away from them; especially Anko who threaten to maim them if they didn't suck it up.

The Inuzuka also gave a courteous nod to some of the special guests invited to attend. This included the Kazekage himself, Gaara, and his siblings; Karui and Omoi as ambassadors representing the Raikage; the Mizukage herself accompanied by Chojuro of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist; and Kurotsushi, the granddaughter of the Tsuchikage. He noticed however that his mother was not present in the audience.

Admittedly it did sadden him a little to see that his mother had yet to accept this aspect of who he was but the fact that she thus far had made no action that suggested even a notion of disowning him gave him hope that there would indeed come a day where she accepted that, no matter what, he would always stay by Naruto's side regardless of what anyone thought of their homosexual affair. 'Cuz otherwise, well, it would kinda suck to have one parent leave you before getting to know you only to have the other parent leaving you after getting to know the real you.

Yeah, there's really no brightside when you look at it that way.

The brunet then turned his face to glace at this ceremony's bishop and couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his mouth. This was without a doubt the most badass bishop he had ever seen. Covered from head to toe in silk and with the only flesh revealed to the world being the skin around his heavily tinted sunglasses, he definitely proved that Abarume's looked gangster no matter what profession they chose to pursue.

Kiba smiled again when he remembered thanking Shino that morning for finding someone who was willing to join two males' hands in marriage only to have Shino respond by directing Kiba to make sure that Naruto forever remembered that it was the Abarume Clan who came to the rescue. Shino also expected the whiskered blond to enthusiastically greet him every time they bumped into each other from now on. The Abarume took his issues about feeling left out so seriously that the Inuzuka couldn't help finding it funny.

Nonetheless, Kiba's smile turned back into a frown when he noticed that even though he tried distracting himself, the nervousness he felt hadn't subsided one bit. As if reading his mind, an annoyed voice from the person standing beside him told him to stop fretting.

"It's only natural to feel nervous; after all it is a wedding, the day you forever sign your life away to a piece of paper. So stop playing with your damn collar already or I'll rip your freaking hand away. That's a promise." said Sasuke coldly as he tried to keep his left eye from twitching in annoyance. Much to his displeasure he was wearing an obnoxiously orange yukata over his uniform, the color being a requirement for everyone who participated in the ceremony.

Kiba in turn only gazed at Sasuke with a thoughtful expression as he contemplated the Uchiha's words before grinning at the paler guy. "Hey you're right, thanks buddy! I'm glad that was all it was." he exclaimed while patting the other's back in a friendly manner.

Sasuke grimace at the action and placed two fingers on his brow in an effort to compose himself, clenching his eyes shut in the process. Once he did so, he opened one eye to glare at Kiba while muttering in a volume loud enough for only the tattooed male to hear.

"I hope you know that when I agreed to this, this wasn't exactly what I was expecting. So either you behave yourself or I'll have no qualms about walking out on you." he warned, making Kiba chuckle.

"Aww come on, you know how much this means to Naruto. You wouldn't want to disappoint him after all he sacrificed for you, would you?" Kiba teased. The Uchiha only rolled his eyes at him but said nothing to counter the statement. Feeling sympathetic, the brunet also backed off of the raven haired male.

This was how it often panned out in their budding relationship. They never really saw eye to eye on anything and would often argue about anything and everything. Their conflict usually ended with whoever pulled out the 'Naruto Card' first. With the mention of said blond, the other would feel guilty about arguing and a temporary ceasefire would come into effect. It was a slow development but it made Naruto happy to know that his best friend and his boyfriend made an effort to be civil with each other even when he wasn't around.

Kiba knew that when Sasuke accepted the role of the Best Man he had assumed that he would be standing next to Naruto as he waited in the altar. And although it hurt his pride, Kiba had also expected the same just because Naruto was the Hokage and all. But then The Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja had surprised them all by stubbornly insisting to be the one walking down the aisle.

The Inuzuka's lips twitched as he tried to contain the manic grin that threatened to spread across his face because of the memory. It wouldn't do to have everyone think he was crazy for smiling to himself for presumably nothing. After all, like it or not, he was a public figure by association and what he did in front of all these important guests would inevitably affect whatever perception they had of Naruto.

"Finally" the brunet heard Sasuke say as Sai appeared in the scene and gave the cue for the music to start, indicating the commencement of the ceremony. Kiba smirked in amusement and inched closer to the Uchiha in order to tease him a little more.

"Hey Sasuke, I didn't know you were so eager to get this ceremony done and over with. You must really be looking forward to sit between Sakura and Karin during the Reception."

When the raven's eyes narrowed in annoyance it took everything Kiba had to not burst laughing. The tattooed male knew perfectly well that Sasuke was still grudging against Ino for the imposed seating arrangement. The Uchiha had yet to properly apologize to either of the girls for attempting to kill them in cold blood more than a few years ago after all, and now he was forced to sit with them like nothing ever happened. At least until Gai finished giving what was sure to be a very youthful toast to the newlyweds. It goes without saying that it would be a pretty uncomfortable situation for Sasuke when the time came.

Sasuke "Hn"-ed when he saw the laughter in Kiba's eyes before turning his face away and letting out a smirk of his own. "You sure seem relaxed for someone that is about to get married. Usually by this stage the groom in feeling anxious; you know, like it somehow feels like it's getting more and more difficult to breathe," said Sasuke completely enjoying how Kiba unconsciously started to tug the collar of his outfit again.

Closing his eyes in satisfaction and raising his chin a little higher, Sasuke continued to list other symptoms like shaky hands, itchy skin and a dry throat. He didn't have to open his onyx eyes to know that Kiba was beginning to feel them one by one precisely in the order Sasuke listed them. He stopped once he heard Kiba shifting uneasily on his feet. The tattooed male should had known better than to mess with an avenger.

As the groomsmen and bridesmaids walked down the aisle in pairs, Kiba cursed the Uchiha in his brain for making him remember how nervous he was. 'I guess I should had quit while I was ahead' he thought grouchily as he did his best to put up a mask of confidence as he greeted the friends that came to stand beside him on his big day.

First came Shino accompanied by Hinata; then came their previous sensei Kakashi and Kurenai; subsequently followed by Yamato and Shizune. Afterwards came Lee with Hana who ruffled Kiba's hair before joining the other bridesmaids; next came Chouji and Ayame the ramen girl; later came Neji with Tenten followed by the current Hokage's right and left hand, Shikamaru and Sakura respectively. Kiba couldn't help noticing how Temari was keeping a sharp lookout on the distance between her man and the pinkette as they walked.

Then to the surprise of Kiba and quite possibly everyone else in the crowd, Gaara materialized himself at the end of the aisle and started walking down on it as well. It came as a shock to Kiba because he knew that the redhead's impromptu participation wasn't in the curriculum at all. Yet Kiba kept that piece of information to himself as even in the distance he could clearly see Gaara's cold stare daring Kiba to tell the Kazekage that he couldn't participate in Naruto's wedding.

The brunet gulped and gave a nervous nod that he hoped the other would interpret as his consent. A smirking Sasuke, on the contrary, was more than ready to mock Gaara about being jealous of the avenger's position as the Best Man.

