So another shortish chapter that is well overdue it's update. It is mostly a filler one, so might be slightly boring. It will get better I assure you :)
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I have no idea how I managed to find my way to Jake's house that morning with only a few measly hours sleep, however I somehow found myself stood awkwardly at his front door soon after the sun had established its position underneath the shroud of clouds. My hand was raised in a prime knocking position, however I found this harder than I had initially thought. What if Jake didn't want to see me? What if he was at work, or in his garage and Billy answered the door? My excuses had already run dry but my fist still refused to knock on the wooden door.

"Come on…" I muttered encouragingly to myself, fully aware that any onlookers would consider me off my trolley. "Just hit the door. Knock. Knock, knock, knock, kno-"

"Nessie?" To my complete embarrassment the door swung open to reveal Billy, complete with a genuine look of bewilderment. I hastily dropped my hand to my side, trying to ignore the heat which now radiated off my cheeks and attempted to find my voice.

"Hello Mr Black."

"Hello dear," he smiled warmly back at me, giving me hope that Jake hadn't told him of our problem. "You looking for Jake?"
"Yes Sir, I am. Is he in?"

"He's in his garage working on a car he's just got in. Making a right mess of it, the boy is. Anyway, go ahead round the back." I thanked him and turned my back on the door. "Oh and Nessie, good luck." I turned just in time to see a cheeky grin before he disappeared with a slam of the door.

My stomach was in my throat as I saw Jake. Well, more accurately, when I saw Jake's feet sticking out from under the car. I approached the garage silently and entered, making sure I avoided all patches of oil and tools which were strewn messily over the floor, and coughed loudly when I reached his feet.

"Dad?" Jacob emerged from underneath looking up at me expectantly. His curious glance immediately twisted into a frown of distaste.

"Hi." It was all I could manage, but at least it was a start.

"Hello." He had stood up suddenly when he registered who I was, and was now wiping his hands on a rag of cloth which was slung over one of his shoulders.

"So… how are you?"

"Fine. You?"

"Oh I'm fine too, just out for a walk, you know and decided to-"

"What do you want Nessie?" I internally grimaced as his cold tone cut deep down into me.

"I just wanted to say… I didn't…" My words flew off my tongue before I had properly ordered them in my mind and I suddenly wished that I had prepared for the apology whilst finding my way to the house. "I just don't know… what to say…" I trailed off into a mumble and stared at the floor, my face growing decidedly warmer by the second, unable to meet his judging stare.


"I know you're not gay." I tore my eyes from the floor, now urgently trying to make him understand.

"I know that too."

"I just wanted to put her off."

"Is this meant to be an apology?"

"Maybe?" I said sheepishly, encouraged when I thought I saw a small smile curve at the edge of his lips. I immediately doubted this as I glanced back at the straight line his lips had taken and cursed my imagination. I felt a sudden burst of anger through me. Why was this even my fault? "How is this even my fault?" I repeated outloud.

"Wh-what?!" Jake spluttered. "Please tell me you did not just ask that. You told the whole school that I was shagging men! I think that qualifies being to blame, don't you?"

"You started it." I replied childishly.
"I have never even questioned your sexuality!"

"You started the WHOLE thing. If you hadn't had come up with the stupid, immature game of truth or dare, NONE of this would have happened Jake. None of it." I could feel my voice rising in volume, but as much as I tried to stop, I continued in my spontaneous rant. Everything that I had bottled inside the tiny box in my mind was suddenly spilling out. "How am I even meant to comprehend how I feel about anything now? You told me you loved someone else last week, Jacob, and then you suddenly decide to go on a date with some blonde, generously proportioned slut! I have no idea what you think the word 'love' means, but I certainly do not see how shagging some other girl comes in to the whole matter. So when I decide to be a good friend, yes that's right I was trying to help you, you completely throw it back in my face. How am I meant to know how you feel if you don't even discuss these things with me? We used to be so close and now… now I just don't understand what's happening!"

I panted slightly, regaining my breath, as Jacob stood before me and stared blankly at me with, his eyebrows slightly raised as if he had a sudden surprise. At least a minute passed in this position; me staring at Jake waiting for a reaction and him staring at the ceiling as if I hadn't just screamed in his face.

"Fine!" I huffed moodily, still in disbelief of the situation. "If you can even bring yourself to look at me, I will be at my house. If not then… bye."

I swiftly turned and ran with inhuman speed out of the garage. I could hear Jacob snap out of his trance and my name being howled into the air but I couldn't turn around. If he wanted to see me, then he would just have to come and find me. He seemed to enjoy childish games and this was just like another game of hide and seek.