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Truth or Dare?

I smiled at the teenage girl in front of me, the centre of my universe, my sun. She grinned back, her sharpened teeth sparkling, and I gulped audibly as my heart thudded louder in my chest. She smiled wider and leant over to whisper in my ear.

"Your turn."

"Uhhh... Dare?"

"Damn! I'm so bad at these!" She moaned at me but the glimmer of mischief in her liquid gold eye suggested otherwise. "Ok... how about... go and stand next to my Dad and think about me in a very naughty way?"

"Hell. NO!"

"Naww, you're such a chicken!"

"Do you want this chicken to be ripped to pieces?!" I knew what Edward was like when it came to Renesmee. Pathetically over protective if truth be told, I thought. It was practically suicide to carry through his dare. Nessy pouted at me and fluttered her thick eyelashes, causing my heart to jump into my throat.

"Ness that's not fair!"

"What?" She pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows innocently. "It's no fun if you don't play properly Jake!"

I glowered at her.

"Fine!" Her face lit up like a child at Christmas and I rolled my eyes to the ceiling. How could I not do something that would make her so incredibly happy? "But you owe me big time for this!"

I leapt off of her bed and strode out into the cottage's living room, ducking as the overhead beams threatened to knock me out. The two vampires were sat on the couch, their faces in each other's hands and for a moment their intense love for each other overwhelmed me. It was the picture of perfection.

In an instant Bella was on her feet and pretended to be very interested in the fire, staring into its fiery depths. I knew her face would have flushed with a deep purple embarrassment if her pale skin still pumped blood around her system, and a smile played around my lips slightly with memories as I turned to the male vision of flawlessness before me. In all honesties he could easily have become a pin up model. I think he was rather taken with the idea before his wife had interrupted with ferocious snarls in our most recent conversation of the topic. Since then the subject hadn't been breached. Personally, I didn't blame him.

"Can I help you Jacob?" Edward smiled at me warmly and I grinned back. Since he had given me Nessy, the love of my life, I had no reason to be his mortal enemy. "You were almost interrupting something..." He glanced at Bella, who faced away from both of us, and winked at me boyishly. I laughed and relished that discussing this no longer affected me in the way it once did.

"I was just getting me and Ness a drink actually" I said gesturing to the kitchen door. He nodded and turned his attention back towards Bella as I walked to the sink and turned on the tap, my brow furrowing in concentrating on my dare...

Nessy was laid on the bed in front of me, very scantily dressed. Her underwear was, well, exceedingly small and her pale skin glittered in the sunlight that streamed through the window. It was a vision of perfection. I walked towards her and ran a finger down her spine, watching her body arch and shiver involuntarily as she let out a small gasp. Smiling, I kissed her on the neck, working my way down her back until –

I heard a ferocious snarl erupt from the next room and I winced as Edward burst through the door. He violently grabbed me by my collar and threw me fiercely up against the wall.

"What have I told you before about controlling your dirty, sordid, fantasies?" He hissed at me through his teeth menacingly and I gulped nervously.

"Dad! DAD, GET OFF HIM!" Nessy's beautiful voice trilled out, filled with alarm.

"You. Didn't. Hear. Him." He whispered his voice still overflowing with venom and his eyes slanted into slits. "You didn't hear his perverted little mind ticking away."

"It's my fault!" He let go of me with a shove and snapped his head round to his daughter. Panic coursed through my body and I shot in front of Nessy, taking the full brunt of his glare.

"Jake. Get out." I saw Bella hovering in the living room, her eyebrow raised. She knew that I deserved this and I could tell she didn't want to get involved. "JAKE!" Edward continued shouting at me and I heaved a sigh and dragged my feet to the door.

"Nessy? Aren't you coming to say bye?" Edward's glower was so fury filled I had to look away. "I take that as a no then..." I stomped out of the house and in my embarrassment, sprinted forward into a run. I morphed to my wolfish body mid stride and immediately my senses tingled with excitement. My enhanced sense of smell and sight didn't make my high running emotions calm at all and by the time I was home I collapsed on my bed stark naked and exhausted. I glanced at my phone and my stomach flipped when I saw that a message was flashing on the screen.

Jake, baby, you were amazing! I've never seen Dad so angry!

I'll need to know what you were thinking about sometime...And I know I owe you massively.

Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow at school - unless you're too scared to see me now...

Love Nessy.

I grinned, flipped my phone shut and I flung myself back onto my bed curling up into a protective ball. My smile faded as I thought about Nessy. She was now, what I considered, dating age but somehow it just hadn't happened yet. Maybe by imprinting on her at such a young age, she still thought of me as her 'cool uncle' figure. Maybe she just doesn't love me like I love her...

A small tear slipped from my eye and my chest heaved in sobs as my burning love blazed through my veins. I wiped each tear away with a clumsy finger and attempted to gather my thoughts and rise above the depressive pain which threatened to engulf me.

I frowned to myself as it clicked in my mind and I raised my head. It sounded so simple. So simple that I was angry I hadn't thought of it before.

I had to prove to her that I was her soul mate – that she couldn't live without me! I just had to raise my game! My mood lightened considerably as the competitive streak in my mind surfaced and I grinned, collapsing back onto my pillows.

Game on.

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