"Don't" muttered Kiba, to which Sasuke had no choice but to agree with a dissatisfied "Hn."

Halfway to the altar Matsuri stood up only to be intercepted by Temari who quickly latched herself to Gaara's arm. Kankuro shook his head at this. On the surface it looked like all Temari was doing was providing Gaara a proper escort, but Kankuro knew better. His sister only did it to keep a closer watch on her beau a.k.a. Shikamaru.

Later came Kurenai's and the late Asuma's daughter, riding on Akamaru as she laughed while tossing flowers petals along her way. Following close behind his little cousin came Konohamaru, endlessly complaining about how he was too old to be the ring boy even though he was the one who claimed he do anything to partake in his boss' wedding.

And last but not least came Ino accompanied by Sai. Usually, as tradition would state it, the Maid of Honor was supposed to walk alone but these days it would be nearly impossible to see Ino without being properly accessorized with the oil painter at her side. She raised a quizzical eyebrow at Gaara's and Temari's presence but said nothing about it. In her mind this simply provided the perfect business opportunity for her to negotiate future endeavors involving the establishment of a Flowers at Yamanaka delivery service in Suna.

Once Ino took her spot, next to where Naruto is supposed to stand, she glanced at Kiba and after a quick second to think it over she took a step forward, batted his hand away from his collar and tried to comb down with her fingers the hair ruffled by Hana before returning to her appointed spot.

Kiba looked startled by her action but before he could protest the piano started to play the traditional wedding tune as Naruto started to make his way down the aisle. It was then that everyone understood why he wanted to play the part of the bride so badly.

Naruto came walking in white. Correction, Naruto came draped in his father's white flak jacket. Unusually for Naruto, it was properly tied to cover his regular shinobi uniform instead of being left open like he usually did with his own red flak jacket. He also wore his forehead protector around his arm for the occasion, leaving his boisterous blond hair to fall in its natural spiky way.

Walking arms in arms with him were Tsunade, the previous Kage, and an embarrassed Teuchi Ichiraku, the ramen guy. Tsunade, not looking a day older than what she was, displayed how proud she was of escorting the current Hokage to the altar. Meanwhile Teuchi, no matter how much the whiskered male assured him otherwise, was feeling slightly unworthy of his position, a little uncomfortable about being surrounded by a large number of great ninjas, and somewhat awkward about walking arm in arm with someone who was young enough to pass up as his son.

Little did he know that that was exactly what Naruto was aiming for.

As both of Naruto's parents had died the day of his birth, they had missed out on practically every important event of his life. This being the day of his wedding, an event considered to be one of the most important occasions in a man's life, Naruto wanted to give his late parents a physical representation of what it would had been like if they were with him on this special day. And so, Naruto thought no one better to fit their spots than the man who fed him most of his life and the woman who threw a desk at him whenever he misbehaved.

Yep, they were the best substitutes he could ever ask for.

Once at the end of the aisle they parted ways with Naruto and went back to the crowd to sit on the front seats at Naruto's side. The blond grinned at the splash of orange dressed people he saw standing at both ends of the altar before moving to stand in front of his betrothed. It was then that he noticed Kiba's puzzled expression.

"Where's Iruka?" mouthed Kiba, "I thought he was supposed to walk with you and Lady Tsunade. What happened?"

Naruto suppressed his chuckle as he was already expecting the question. It was true that Iruka was supposed to play the part of his father and that Teuchi was a last minute addition. But that was because today the blond woke up inspired with what he presumed to be a great idea and since he had faith that Iruka would be able to do anything for him, Naruto tasked him with a last minute mission.

Instead of answering, Naruto nodded his head toward the end of the aisle but kept his eyes one the brunet to watch his expression. Confused, Kiba turned his face to the direction Naruto nodded at and practically stiffened in shock at what he was seeing. Making his way to the front seats at Kiba's side was the very same Iruka in question; but what had Kiba rooted on his spot was the person Iruka was half-dragging half-steering along with him.

Tsume, Kiba's mother, was actually attending to his wedding. Once they had settled down on their seats, Tsume fixed her animalistic eyes on her son before narrowing her eyes at whom Kiba guessed was Naruto. The brunet male couldn't move to confirm it as he was still too busy gaping at his mother's sudden appearance. Tsume then locked eyes with her son again and nodded in acceptance.

It was the first time she regarded her son in any way these past couple of years and unbeknownst to her it meant a lot to Kiba. Maybe there really was hope after all.

"Surprised?" said a voice near Kiba and the tattooed male turned to see a grinning Naruto staring right back at him. When the brunet said nothing, Naruto's smile began to simmer down. "You are not getting cold feet now are ya?" the blond asked with a nervous tugged on his sleeve.

With Naruto standing in front of him the day's event became twenty times more real to Kiba. But when Naruto looked up and smiled at him, all of the brunet's nervousness and doubts seem to come to a sudden halt. The only thought running through his mind now was that he was soon to become the luckiest man alive.

"Cold feet? About you? Never." muttered Kiba with a grin as he leaned forward to kiss Naruto. The blond was prepared to do the same only to be stopped by a restraining hand on his shoulder. Naruto's eyes traveled to Ino, the culprit, before turning to watch Kiba also being pulled back, this time by Sasuke.

"Save it for after the I do's loverboy," said Ino with a shake of her head.

Hours later.

Kicking the door open to the bedroom they only had time to discard their respective robes and chest-armors before they stumbled backwards on top of their bed, effectively ending the heavy make-out session they started the moment they had set foot in their residence. Naruto landed with a low oof and Kiba wasted no time straddling the blond under him.

Naruto's hands found their way to tousle in the brunet's thick hair as he forced Kiba's mouth open to suck in the brunet's tongue. Having no choice in the matter, Kiba's wet muscle proceeded to savor and ravish every inch of Naruto's delicious cavern. The tattooed male grounded his hips on Naruto's and grinded their clothed erections together eliciting a hormonal groan out of both of them.

For the blond it felt so fucking sweet when he bucked his hips upwards to press harder against the body on top of him that he cried out Kiba's name as he did so. It was the sexiest way Kiba had ever heard the other call his name so he briefly pulled away to tell Naruto that.

"You're being more responsive tonight" voiced Kiba grinning and a little out of breath as he laid his forehead against Naruto's.

"Well I-I ah…" started the whiskered male a bit caught off guard by the other's observation and looking away from him. "Can you blame me?" asked Naruto, his cheeks flustered as he finally locked eyes with his lover. "It's our wedding night and we haven't had sex for a week thanks to all the preparations we had to do. Is it so wrong that I want this night to be extra special?"

"Nope" said Kiba, smiling while he started to lap kisses under Naruto's jaw. "Just making sure that you are aware of it."

"Hmp, then you're gonna have to work harder if you want another response like that from me. You won't get another fuck unless you make me see stars," muttered Naruto in a quasi-commanding tone.

