Hinata's father Hiashi was reading the paper trying to relax before he had to start his morning routine when Hinata ran into the dining room grabbing an apple out of the bowl before kissing her father on the cheek. "Goodbye Father!"

Hiashi quickly put down his paper, "Where are you going so fast young lady?"

Hinata was fidgety as she stood in front of her father looking back and forth from him to the clock, "I'm sorry father but I'm late to meet the girls we have a project to start."

"A school project right?"

"Yes father."

"Ok don't be out late."

"Yes father." Hinata didn't wait for him to respond she just ran out of the house all the way to Tenten's. When she arrived she let herself in and saw her friends Tenten, Sakura, and Ino sitting around a table talking. "Hey."

Sakura turned to Hinata, "You are late, you are never late."

"I know I'm sorry, I overslept." Hinata looked at Ino who was grinning as she read a teen magazine. "Is Ino ok?"

Tenten rolled her eyes, "No but when is she?"

Ino glared at Tenten, "Do you mind I am trying to read?"

"We are supposed to be working on our project!"

"I'm reading an important article on Connect Four!"

Hinata sat down next to Tenten, "What's a Connect Four?"

Ino's mouth dropped, "Are you serious Hinata? They are only the greatest band ever! And they have the hottest lead singer ever!" Ino turned the magazine around to show Hinata a picture of a mad looking raven haired guy.

"Who is he and why does he look so mad?"

"He isn't mad he is being sexy, and it's Sasuke Uchiha. You have to have heard about him."

Hinata thought for a moment "Nope never heard of him."

Sakura laughed, "Have you been living under a rock? They are selling out shows everywhere and on the cover of every teen magazine."

"I'm guessing they are kind of famous, but why is Ino shaking?"

Ino was shacking as she read the magazine, "OH MY GOSH! LOOK YOU CAN WIN A DATE WITH SASUKE UCHIHA!"

Sakura groaned, "Fine Ino now can we get to work."

"Yes, rights after I fill out this entry form, someone enter with me it'll be fun come on! Sakura? Tenten? Hinata?"

Hinata sighed and took the empty order form, "Fine as long as it gets us to work on this project faster, it's not like there is any way in hell that I would win this anyway."

"Of course not Hinata, I am going to win because Sasuke and I are meant to be."

Sakura sighed, "Oh boy."

"You all will be biting your tongue when Sasuke and I are in love. Then I will be at all the concerts and on tour with them and I can introduce you to the band. Only then will you take back all the bad things you've said about me."

"You live a dream world there is no way that Connect Four would ever step foot in Konoha."

Tenten nodded, "I agree, I love Connect Four just as much as the next girl. But you need to start living in the real world Ino. Besides have you read the tabloids Sasuke's a real jerk."

Ino stuck out her tongue at Sakura and Tenten, "It's all lies and you'll see I having a good feeling about this."

Hinata ignored the argument going on around and just focused on the picture of Sasuke on the table. She said to herself, 'I still don't see what the big deal is about him.'

Two Weeks Later

Connect Four had just finished up another show and had now adjourned to their hotel suite. Naruto grinned, "Another great show guys!"

Neji nodded as he was strumming his bass guitar, "Naruto you sound surprised, we always give a great show."

Shikamaru laughed as he twirled his drum sticks, "You know the only things Naruto knows how to do is play a guitar and sing."

Naruto threw a pillow at Shikamaru and sarcastically said, "Very funny drummer boy!"

Shikamaru dodged the pillow and mumbled, "So troublesome."

Just then the door slammed open and a spiky gray haired guy stepped in, and you could tell he wasn't happy under his mask. "SASUKE!"

Naruto looked over at Sasuke who was looking bored on the couch; he didn't even flinch when their band manager Kakashi yelled his name. Naruto chuckled, "Looks like somebody is in trouble…..again."

Kakashi stomped over to Sasuke and threw a couple of tabloids on the table in front of Sasuke, "I'm sick and tired of the shit Sasuke!"

Sasuke just stared at him before saying, "What are you talking about?"

Sasuke picked up a magazine with a picture of Sasuke on the cover, "You are on the cover of all of these!"

"Isn't that a good thing?"

"Not when the headline reads Sasuke Uchiha gets into bar fight with fans, or Sasuke Uchiha drunk again, or Sasuke Uchiha leaves with random bar sluts You are single handily making the band look bad."

Sasuke rolled his eyes "Please I am the band, I write, sing and produce all the songs so I get to do whatever I want!"

Neji stopped strumming his guitar at that statement, "This is a group effort Sasuke, we got here together all of us. We all contribute to the song writing, singing, and the producing!"

Shikamaru nodded, "I agree with Neji and Kakashi, you are making the band look bad. I'm sick and tired of covering for your ass all the time. You aren't the band and lately because of your super ego you haven't even been part of the band."

Naruto chimed in, "I don't know what happened to you, before we became famous you were different. You've changed and not for the better."

Sasuke snapped at his band mates, "No I haven't you all are just jealous."

"Of what? A super obsessed wanna be bad boy? I don't think so, I'm out of here."

Neji got up and started to follow Naruto, "I'm with Naruto you coming Shikamaru."

Shikamaru glared at Sasuke before answering, "Right behind you."

Kakashi shook his head, "You see what your antics are doing, Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru have worked very hard to get to where they are and I won't you ruin all of that for them. From this moment on you are making a permanent change no more partying, drinking, or the girls. You are going to for once have some good publicity!"

Sasuke let out a chuckle, "Are you on drugs? I'm Sasuke Uchiha I can do whatever I want not to mention the fact that I'm nineteen years old."

"Not anymore, you can't just do whatever you want you no regards to anyone else! Tomorrow is your first day of good publicity starting off with the win a date with your sorry ass."

"You were serious about that? No way, I'm not going on some stupid date with a fan girl."

"You'd be nothing without your fans, now Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru all know that. That's way they are always signing autographs and taking pictures with fans you used to be like that but then you became famous and lost your head. Now you just hide and wait for the fans to leave like you're too good for them. Well you are not! Now you are going to go out with the winner in this envelope."

"No I won't do it."

"It's not a real date you pick the girl up you get something to eat and then you bring her to the studio and she hangs out with you and the band. You will do this and this girl will have the time of her life or else."

"Or else what?"

"Or else you are out of the band!" Kakashi threw the envelope in Sasuke's lap and stormed out.

Sasuke starred at the envelope before ripping it open, "And the lucky girl is….Hinata Hyuga."