At that Kiba detached his mouth from Naruto's skin, and with his hands on the bed at either side of the blond, Kiba pushed his upper body upward in order to stare dumbfounded at the man beneath him. Naruto's face was way rosier than before and Kiba had no doubt that he himself was blushing as well. Still, Naruto's clear eyes did not waver from Kiba's dark ones.

'Was this dirty talk?'

The tattooed male was staring at the blond with wide eyes. In all their years together they had never done anything that resembled dirty talk. Kiba didn't have anything against it but since Naruto had never given any indication of being for it, not to mention that he often put his guard up whenever the brunet did something that could be considered weird in bed, Kiba had always thought that Naruto would feel awkward about it. And who knows, with how red Naruto's face was at the moment maybe he was indeed feeling a little awkward.

Kiba shook his head to clear his head and quickly descended to engage his lover in a bruising kiss. The brunet couldn't quite keep himself from grinning against the other's mouth though.

If Naruto was being honest about wanting tonight to be extra special then who was Kiba to put a damper on his unusual initiative to spice things up. When Naruto hesitantly returned his kiss Kiba realized that his pause from earlier probably left Naruto feeling like a fool so in order to remedied the nervousness that was probably eating away the blond, Kiba disengaged their war of tongues momentarily but didn't move away from him.

"Is that a challenge?" Kiba questioned, licking his lips as he did so.

"Huh?" Naruto muttered opening his half-lidded eyes as Kiba gripped his chin between his thumb and pointer finger to keep it in place. The blond then smiled as he quickly caught on to what Kiba was doing. It seemed that his gamble earlier had paid off after all. "You bet it is!" said Naruto sounding more confident. "What's the matter? Are you not confident about making me scream your name?" he taunted.

"Please," Kiba scoffed with a smirk as he played along. "When I'm done with you my name will be the only thing you'll be able to remember!" he boasted.

"I'll hold you to that," goaded Naruto not wasting another second as he lifted his head in order to reengage Kiba in another demanding kiss; his tongue coaxing the other to come out and play.

After a while, Kiba pulled away again and grabbed the edges of Naruto's shirt. The whiskered male got the hint and lifted his arms to let Kiba remove the fabric that at the moment was severely in the way of their scuffle. Once off, Kiba wasted no time attacking Naruto's neck as the brunet let the tip of his fingers trail sensually up and down Naruto's sides.

Naruto shivered in delight at the feel of Kiba's fevered touch on his exposed skin. Wanting more, the blond struggled to get rid of the offending article that was Kiba's long-sleeved shirt but found it increasingly hard as the brunet wouldn't detach himself from Naruto's neck.

Deciding on another route, Naruto moved his hands under Kiba's shirt and brought them up to his chest to brush against Kiba's perked nipples. That did the trick because as the tattooed male gasped a "fuck yeah" unto Naruto's ear at the sudden attention, the blond was allowed to completely lift the fabric and roll it down Kiba's muscular arms until he tossed it to the side where it laid forgotten.

Once off, Kiba returned his attention back to Naruto's neck while letting his open palms completely encompass Naruto's sides, wanting to map out every contour of Naruto's masculine body and stopping them at his waist. The whiskered male arched his back, pressing their chest together, fully seduced by Kiba's delectable tongue and the heated hands on his already fevered skin.

The blond couldn't stop himself from moaning out loud wantonly.

Naruto's hands immediately went to roam Kiba's back and broad shoulders, fully enjoying the man on top of him. Kiba took it as his cue to leave a mark on the delicious blond under him so he nibbled hard on Naruto's neck to leave his routine love mark. With the rate in which the demon fox healed Naruto's wounds, it was always a game for Kiba to see how long the love bites lasted on his lover's skin.

"Damn it, Kiba," groaned Naruto tilting his head back to give Kiba better access to his neck. The brunet lapped up Naruto's wound with his tongue before sucking on it and leaving a trail of gentle kisses throughout Naruto's jaw before finally grabbing Naruto by the back of his head and closing the small distance between them by locking their lips roughly together in a hungry kiss.

The blond's right hand went back to gripping the sheets of the bed while he wrapped his left arm around Kiba's neck. They frotted their clothed cocks together while drowning their moans into each other's mouths. "Naruto" the tattooed male whispered between kisses, making Naruto cling tighter to the other because of how needed the blond felt. This was turning out exactly how Naruto wished their first night as newlyweds would be.

Naruto had only been expecting Kiba to kiss back, but the brunet wasted no time in clutching both of Naruto's legs by their outer thighs and lifting them so that they would wrap themselves around his waist. It made his heart race and that sickeningly good rush of pleasure sink down past his gut. When he felt Kiba's tongue pushing at his lips he obliged and let the brunet delve in with only a whimper.

His right hand left the mattress, tangling in Kiba's hair and pressing his calloused fingers into Kiba's scalp as the brunet sat up with Naruto on his lap. He sucked at Kiba's tongue, caressed his teeth, and felt his cock ache when Kiba bucked up against his ass. Clearly the brunet was ready to take it further.

Tongue running along Naruto's, Kiba gave a moan of his own, loving the sound of Naruto's whimper. It shot a jolt of heat and pleasure straight down, his cock twitching up against Naruto's ass as he bucked his hips again. Kiba's right hand slid down Naruto's side, pushing the blond's ass back down in his lap, his eyes rolling back behind his eyelids. The veins stuck out from Kiba's hand, his grip on Naruto's waist was so firm that his fingers stung so he let go to reach up and slide down the back of his lover's neck.

Naruto could feel Kiba's cock, half hard and pushing between the cheeks of his ass, veiled only by the fabric of their pants. The blond moaned, grinding back down. The press and need for air was the only thing that forced Naruto to break the kiss, gasping for breath and panting hot down on Kiba's face as he watched him with parted lips, the challenge still there in his eyes, dulled only by lust.

Panting hard enough himself, the tattooed male looked up to Naruto, his own challenging gaze still there, half cocked like the rest of him. It was definitely an awkward moment as Kiba wasn't exactly sure what to do. His dick was half hard in his pants and Naruto was sitting on it oddly, causing it to press against the inside cheek of the other boy's ass. It made it really hard for Kiba to concentrate on a decision and as a response, he pushed his hips upwards again, giving a bit of a glare, "Why stop?" he said, his lips curving up to a smile.

Naruto grinned lopsidedly, deciding that this was the perfect time to continue with their playful banter. "How far do you want to take this?" Naruto asked in a pant, eyes rolling back and lashes fluttering when Kiba pressed demandingly against his ass again.

Kiba grinned back, "How far do you think you can take it?" he retorted referring to his cock, both hands coming to rest on Naruto's hips and pushing him down again as his hips rose up. It felt damn good to grind against that ass. Kiba thought and knew it'd be even better when he shoved his dick in. The brunet practically shivered at the thought.

"My ass can take whatever you can dish out Kiba! I'm not the most powerful shinobi in the country for nothing you know!" Naruto replied boldly, shoving himself down with the next thrust. He refrained from groaning though and just stared down at Kiba, lip twitching at the memory of Kiba's tongue down his throat. "You gonna try anything?" He jeered, fist tightening in Kiba's hair.

"Oh hells yeah," Kiba said, smirking seductively and pushing Naruto back down and capturing his lips in a kiss. The tattooed male was so turned on by their dirty talk that it showed. His fingers slipped down past the hem of Naruto's pants, pressing against the soft skin of his ass. He bit lightly on Naruto's lower lip, giving a soft groan as he rubbed his dick against Naruto's again, shuddering as it grew fuller and harder with each touch. It felt good enough to get him off with just rubbing against each other, but Kiba wanted more than some lame dry humping. That was kid's play.

Every bold movement on Kiba's behalf made Naruto hungrier, his hands pushing down to grope at Kiba's shoulder blades. The whiskered male was frenzied and fevered with need. Lifting himself against Kiba, the blond's bare flesh pressed against Kiba's toned chest. The blonde's skin felt hot against the tanner male.

They had a very similar body built, with Kiba being only slightly beefier and taller than Naruto. It was almost like they were made to fit perfectly against each other. No, correction, there was no doubt in their minds that they were made for each other and it would only be wrong it they didn't cherish it to the fullest.

Naruto pushed himself back against Kiba's hips again, satisfied enough with the erection that grounded against him.

Letting out a low moan Kiba bucked his hips up hard, his big hands pushing Naruto's pants down further to grab a handful of each sweet ass cheek. He found another portion of Naruto's neck and bit down, sucking to leave yet another mark, smug at the idea. He pulled back after a bit, claiming Naruto's lips again, tongue teasing and hips rolling. Kiba's hand slid down further, a strong digit probing down the cleft of Naruto's ass and pressing down on the pucker of his hole.

"Aaahn...you don't need to finger me, I'm stretched!" Naruto exclaimed after pulling himself away from Kiba's lips. The brunet was aggressive, more so then the whiskered male was used to but he liked it, it gave the blond a wave of adrenaline that made his cock ache all the worse and press against the pants that he really hoped Kiba would rid him off soon. Naruto's fingernails, uneven and bitten, scraped at Kiba's shoulders as he delved back into a kiss, tongue battling against Kiba's, lips already bruised and swollen with spit and abuse.

Kiba raised an eyebrow at the blond's comment but returned the kiss wordlessly, his tongue pinning Naruto's down roughly. He yanked at the back of Naruto's pants and the button and zipper popped open with a satisfying noise. Pushing them down, Kiba bucked his hips upwards in a gesture for Naruto to sit upright. The brunet's hair was quite tousled by now, his own lips red and cheeks slightly flushed as he panted, a smirk on his face.

The Inuzuka made a good sight like that, really. Despite their differences he looked hot. Naruto sat back up and scooted off of the brunet, desperately tugging his shoes off, the pants soon to follow, left on the floor in a rumpled mess. He looked up at Kiba and smirked. "Ya think you got it in you to make me scream?" He questioned, sprawled out naked on the bed as a dare, his meaty cock thankfully released from its prison of pants.

Almost coughing at the sight before him, Kiba felt a fresh wave run down to his dick. He hastily untied his pants, pushing them down along his boxers and kicked his shoes off, scooting back up onto the bed so that his legs weren't dangling over. Kiba gave a scoff at Naruto's remark, "You're saying I don't?" he asked, giving a sultry look. His own arousal was very apparent, hot and heavy between his thighs as he rolled over on his knees, stalking up to Naruto with a glint in his eye. Kiba would have Naruto screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear if he had his way.

Naruto shuddered and moaned at the sight of Kiba stalking up to him with a glint of death and promise of the most delicious pounding in his eye. "I'm saying I won't believe it till I see it Kiba," Naruto said with a cocky smirk, waiting for Kiba to take the bait and really give it to him. He was fairly confident Kiba could too, Naruto thought with a long look down at Kiba's naked body and his dick leaking pre-come. Naruto licked his lips, a hand skittering down to his own cock and running his fingers over the head.

"Hmph," Kiba said, tossing his head and crawling closer, gaze lingering over Naruto's hand on his cock. He leaned down, tongue swiping over one of Naruto's nipples, his hand running along the other boy's side and down to his hip, fingers digging in slightly. His feral eyes searched over Naruto's body, contemplative of his next move. His normal moves would make just about anyone moan and call his name but Kiba knew Naruto wanted something different.

Another wet groan, but not a trace of Kiba's name. Naruto arched his back up at the tongue on him, nipple budding at the wet slide of muscle over its sensitive surface. He reached up, an arm wrapping around Kiba's shoulder, fingers digging into the muscle there. He could tell Kiba was thinking about how to get him to break and it quirked a smug smile onto Naruto's face. He'd never go down without a challenge, even in bed.

Kiba let out a chuckle, flicking his tongue over the nipple again, hot breath teasing the perky nub. His thumb pressed against Naruto's hip, pushing into the dip aside the bone into the nerves there. Skillfully, he switched to the other nipple, tongue running along the boy's chest as he did so. Kiba's other hand reached up, fingertips pressing and dragging along Naruto's lower lip softly. He ignored his dick for the time being, trying something seductive for once and hoping it'd work.

Naruto was getting really impatient. "This isn't like you to be so slow, Kiba. Come on," Naruto urged, but the words were swallowed in a moan. Naruto was about ready to grab Kiba's dick and lead the way himself. His whole body was tingling horribly. He needed it badly.

"Mmm, what's that?" Kiba purred, leaning up and pressing his weight into the thumb that was massaging Naruto's hip. He had a lazy grin on his lips as he slid up Naruto's body, kissing his cheek and then moving down to leave a trail of nips down to his collar. He scooted over, removing his hand and lay his lower body down against Naruto's, his dick rubbing against the other.

Naruto cursed under his breath. "You're not getting what you want. Mmmmnn...uuughh..." Naruto fell back on the bed, hips bucking against the fingers, then into the hot hard dick that rubbed against his own. Kiba was really laying it on thick and it was maddening.

Lifting his hips, Kiba let his dick dangle, barely touching Naruto's, rubbing them together ever so slightly, his own urge to give in rising, but he pushed it down adamantly. He hissed softly, giving a low moan as he bit into Naruto's neck again to stifle his noise. He grabbed a hold of Naruto's shoulders, pushing them down into the bed, knees pushing apart Naruto's thighs.

A shudder coursed through Naruto, finally they were getting somewhere, and he was losing. The temptation to give in and lose a little ego but gain a bout of good sex was rising. "C'mon Kiba...do it..." Naruto moan in demand, bucking his hips up in an attempt for more friction, his legs spreading easily to the nudge of knees.

Giving another chuckle, Kiba dipped his hips down lower, "Do what..?" he asked in a deep baritone voice, loving the noises he was eliciting from Naruto. He was a cock tease and he knew it, but there was only so much more that he himself could take before he'd pounce on Naruto and fuck him senseless.

"Screw. Me." Naruto hissed, reaching up and grasping Kiba's hips and pulling him down, just by a few inches. Enough to get the head of his dick to smear against Kiba's. "I want you to pound it hard into me," begged the blond hoping that the tiny confession was enough to get that dick to smear somewhere else.

Kiba let out his laugh once again, "Now we're getting somewhere," he said, relaxing his weight and pressing their large cocks together once again. He let out another wanton groan as he thrust up against Naruto, lips kissing and biting what they could find. His knees pushed Naruto's thighs apart even further, hands still pressing the blond's shoulders down.

Toes curled, another lung emptying rush shot down to Naruto's cock and he gasped, wrapping his legs around Kiba and forcing him to press harder. He moaned and grounded against Kiba, not giving a shit for a moment that he'd lost this round.

Pressing down further still, Kiba chuckled into Naruto's neck, losing his hold on the boy's shoulders so that he could scoot down and settle himself between Naruto's thighs. His fingers raked down Naruto's sides resting once again on his hips. His dick nudged against Naruto's ass, pre-come slicking against the soft skin.

"Don't get too smug on me. It'll just tick me off!" Naruto retorted playfully to the chuckle, but protests stopped when Kiba sat up, rubbing himself between his ass cheeks. Getting to his elbows Naruto reached down, grabbing Kiba's dick in a rough encouragement that things were going in the right direction and at this point he was willing to pay the price of screaming Kiba's name.

"What doesn't tick you off?" Kiba said with a roll to his eyes. He nudged forward, "I'm guessing from what you said earlier, you just want me to shove my rod in?" he said nonchalantly. Truth was, he wanted to shove it in just as much, but he was having too much fun playing the part of a dick.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "A little spit would be nice of you," he bit out, licking his lips in an offer to help in that department.

This got Kiba to laugh, "Damn, you really know all the right things to say when you want to turn a man on." He pulled a hand up and began to suck on his forefingers, eyes locked on Naruto's as he did so, making sure to coat each one well enough. As much as he'd like to leave a scar on Naruto, a tear in the ass wasn't very visible. "Alright, I'll go easy on you," he joked. Kiba continued to rub his dick against Naruto's hole, the pre-come leaking out and smearing all over.

Naruto arched his back and moaned, a growling noise in the back of his throat. "Kiba..." He warned, fingers gripped in the sheets. This would be a rough ride he could tell, and he was gonna love it, like a good spar!

After he finished lubricating his fingers, Kiba reached down took a hold of his dick. Rubbing the slickness off and over the head, Kiba let out a low moan, looking down at himself. After a moment, he peered back up at Naruto, giving a smirk as he commanded the blond to spread himself in all fours. Lost in lust Naruto didn't think twice about getting up and doing as he was told.

Kiba positioned the mushroom head of his engorged cock up against Naruto's ready hole. He pressed against it teasingly, licking his lips and resting his weight of his hand against the small of Naruto's back. Kiba's other hand went to take hold of the base of his own manhood. "Are you sure that you're ready for this bad boy?" the brunet asked as he slapped his dick a couple of times on Naruto's right butt-cheek before returning it behind the blond's entrance.

Rolling his eyes Naruto pushed himself backward, forcing the head of Kiba's dick in and making himself wince. Well that was a size he wasn't ever going to get used to, but he wasn't complaining at all. The whiskered male wasn't gonna show anything to Kiba about how good the penetration felt or how much it stung. Kiba was still going to have to work to get any screams out of him.

Letting out a soft hiss, Kiba pushed himself in further, toes digging into the comforter. Naruto was a bit tighter than he had expected, given his earlier protests, but Kiba wasn't about to complain. His gaze locked on the back of Naruto's head, eyes a bit hazy as he shoved inch by inch of his length inside, shuddering in pleasure.

"Nnnnnngh..." Naruto's eyes shut tight and his lips parted in an inward gasp. He panted for breath, adjusting to the intrusion. He dared turn his head to look up at Kiba's eyes, his own lidded with lust but still wild with rivalry. He wasn't going to last long, as worked up as he was, but he'd bluff anyway.

"Heheh..." Kiba chuckled, thrusting up and letting out a half growl half moan, eyes rolling back. He loved how Naruto felt, the tightening of the boy's ass around his cock, the heat and the friction; it was enough to make Kiba lose it, at least just a little. He reached both hands down, grabbing a hold of Naruto's hips and thrust in harder, moving them both further up the bed with the strength of Kiba's movements.

And to think that the tattooed male still wasn't fully in yet.

Naruto hissed and sucked in a breath, grunting as he moved with Kiba, hands grasping at his sheets to keep himself pressed against the body behind him. "Gonna...give it...mmm...all you got?" Naruto asked, fire jolting up his body.

"I've gotta, fuck… I gotta show you up, don't I?" Kiba said, grinning as he slammed himself farther up Naruto's ass, the bed bouncing with the force of his thrusts. The brunet decided to let go of Naruto's hips and after letting his hands roam his lovers back, Kiba bent his upper body forward until his frame fully encompassed the body bellow him. Both trembled when Kiba's front met Naruto's back, and tanner hands traveled down paler arms to join the ones already on the mattress.

The blond was on his hands and knees, spreading his legs further to better shoulder the weight of the man claiming him. Kiba pushed into the other slowly until only half of his cock remained outside. Then he carefully pulled out 'til only the head of his dick remained inside only to push it in harder than the last time, going an inch deeper every time until eventually he was fully sheathed inside that glorious passage.

Kiba continued to ram his meaty cock into Naruto's ever enduring tightness, groaning onto Naruto's back as he continued to shower it with wet kisses. The whiskered male moaned almost breathlessly because of their passionate bout. With Kiba's hands on top of his, with their fingers intertwined, Naruto could do nothing more than to push his ass back every time the brunet thrust back in.

The sensation coursing through Naruto's body at the action was more gratifying than what he ever cared to admit. He bit his lower lip to keep himself from shouting when Kiba slam his prostate with a particularly strong thrust. It was then that the blond took notice of the tight grip on his left hand, or to be more precise, the rings decorating their wedding fingers.

This was exactly what Naruto wanted. It was like they were connected by the hip. It was like they were one. The blond was, and thanks to this day will forever be, bounded to the brunet that at this moment was so desperately trying to get more of himself inside Naruto's body.

Yet now that Naruto had everything he ever wanted, he found himself wanting more. So pulling every ounce of restraint he could muster during this savage act of passion, he tried to voice his wants coherently. "Mo-More Kiba." The blond was able to untangle his left hand from Kiba's grip and pushed the brunet's shoulder to get his attention. "Sit back," Naruto commanded with trouble as he continued to push his lover away.

Kiba looked understandably upset about Naruto putting a stop to their activities but pulled out of Naruto nonetheless, moving his large hands to trail along the blond's arms and across his back while doing so. But before the tattooed male could do anymore, Naruto twisted his upper body to the side enough to be able to wrap an arm around Kiba's neck and bringing the brunet's head down to engage him in a bruising kiss.

With both now standing on their knees, Kiba moved one of his hands to grip Naruto's hip and keep him steady while moving the other to caress the blond's inner thigh, this earning him a sexually infused shudder, before lifting that leg a little to spread Naruto further apart. This accommodation allowed Kiba to sensually rub his leaking cock between the other's ass cheeks.

The Inuzuka was soon forgetting what the blond had previously asked him to do and was already making plans that involved plunging himself back into Naruto's warm hole. That is until the whiskered male broke off their sloppy kiss and whispered his plans into Kiba's ear.

"I want to ride you."

The brunet's body trembled in anticipation after hearing Naruto's lust filled request and wasted no time in complying with his lover's desires. Removing the hand on Naruto's thigh, Kiba brought it behind him to use it for support as he sat back on the bed.

Kiba spread his legs wide on the comforter and with the hand still on Naruto's hip; he guided the blonde to sit on his lap. Naruto, with his back still facing Kiba, reached his strong hands backward to grasp the upper part of Kiba's muscled arms in order lift his own body upward and align his entrance with the brunet's awaiting shaft.

"Are you sure you'll be able to handle this monster of a cock all on your own?" Kiba goaded, taking the initiative on their dirty talk for the first time.

Naruto blushed at the unexpected challenge, his body reacting in appreciation of how hot Kiba's word sounded in their direct delivery without a trace of bashfulness. It was a definite turn-on. But then Naruto grinned and spared his lover a taunting glance before replying. "You underestimate me. I bet I'll be able to take you all in one go," he said accepting the challenge. There was no fucking chance in hell he was backing down now.

If possible, Kiba's dick got even more rigid at the blond's proclamation. "Fuck," Kiba swore under his breath. If he wasn't careful Naruto was going to make cum on words alone.

As Naruto began his descent, Kiba helped ease him down with the hand that wasn't on the mattress until the blond had taken most of Kiba's cock in. Then the brunet, now resting both hands on the mattress, leaned backward while bucking his hips up to impale himself the rest of the way in. That earned a low satisfactory moan from the whiskered male.

"Heh, you liked that?" asked the brunet with a cocky smile.

"Yeah," replied Naruto tightening his grip on his lover's arms as he lifted himself once more until barely the head of Kiba's dick was inside of him. "But not as much as you're going to enjoy this!" he said as he suddenly flopped his weight all the way down on Kiba's erection until Naruto's round and heavy balls came in contact with Kiba's hairy ones with a fulfilling smack. The blond was never one who liked being outdone after all.

A loud incoherent curse escaped Kiba's lips as his arms instinctively surrounded Naruto's upper body and held it tight against his own. They were both already exerting a thin coat of sweat by now that simply made their muscular bodies stick together even more.

"Damn, Naruto," the tattooed male started once he caught his breath. "I'm not sure even you know how wild and out of control you drive me," he confessed softly, moving one hand up Naruto's define chest to brush against tan nipple while resting his other hand on the blond's sculpture abs. Abs that were very much as the brunet's own. "If we continue on like this, well, I'm not sure I'll be able to restrain myself."

"Good. I don't want you to hold back," Naruto informed. He took another minute to lose himself the sensory of Kiba's wondering touch, in the feel of Kiba's breath against his back and in the fever-like heat that engulfed him before continuing his sentence. "Because I won't be holding back anymore either," he muttered, almost low enough to be considered a whisper.

'Even though it took me long to finally get to this point, tonight I finally realize that there isn't ever going to be someone better for me because I simply don't want anybody else. Although there were many obstacles between us, most of them placed there by me, Kiba has continuously showed his dedication to me. Yet for some reason even I don't understand I have always kept my guard up around him. Probably because up until now I had always been scared that he would end up using me like everyone around me always had. Possibly because I was worried that one day he would wise-up and figure out that being with me just plain wasn't worth it. Or maybe, maybe it was because he had become such a ray of light in my life that I was afraid to have it snatched away.

No more though. I have come to realize that if we ever going to make it I simply can't keep this wall up between us. I can't keep complaining every time he wants to try something new just because I don't want him to see me nervous. I can't keep shying away every time with talk about our past, or whatever else is on my mind because I don't want him to judge me. And I simply can't keep bottling up my feelings just because I'm scared of how he'll react once he finds just how much he means to me. Kiba has always done the chasing yet he always held back in the end, not catching me because of the fear that I would push him away if he got any closer. He cared about me that much that he kept his needs in check, without ever complaining, just so that he could provide me that safe distance I sought out.

But that isn't fair to him. That's why tonight I'm going to make him understand that it is okay to cross that bridge; that I won't keep him at bay anymore; that I can finally trust myself with him; that I won't ever hold back from him so he is free to do the same with me; that I won't ever run away; that I can no longer live without him; that I need him just as much or even more than he needs me…

That I'm ready to be caught.'

Naruto rotated his hips and began bouncing himself on Kiba's rock-hard cock before lifting his ass up and down in a steady tempo, always making sure that his every moan reached Kiba's ears along with the creaking of their bed. Even though the brunet tried to brace himself, the whiskered male was doing stuff and stimulating his body in a way that simply no sane man would be able to resist.

Kiba's whole self-being tingled with a lust that threatened to become unchecked. In all honesty Kiba had never felt such a response from Naruto before. The brunet had always felt wanted by his lover but this was the first time that he ever felt so, so… needed.

The tattooed male loosened his grasp on the blond and returned one of his hands to the mattress, gripping the comforter like his life depended on it. Leaning his upper body backward again, Kiba let his other hand come to rest on Naruto's spine, absentmindedly massaging it. The brunet briefly marveled at how smooth Naruto's skin was in comparison with Kiba whose body was filled by battle scars. Yet another benefit of wielding the kyuubi.

It prove too difficult a task for Kiba to figure his lover out, mostly because the pleasure coursing through his nether regions kept him from concentrating on anything else. But it was Naruto's final taunt that pulled the trigger off whatever reasoning the brunet could have been coming up with.

"What's the m-matter Kiba; g-giving up already on making s-scream?" Naruto goaded; and just like that the lid of Kiba's restraint had been blown off.

With his own legs, Kiba tumbled the blond off his feet by knocking them away from the bed. Kiba settled Naruto's legs over the brunet's own and spread them as far as he could, consequently spreading Naruto's ass cheeks further apart that Kiba's cock was freer to slide in deeper and harder than before. Kiba gripped Naruto's waist with both hands to keep him from falling forward as he began to pound his cock with restless abandon into the blond's ever tight hole.

The blond gasped at the rough treatment but enjoyed it just the same. Naruto didn't know what to do with his hands so lifted them and brought them behind his head in order to grasp Kiba by his scalp. The tattooed male began sucking the junction between Naruto's neck and left shoulder so the blond busied his hands by tugging on Kiba's hair.

Kiba didn't seem to mind it as much. In fact the whiskered male thought that he heard the brunet growling in excitement, a sound that made Naruto's toes curl. The blond then began bucking his hips down in order to meet with Kiba thrust every time and amplifying both of their pleasures, his own cock awkwardly bobbing up and down with their rugged motions.

It seemed Kiba finally took notice of it as he snaked one arm around Naruto abdomen to keep him in place while firmly grasping with his other hand the base of Naruto's erection. A strangled whimper left the blonde's mouth as he did so.

The whiskered male's cock was already dripping with his own precum and Kiba wasted no time in smearing it all over Naruto's manhood as it made for excellent lubrication.

"Get ready for the orgasm of your life" Kiba declared as he started to pump Naruto's rigid cock for all that it was worth. It was then that the real bout of passion really began.

Naruto trashed his legs not being able to keep up his the sensations running through his body but Kiba did not relent, nor would he until he heard Naruto's shouting his name. The brunet rocked his hips and continued to ram his cock inside of Naruto at a steady pace but even that did not compare to the speed in which he was pumping his lover's dick.

"Nnngh, Kiba...more...gonna come," Naruto huffed as spikes of pleasure coursed down to his bobbing cock, straining on the edge to hold it back.

"More? You want more?" he jeered, slowing his pace and relishing in the feeling of his cock sliding slowly into the tight heat of Naruto's ass. His breath was a bit ragged by now, and he felt his forehead growing moist from exertion. "Sorry, that's not going to, ugh, to happen until you scream for me."

"Oh come on! Keep going! Don't tick me off!" Naruto groaned, but the tone of his voice whined with the need of release. He bucked in Kiba's hand, forcing the rhythm faster. Anger left his eyes replaced with desperation. It was painful, damn painful. He needed it bad and he'd be damned if Kiba wasn't going to give it to him and give it to him now.

Grunting and letting out a shuddering moan, Kiba made a mental note to fuck it, and shoved aside his desire to tease Naruto. He'd messed with him enough. The brunet pounded his length faster into Naruto's insides. He practically lost it then, muscles tightening in coils and moans rolling out in undertones as he hissed Naruto's name almost silently. The hand on Naruto's cock not once losing speed.

"Fuck, K-Kiba!" Naruto shouted then, feeling himself getting closer to completion but wanting to hold it off for as long as possible. "Don't stop!" he commanded. There was no stopping his rapidly scalding moans now.

Of course Kiba wasn't far behind either if his mumblings of "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah Naruto, f-fuck yeah" were any indication.

"A-ahhh, d-damn, oh, Kiba! Oh, yeah, that feels good, oooh yeah," Naruto gave in, was unable to do much else other than that. With Kiba's cock ramming into him he shuddered, arched his back and writhed, whimpering. He couldn't speak; his breath was quite literally rammed out of him. And it was with one last hard thrust against his prostate and a squeeze to his throbbing cock that Naruto shot his load, spilling his cum over his stomach and Kiba's hand.

Lost in his orgasm, Naruto didn't notice when Kiba had pulled out of him until said brunet turned the blond around and shoved him down with his back facing the bed. Kiba was met with little resistance as he gripped the back of Naruto's knees and pushed the whiskered male's legs up. The brunet wasted no time in spearing himself balls deep into the blond again.

The audible smacks of Kiba's hips meeting Naruto's willing ass resounded throughout the room. The tattooed male kept a firm grip on the back of Naruto's legs as he restlessly continued pistoing his lover against the mattress. Kiba's only goal now was to find his own completion.

Kiba let out another low moan, eyelashes fluttering as he fucked Naruto hard; all while never taking his gaze away from Naruto's face. The blonde opened the eyes he hadn't realized he had closed once he started to come down from his high and after moment to glance at his surroundings he met Kiba's feral gaze.

It might sound odd when considering that the couple had been together for years now, but Kiba was taken aback by affection in his lover's unwavering blue eyes. The brunet couldn't pinpoint the last time Naruto's eyes showed such open emotions but he knew that he hadn't seen it since their genin days. The blond had always been so guarded, and as of late he had taken some of the walls down; but now… it was like those walls were tore down completely.

'He's letting me. He… he is finally letting me in!'

Something inside Kiba constricted and it took a moment for him to realize it was his heart beating painfully against his chest. The brunet's face contorted when he notice that his vision was becoming glassy and quickly blinked the unshed tears away.

Kiba found himself almost incapable of believing how much Naruto's unrestraint stare had affected him. But he understood it. He'd known for so long that he earned Naruto's trust. Kiba knew that Naruto trusted the brunet more than anyone else in the world; and maybe, somewhere in the recesses of Kiba's mind he contemplated the thought that the blond was only with him because of the security he provided.

The idea that maybe Naruto didn't want him back as much as Kiba wanted the blond had embedded itself into Kiba's brain like a tumor. And even though the tattooed male did his best to pay no attention to it and tried to be happy with what he had, the uncertainty never really faded.

Until now that is.

Naruto arched his back, his hands gripping the sheets of his bed as hard as he could, and a needy whimper escaped his parted lips. But not once did he look away from Kiba's sharp gaze. And just like that all remaining doubt had faded away. Now it was clear as the shine in Naruto's bright eyes that the whiskered male felt just as much for him as Kiba felt for the blond.

"Ki-Kiba, cum in-inside" the whiskered male moaned out and that was all it took for Kiba to reach his climax. He leaned down abruptly and clashed his mouth against Naruto's, muffling his grunt between their battered lips as the brunet shot his load deep inside his lover. Naruto instantly wrapped his arms around Kiba's neck and held on for dear life. Everything after that was white noise.

Naruto loosened his hold on his lover once he felt the spasms shaking their bodies stop yet Kiba didn't make a move to get away. Kiba rested his forehead against Naruto's and watched as blue eyes opened in curiosity to stare at him. They were both breathing hard because of their activities, one unlike what they were usually accustomed to, and they felt completely drained. But none of that seem to matter to either of them.

For the tattooed male all that mattered was the sated look in Naruto's eyes. Smiling at the other beneath him, Kiba cupped Naruto's face with his right hand and kissed the blond softly one last time before pulling out of him and rolling to the side. Naruto smiled at the gesture and followed after the brunet in order to rest his head on Kiba's strong chest.

Naruto's callous fingers distracted themselves tracing patterns on Kiba's stomach, focusing mostly around a large scar located on the left side of Kiba's lower abs. It was a scar that had began to fade thanks to the hands of time, and no matter how hot Kiba thought it looked on him or how much he teased the blond for being physically unable to get one of his own, for Naruto the roughness of the scarred tissue served as a constant reminder that the shinobi world wasn't as forgiving as he was.

But before the whiskered male could start to delve further unto more depressing thoughts, Kiba wrapped his arms around Naruto's body in order to keep him there and absentmindedly laid another kiss on top Naruto's blond head. Naruto closed his eyes and sighed in ease, fully content to just lay there and feel the rise of Kiba's chest.

The blond moved to press himself closer to the brunet, lifting one leg to tangle it between Kiba's and consequently pressing his now flaccid cock on the brunet's thigh. Not that Kiba minded it though. In fact the tattooed male took that opportunity to tenderly caress more of his lover's flesh.

They stayed like that for a while longer, settling in their afterglow, concentrating on their heartbeats and simply enjoying each other's company in the silence. It was only when Naruto started nuzzling his cheek on Kiba's pecs that the quiet ended.

"Haha, stop" said Kiba lightly chuckling as he brought up one hand to ruffle Naruto's head. "Your hair tickles" he indicated.

"But you are warm" whined Naruto, lifting his head to pout at Kiba. This only made the brunet laugh even more.

"Ha, guess you're right" said Kiba with a smirk. "I guess it's not your fault that I happen to be so hot!"

The blond frowned and deliberately rested his chin a little harshly on Kiba's chest to make the other wince. But then he grinned as he came up with his own comeback. "You may say that you're hot but let's not forget that it is you who can't keep his hands off of me" said Naruto, his smile stretching until it showed all of his teeth. "So by default I figure that makes me the irresistible one!"

Kiba laughed even harder, loving his lover's logic. "That you are," he finally said with a wink.

"Thought so" replied the blond, resting the side of his face on Kiba's chest again, contemplating his next words. "But you know, even though I know I'm irresistible, it would be nice to hear it from you every now and then" he muttered, his voice progressively getting lower with each word spouted. Thankfully Inuzukas have enhanced hearing so none of it was lost on the brunet. But though he heard it, it didn't mean that he understood what Naruto was trying to say.

"What do you mean?" Kiba asked, confusion clearly showing in his voice. "I told you drive me wild a moment ago didn't I?"

"Well, yeah…" the blond replied, dragging the last syllable. "But that was just for dirty talk. I've never heard you say something like 'my eyes are bluer than the ocean' or that you 'can get lost in them' or something mushy like that. You're not exactly a charmer, that's what I meant."

"To be fair, it's not like you ever complement me either" mumbled Kiba. "And besides, I was never that good at courting people. You should already know that since you are the first and the only one I ever chased after. But even so I still got you in the end so something must have worked, right?" Kiba stated more than asked, smiling at his own conquest.

"Heh, I guess you're right" said Naruto in agreement. The blond's smile unknowingly mirrored Kiba's. "And besides…" started Naruto, moving his hand boldly down to cup Kiba's balls, effectively making the other's breath hitch at the unexpected action. "I know you got other ways of showing your affection."

"Mmhmm" Kiba mewled at the attention he was receiving, he particularly enjoyed when Naruto began scratching the side of his sack. "And now that I know you like it when I talk dirty, you better prepare yourself" the brunet warned with a grin. "Soon I'll be spouting stuff like 'I gonna fuck you so hard with my organ that your ass is gonna be raw' then I'm gonna tell you to 'take big daddy's cock in' and then I'm going to repeatedly ask you 'if you like it when daddy's large cock punishes you like that' every time I pound it into you."

"S-Stop" whined Naruto lightly punching Kiba's chest with the same hand that previously pleasured him.

"Why? You like it."

"How would you know?" challenged the blond making Kiba grin mischievously.

"Because your dick is pressing against my leg and I can tell that it's already hard" he said triumphantly. When Naruto didn't respond Kiba laughed in bewilderment. "Haha, don't tell me you're blushing!"

"Am not!" Naruto denied even though his face was beat red. He was indeed flustered; but that just made Kiba want to hug him tighter against his body, which he did by the way.

Once the teasing laughter in Kiba died down he started reflecting on how undeniably happy he felt at that very moment. He even wondered if other couples felt as good as he did on their wedding night or if his was a special occasion. And to think that it all had to do with the way Naruto looked at him.

"Hey, Naruto?" he called in a hush tone. The referred blond hmm-ed in order to communicate he was paying attention. Kiba in turn took his eyes off the blond and stared at the ceiling, not really knowing why he suddenly felt nervous about facing his lover but still willing to express what was in his mind, or in this case, his heart. "All joking aside… you know that I really do love you, right?"

"…I know" answered Naruto. His eyes stung with the threat of tears but he kept them in check. For one he was glad that he was facing away from Kiba. The brunet might be unaware of it but Naruto had caught the way Kiba's eyes watered back then. Frankly that was all the confirmation the whiskered male needed to know the truth in the other's words.

It made Naruto feel awful because he somehow knew that his previous reserved behavior was to blame for such a reaction. It pained him to even consider the fact that he might have involuntarily been hurting the tattooed male all along; and so, Naruto made a silent vow to himself to never do it again. "I, I love you too Kiba. More than anything else in the world"

"Ha, even more than ramen?" joked the brunet lightheartedly.

"Heheh, yeah, more than any special ramen old man Ichiraku can dish out" replied the blond happily indulging Kiba in his playful banter. Naruto was never one who believed too much in fate; and because of such, he didn't believe in the concept of soulmates either. Yet he didn't need destiny to know that Kiba was the one for him. The more he thought about it the more obvious it seemed.

They simply fitted perfectly together.

Naruto had never felt so loved before. It was exactly like his mother had said it would be. Just remembering her words made him chuckle in bliss. He couldn't help it. In fact it scared him a little that he could feel this happy.

"What are you laughing about" asked Kiba, his hands returning to caress the expanse of Naruto's back.

"Nothing, just remembering something my mom said to me."

"Oh?" muttered the brunet. It was the first time Kiba had ever heard the blond mention his mother. Of course Kiba was interested to hear about it but what mattered the most to him was that Naruto finally felt comfortable enough to open up to him. Yep, there was no doubt in Kiba's mind that their marriage might get a happily ever after after all.

"My mom once said to me that in order for a jinchuriki like me to be truly happy, someone had to fill the vessel with love. Heheh, and just a while ago I made you do that." Naruto said, pushing both hands against the mattress and lifting his upper body up in order to look at Kiba directly in the eyes.

Kiba stared at his lover's grinning face until he finally understood what Naruto meant with 'making Kiba do that'. The brunet groaned and face-palmed, "I don't think she meant it that literal!" Kiba said knowing full-well what the blond was implying. "I'm sure your mother didn't picture me cumming inside of you when she said to 'fill the vessel with love'."

"You can't say that for sure!" Naruto argued for the sake of arguing. "My mom was special! For all we know my mom foresaw everything!"

"Yeah, I'm sure she did," Kiba played along, closing his eyes and shaking his head in disbelief. That is until he felt the weight of the bed shift until something settled on his lap. Kiba opened his eyes and saw Naruto straddling him. "What are you doing?"

"Setting the mood" Naruto replied while rolling his hips and rubbing his ass on Kiba's awakening member. Naruto leaned down to kiss Kiba on the mouth once he felt the brunet was hard enough. The blond then stood on his knees and reached a hand back to stroke Kiba's hardening cock while using the other to stroke his own. "After all, I still remember other stuff beside your name" he taunted without a hint of bashfulness.

'Kiba, you are the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with'

Kiba's cock was fully standing in attention in under a minute. "You're gonna regret this when you wake up sore in the morning" Kiba warned with a lust-filled grin appearing on his face. The brunet's gruff hands were already taking their respective place at either side of Naruto's waist.

'Naruto, I am never going to let you regret choosing me'

"Mmm" replied Naruto licking his lips and dishing out a grin of his own, "Wouldn't have it any other way."

And with that Naruto impaled himself once again on his lover's large cock, but this time with Kiba thrusting up to meet him halfway. And that was only the start of a very long night ahead of them.


A/N: Well I hope that you enjoyed the story. It was fun writing it! Sadly though, this is probably the last time I'm going to write for this series. In other words, this should probably be viewed as my "farewell chapter". Of course this doesn't mean that I'm going to stop writing completely. I'm just simply more interested in writing for other anime/manga/fandoms now.